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Smokin Hot

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A "date" is set...

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"Are you coming, or what? I want to finish before the bell goes." Gerard called without turning around. Kristian scurried up to him, without so much as taking one overexerted breath. Her extracurriculars did manage to keep her in pretty good shape.

"Watch it Way. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to ditch me." She replied. He watched her eyes glisten, and started to smile, but changed his mind at the last second, faking a scowl and turning away.

"Who said anything about trying?" He murmured, receiving an even bigger grin from Kristian.

"So..." She began as they sat on the side of the building on a patch of grass.

"So what?" Gerard scoffed, flipping his hair back as he reached for his cigarettes and lighter from his jacket pocket.

'Are you serious?' Kristian thought as he lit his first, blowing the smoke into the air once he took a drag. "So...What about our business?" He raised an eyebrow.

"And what might that be?" She was almost sure she wanted to kiss the smirk right off his smug face. Instead, she ignored him. He was only trying to shock her. Rile her up. She decided.

"I'm free this weekend. But I need to attend the yard sale the cheerleaders are hosting here, but after that..."

"A yard sale?" Gerard held the cigarette in his right hand, while holding onto that arm with his left one. Something about it was damn sexy. He stuck his tongue in his cheek (something i've seen him do and it is cute!) and Kristian just about melted.

"Y-yeah. We did it last year, and had a great turn out, so...doing it again." She stammered. Gerard smirked again, tilting his head back and exhaling another cloud of smoke. "Are we gonna get together sometime, or what?" She blurted, frustrated with the silence. She was never known to be this nervous around any other guy in that whole school. She couldn't understand why the mere sight of Gerard gave her the shakes.

"Well Sugar, you can get with me anytime you wanna." He offered her a drag, and scoffed when she declined.

"You need to loosen up Princess. Tell you what? You can come to my house after your little...yard sale thing is done. My Mom is going to visit her sister, and I'm pretty sure Frankie and Mikes will be doing something gay, so we can hang....and you know, work."

Kristian stared into his hypnotizing eyes. He was so smooth! How could she even think about refusing??

"That sounds great. I'll be there." She tried desperately to keep her composure under Gerard's wondering eyes. He was now unremorsefully gazing at her chest instead of her face, making her cheeks feel like they could melt a whole glacier. When he was done with his ocular (sp? who cares?) ogling, his amber eyes focused back on hers.

"I'll stop by your locker before you go to practice this afternoon with the directions and such. I should probably give you our number too." He said, his voice returning from seductive and warm to totally normal. He was pretty confident she was just within his grasp at that point.

"Oh, ok. That sounds..ok." Kristian said. 'Great Kris, you've let this twerp turn you into a blubbering mess.' She thought to herself.

"Who the fuck cares?" She said aloud and Gerard's head snapped up. "What?" He chuckled.

'Oh My GOD, Did I just say that OUT LOUD?' She thought.

"Nothing. Sorry." She replied, and let out a giggle at his amused face. He tossed the cig butt and turned to face her again.

"You ready? Hate for you to keep my little brother waiting."

Yet another, because it's cold out, and no, i have nothing else to do...It's short, but ya never know, there could be another!

So Kristian and Gerard have a 'date' for the weekend. What do you guys think will happen?????? And will Gerard follow through on he and Ray's little "wager"? Stay tuned to find out!

-love-love-love-love to all of you. and yes, i think i am a little hyper. i feel great today! so much creative energy flowing!!
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