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Wild Orgy Sex Party (lol)

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not what you think freaky least not for a that stuff even legal on this site?...just asking :)

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A hush took over the crowd as Kristian teetered back and forth before landing on the floor. Hard. A whole two minutes passed as they waited to see if everyone was alright. Dana was at her side in an instant, as well as Simone and surprisingly, but not really, Frank and Mikey.

"OW!! MY ASS!" She screamed, making dozens of fans laugh hysterically.

"Yeah, she's ok alright." Dana muttered.

"Anything else hurting you Kris?" Coach Erickson asked, as he and the boys helped her up.

Kristian pouted. "No. Not really. But my ass really does hurt coach." She whined. The crowd applaused when they saw she was fine, and the squad joined in.

Coach Erickson laughed. "Ok, well, maybe you should head home. I'm sure no one will mind." Kristian nodded, and felt someone's hand grazing over, then gently squeezing her bum.

"What the?" She swung around to catch an eyelash batting Mikes pulling his hand back swiftly.

"What? you said it was sore. I was only helping." He grinned. Kristian laughed, "And I thought it was Frankie I had to keep my eye on. But you, silly boy, are very sneaky."

Mikey shrugged, "What can I say?"

Dana spoke up, "I think you should go on home too Kris. Do you want me to take you?" Kristian decided earlier to leave her car at home and carpool with Dana and Rocki. How she regretted it now. "Um..I guess I can wait. I don't want you to have to leave." She told her friend.

"No way man. We'll take you home." Frank said, ignoring Raquel's stares. She was really cute and all, but he thought she came on a little too strong for his taste.

"Are you sure?" Kristian asked. "Hells yes. I'll get your stuff. Frank, you get Gerard." Mikey ordered.


Kristian had locked eyes with him just before she came tumbling down the wall of cheerleaders. She glanced back into the direction she'd last seen him, but he wasn't there.

"You don't have to get me.. I'm already here." His satiny smooth voice rang into her ears from behind, and she turned so that she could see him. "You ok?" He asked. She smiled and nodded a response. "Well, let's get going. We're starting to draw attention." He mumbled offering his hand.

"You know, I think my ankle hurts a little bit too." She whined again.

In the end, He carried her to the car.

"Well, you're all set Princess." Gerard said when he pulled his car into the driveway at Kristian's home. The lighs in the house we all out, and they were greeted by the motion light over the garage.

"You're parents aren't home?" Frank asked.

"Why? Do you wanna come in and have some liquor? Maybe indulge in a wild, orgy sex party?" Kristian asked. Mikey shook his head and smiled, not even phased by her shocking outbursts anymore.

"If at all possible. Fuck yes. But only if you promise I don't have to touch these two homos." Frank replied with a face just as serious as hers had been. Kristian burst out laughing. "Frankie, I love you." Frank nodded in agreement. "Pretty much the story of my life..." "What about me? I feel neglected. First I couldn't comfort your ass, and now you don't love me anymore?" Mikey sighed. "Aw, I love you too Mikes. You're my first love."

Gerard listened to the three of them rambling, but then waited until they were inside the house watching lame movies on the couch to say:

"Why the fuck do I have to be a homo?"

Kristian laughed so hard she fell off the couch, and onto Mikey's lap. "Ww-what?! Gerard. That was sooo out of nowhere." Everyone else joined in too. "Yeah, what the hell? It didn't sound right at all!" Mikey put in.

"Definitely, you could have at least warned us before you decided to come out of the closet." Frank joked.

"No assholes (Kris fell over again at this comment). Remember when we got here? And we were, or you guys were talking about an orgy? Well, Frank called me a homo, and I just wondered why I had to be a homo." They all glanced at each other and erupted in giggles again.

"You'll be ok bro. I swear." Mikey said.

/The next day/....

Kristian woke up in her bed, but with an aching, sore behind. She winced as she scooted to the side of the bed, then stood up. "Holy cannoli." She mumbled, combing a hand through her hair. She looked at her watch as she went into her bathroom. "Shit!" She said. It was 7:25. She had to be ready and at the school in 35 minutes! She rushed to grab her attire for the day, and showered, pulling her hair up into a half assed bun, with strings of hair flying from the back.

She made it to the yard sale in record time, parking her car beside a familiar one. She looked over to see Dana inside, waiting for her, no doubt. Kristian went over and tapped her glass.

"Hello sunshine."

"Damn you Kris. I called you last night. To make sure you were ok. But guess what? You never answered." Dana spoke with her eyes wide (for exaggeration I suppose.). "Sorry babes. I totally forgot. I was hanging with my...friends..." Kristian giggled as she recalled the night before.

The four of them, Her, Mikey, Frank and Gerard managed to turn into five as Ray came over, and then seven as they called Bob, who happened to be taking Simone home after the game. They had a memorable evening, the cream cheese wrestling being Kristian's personal favorite. Uh-huh. Bet you're sorry you missed that aren't ya (hahahehe)?

Dana, didn't smile. "If I recall, your 'friends' included Me. And sometimes Rocki and Taylor."

"Dane. Chill out. It's only fun. If you give the guys a fair chance..."

"Yeah. No thanks. I don't understand them Kris. And I don't even know when you started to. It's fucking weird." Kristian rolled her eyes. "Whatever Dana. Forget it."

Dana's expression immediately changed, as if that's what she wanted to do the entire time. "I made plans for us this afternoon. First, we shop. Then, we shop some more, and then, we go back to my place, to get ready for Adam's party."

Kris shook her head. "Dane, did you forget? I have plans today myself. The formal? The meeting with Gerard? Remember? And as for the party..."

"Fine. I guess the dance stuff is important. But if you skip this party...I will kill you." Dana has always been a drama queen. Kristian sighed. "Fine."

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