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Frank likes Popcicles...

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a little filler/update...

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Kristian and Gerard backed away from each other slowly as 2 pairs of heavy footsteps thumped down the basement stairs.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Mikey, who had a big, goofy grin on his face, was the first to come into sight. Gerard rolled his eyes.

"Ger-bear! And Kris! Hey, guess what? I think Mom's got a huge tub of cream cheese in the fridge upstairs...want me to get it?" Mikey wriggled his eyebrows, making Kristian giggle.

"POP-cicles! POP-CICLES!" A random child called Frank sang at the top of his lungs as he finally joined them.

"No way! Cream cheese was everywhere last night! Besides, I think Frankie's licked my face way too many times this weekend!" Kristian joked.

"Hey!"Frank exclaimed, slumping into the chair Gerard abandoned. "What's up?" He asked her with a laugh.

"Not much." He nodded. "Kris?"


"I really like popcicles!" Kristian giggled.



"Are you high?" Frank pushed her gently, and playfully rolled his eyes.

'I don't get high silly rabbit. I just get this way when I haven't had In awhile." He sort of whispered the last part.

"Jeez Frankie, shut. the. fuck. up." Gerard muttered, shaking his head.

"Yeah, damnit. First smart thing Ger-bear's said all damn day. Besides, that only explains why you're like this all the time!" Mikey said and broke into a giggle fit, sending the cream cheese tub flying from his jacket pocket.

"Good gravy." Gerard sighed. Kristian nearly wet her pants laughing at them. Ok, maybe not wet her pants, but hell, you get the point. He turned to her. "Look Princess, it doesn't look like we're going to get much accomplished with these two idiots you wanna, pick up where we left off tomorrow? And Mikey Way, fucking put Mom's damn cream cheese back in the kitchen!" He snarled at his brother, who had opened the tub and licking a dallop off his finger.

"Funny...It didn't taste this bad last night." He frowned.

"Oh, my God! Well, sure, I mean, that's cool. I guess I could just..." She started to stand up, still smiling at Mikey.

"Wait! No! Don't...don't go. I thought maybe we could hang out," Gerard cleared his throat.
"Err, all of us. Like last night."

"Yeah-yeah, and invite that friend of yours. What's her name? Simone. She's cute!" Frank grinned. 'Score!' Kristian thought. Simone still had a big time crush on Frankie. She's surely fall out flat on the floor when Kris told her Frank asked about her.

"Party!" Mikey shouted.

"I didn't say party..fucker..."Gerard smirked.

"Well, fuckever fucktard."* Mikey retorted, and was set to spring from his spot on the floor as Gerard looked like he would pounce on him.

"Just let me go get Simone, and maybe tell my parents I'll be out until late..."

"As long as you come back..." Gerard spoke softly, and Kristian nearly melted. She watched as he pulled a cigarette pack from it's hiding place in this dresser, pulling one out. He was even sexy smoking. She decided. "I promise..." She replied as they locked eyes.

"Ooh." Mikey and Frank teased them in unison.

She said quick goodbyes, and jumped into her car to go home, smiling all the way.

*mmhmm, this is my favorite word too! lmao!

ooh. what's gonna happen later?? pah, i don't know either. i'm making it up as i go along. hehe.

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