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The Lunchtime bet

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Kristian joins the lunch table and we meet Ray!

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Kristian and Frank entered the caf, where they spotted Mikey, Gerard, and this other kid with big, unruly curls sitting at their usual table. "If you're wondering who that is with the 'fro, his name is Ray and he's like Ger's closest friend." Frank said into her ear. Kristian nodded and continued onward.

"That's the chick." Gerard grumbled to Ray, who stared with interest. "I dunno. She seems cool to me Gee." "She is. Someone just may have a little crush and doesn't wanna admit it. That would explain why he's so rude to her." Mikey chimed in. Gerard gave him an evil glare. "I don't fucking crush on chicks Michael. Especially cheerleaders. I may toss them a pity fuck..." He laughed at his own joke. "Yeah, cause they're all lining up at your bedroom door." Mikey shot back sarcastically and shook his head.

"Don't underestimate your brother here, Mikes, he's quite a charming fucker." Ray weighed in. Gerard grinned. "Bet me." He challenged.

"What?" Mikey asked, looking at Gerard as if he were having a nervous breakdown.

"Bet me." He repeated (i was tempted to put repete but yeah, this is a mcr fic...duh). "What are we betting?" Ray raised an eyebrow (Is it just me, or is it taking Kris and Frank a looong time to get to the table??lol.).

"I want Mikes here to bet me his precious little paycheck you're getting this week that I can get the Princess into bed with me."

"Thought that one up all on your own did ya genius? No fucking way. Kristian's cool man. I'm not doing that to her. Plus, you have an unfair advantage. You've seen the way she looks at you." Mikey stated, unwrapping the sandwich his mother packed for him that morning.

Gerard laughed. "Shit, not from the way she laid that kiss on Frank this morning." Ray nearly spit his milk all over the table. "Frank? Got kissed?" He asked. The other boys chuckled.

"You ok?"

"Yeah man. Just...Frank got kissed?..."

Kristian and Frank finally exited the lunch line, and headed over to take their seats. "Hi guys." She said cheerfully, sitting in between Mikey and Frank, and across from Ray and Gerard.

"What's up?" Mikey managed to speak with a mouth ful of sandwich. Ray grinned. "Wow. Who's your lovely new friend Frankie? One who actually doesn't mind looking at your horendous looking face." "Ha ha, laugh it up dick. Your sister doesn't mind my horendous looking face when I'm fucking her senseless in your bedroom while you're out at geek club on Tuesday nights." Frank teased.*

Ray's smile disappeared. "Frank...Fuck you. I know you're not screwing my sister...Gerard, he's not, is he?"

"No. But I might be."** Gerard smirked, throwing Kristian a crooked grin, and getting a soft, "Fuck off." From Ray. She smiled back, blushing, and looked down at her plate.

"God. This stuff's toxic." She grumbled, pushing the tray away. "Want halfies?" Mikey held out the remaining half of his sandwich. "No thanks babes, enjoy. I'll just pick something up later." She sighed, and glanced around the table. The boys were now unusually quiet. Ray eyed Gerard, who eyed Mikey, who in turn, shook his head. He wanted no part of Gerard and Ray's retarded scheme.

"Hey. Fuck it. I think I'm gonna go have a smoke. Anyone coming with?" Gerard asked, pushing his chair back. "I just got here dude." Frank said, crunching on his chips. "Yeah, And I don't smoke." Ray winked. "Kristian? I mean, we do have to discuss our little 'project', don't we? I mean, isn't that why you're here?" Gerard asked her stretching his hands over his head. Kristian looked over at Frank, who shrugged. She noted that he did that alot.

"Yeah, sure. I haven't had a smoke all day." She joked. "See you guys later. Mikey? You stilll walking me to class?" She asked. Mikey nodded. Kristian got up and followed Gerard out of the caf, and down to the same place they first met.

hehe. another update! i'm on a roll! maybe it's the back drop music? you think? I've traded infinity on high for the black parade. 'i don't love you' is on repeat(repete)! lolers! maybe another later...i dunno yet....

Oh yeah! SPOILER! This may or not have happened once! wink*
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and no, kristian is not a whore...she's just affectionate. like in real life. besides, you'd totally kiss mikey and frankie too if ya had the chance..don't try and deny it.. :)

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