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Friday Night Lights

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Moving right along...

Friday night was game night. For the varsity boys anyway. That meant Kristian would be in uniform with the rest of the cheerleaders. It was almost unbelievable that she was the same girl from the night before in shorts, sneakers and messy ponytail/bun who's scored 18 points in the first half, made 2 steals and had 5 assists. She also felt nervous. An emotion she wasn't really used to feeling. Butterflies were a-flutter in the pit of her belly. Dana noticed first.

"Kris, are you ok?" She asked, approaching her best friend with caution. Kristian began waving her hands like shaking them in front of her chest (this is my nervous habit. usually preserved for when i'm at a loss for words.). "I'm ok. I think. I just...never get nervous. What's wrong with me?"

"Maybe you should sit down." Dana said, worried.

Kristian shook her head. "No. I'm fine. I'll be ok."

The girls got set for the starting cheer. Dana, who was captain, led the chant:

Dribble, pass, shoot, SCORE!
Wait, there's just a little more!
Defense, Offense, we have no doubt!
That's what we are all about!
(yeah, it's a cliche team name, so effin what? i didn't wanna think that hard about it!)

The squad bounced around, hopping, throwing their arms into the air and letting out various 'whoops' and 'whoos'. Kristian had just managed to turn a cartwheel and was regaining her composure when she spotted a grinning Frank and Mikey sitting closeby.

'Little Pervs' She thought and kicked her leg up for added measure. As soon as their yells died down, the crowd screamed and the basketball players started taking the floor. She stood around the sidelines and Raquel checked on her. "Are you alright now?" She asked while applying another coat of gloss to her lips. Kristian nodded. "Cool. Cause I want you to climb the pyramid tonight."

"What? No fucking way Rocki. You know I don't get up there."

"Krissy, please. don't be a baby. You were trained for it."

"Shit Rocki. I don't do it if I don't have to."

"You've never had to." Raquel's eyes pleaded with hers but her voice stayed the same. Manipulative little beeotch. "Well, before I agree, tell me what's wrong with Jess?" Kristian asked.

"Sick. I think she's getting the flu."

"Yeah, the nine month flu." Kristian replied, rolling her eyes. She only vocalized what everyone was speculating anyway. "Krissyyy!" Raquel whined. "Fine! Fine. But only once Rocki. And I'll tell Dane the same thing. If Jess is pregnant, you find her a replacement. I can't risk getting up there and falling or some bullshit." Raquel was giddy.

"Once. I promise!" She said excitedly and skipped off. Kristian turned her attention towards the girl in the front row behind her.

"Simoney Baloney!"

"Kissy Krissy!" Simone, who was the team's bookkeeper, returned the greeting. That was the name Simone dubbed her after she told her about kissing Frankie. Simone's beloved. Kristian laughed. "Do you see who's here?" She teased, making Simone blush. But ever the smart ass, she had a quick comeback.

"Have you?" She said, pointing towards the double doors of the gym, where Gerard leaned in the frame, in a black peacoat and jeans, arms folded against his chest. Hot (sigh). No wonder she'd felt so nervous. How long had he been there? The whole time?

Had he gotten a peek at her spankies?!*

Kristian blushed profusely and gave him a wave. He smirked and gave her a small one in return.

Was he being sarcastic?

Simone giggled as she noticed the crimson tint on Kristian's face. "Someone has a crush..." She sang to her friend as she wrote in the team notebook.

At halftime, the girls got ready to perform, with Kristian going up the pyramid. Luckily for her, there were two guys to help. Which made her feel a little safer. Only it did little for her fear of heights.

You might be good at football

She held her breath as the formation began

You might be good at track

Gooooing up!

but when it comes to basketball

Her eyes meet Gerard's...

You might as well step back!


haha!!!!- Sat-ur-day! and I'm bored. it's too cold to go out and I can do this all day? what do you guys say?

*-spankies are those adorable little uncomfortable little undies you wear under your uniform..
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