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gerard and kristian connect

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Kristian showed up at the Way home a little after 1:00. She couldn't help but smile as she remembered the sweet way Gerard fell asleep on her shoulder in the early hours this morning. They weren't alone, Frank, Mike, and Ray fell asleep too, but he was the only one who dozed with his mouth slightly ajar.

"Hold your fuckin horses! I'm coming." Gerard snapped. So he was a little grumpy, but then again, he's only gotten home at 4 this morning. Totally forgetting that Kris was coming over, he stumbled into the living room and opened the door half dressed.

"Uh..Gerard?" She questioned, taking in his attire. He looked down at himself clad in his white t-shirt and boxer briefs.

"Shit. I forgot you were coming over. Come in. I'm gonna get some pants." He moved over so that she could enter the house. He shuffled off after showing her into the kitchen table. When he came back he was buckling the belt on his jeans.

Kristian cleared her throat. "Ready?" She asked.

"Sure. Whatever." He grunted and turned to the opposite counter in search of something. Kristian held back the urge to pinch the cute little ass in front of her. "Come on. We can just...go down to my room. All my shit's down there anyway." Kris followed Gerard down a flight of stairs and into his basement bedroom. It was really dark, but very neat. She was surprised. He must've noticed the expression on her face.

"Yeah, if it looks any other way than perfect, the old woman has a coronary." He said, then added in a whisper., "...But she never checks the closet." Gerard winked, and Kristian almost had that coronary for Mrs. Way. There was something about Gerard that sent delicious shivers up her spine. She wanted to touch him, she wanted to kiss him, she wanted to....

"...bed?" She only caught the last word of his sentence. Hell, the only word that mattered to her subconscious at the moment. "Huh?" She squeaked. Gerard chuckled a little. "I said, I'm going to get another chair, in the meantime would you like you like to sit on the bed?" He repeted (hahahahahhah! I got to say it after all......pouts what do you mean why? It's my story, that's why!)

'That's not the only thing I could think of to do on that bed...' She thought.

"Oh! Uh, y-yeah, ok." She stuttered, Gerard rolled his eyes playfully and dashed up the stairs again. Kristian took a glance around his room. Star Wars. Posters, action figures still in the plastic, and Star Trek. Ew. She hated that show. Can you say boring? There were dozens of looseleaf papers tacked to the walls, and spiral notebooks stacked neatly on the desk in the corner. Kristian stood, and began taking it all in.

"Find anything interesting?" Gerard's voice was low and deep behind her back. "I was not going through your stuff. Just looking." She couldn't help but blush at the amusement in his eyes. "Ok, ok. I believe you. Anyway, I'm still extremely fucking tired so let's get this show on the road." He said plopping down into the extra chair he brought down.

"So...What are you going for?" He asked already beginning to doodle. She stayed quiet, wondering if he was going to bring up last night at all. "Does that mean you aren't sure?" He chuckled as she stared at him blankly. "Huh?" Gerard shook his head. He knew in his mind that she could soon be putty in his hands. If he wanted it.

"Maybe a halloween meets christmas type theme? We could have these like, dead ass willow trees hanging over, and creepy snowmen with skeleton faces..." Gerard trailed off, and Kristian's breath got caught in her throat as she watched the motion of his perfect, pouty pink lips.

"Hey, Princess, are you in there?" He asked teasingly. Uh-huh. Putty, damn it. Silly putty.

"Yeah, yeah. Um...halloween? I dunno Gerard..." "Well, let me give you an idea of what I'm talking about." He said, and began working feverishly at putting his pencil to the sketch paper.

Kristian stole a peek over his shoulder. "Wow, Gerard. It's amazing." She breathed, half because her hand rested mere centimeters from Gerard's on the table.

He looked at her strangely. "I'm not even done." He told her, going back to work. They sat in silence for a while, and she breezed through some of the comics he had lying around.

"How's your ass?" He smirked. Kristian covered her face with her hands. "Oh my God, I'm so fucking embarrassed." "Why?" "What do you mean why? I fell in front of everyone." She spoke in a clipped tone, and Gerard rolled his eyes.

He was just starting to think she could be cool, only to find out she was just like the other space headed idiots.

"What the fuck should you care about what those morons think?" He sneered at her.

She glared at him, suddenly he was rubbing her the wrong way. "Most of those morons are friends of mine."

"If they're your fucking friends, then they won't care about you breaking your ass in front of the entire school will they?" He didn't look up from his work, but decided to shut up. He didn't want to make her mad (der). But Kristian knew that he had a point. But that just wasn't how things worked. She pursed her lips together and flipped through another comic.

"Hey, I'm...sorry." He said softly.

"No, it's ok." She answered.

"Come look at it so far." He said sitting back in the chair. Kris leaned forward. The artwork in front of her was so breathtaking. Her instincts had been right. He was amazing. She gasped a little. "Dead of Winter." She whispered. He turned his head towards hers.

"What?" He murmured. His lips were right there. All she had to do was....

"Dead of Winter. That's what the theme could be." She gulped as her face drew closer and closer to his.

Gerard licked his lips as their heads leaned in...

"YO! GER! Where are you, you fucking fucktard?!!"

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