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Horny Friends and Frankie

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an info chap, really. setting up for more ger-love interaction...

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"So?" Simone asked, and Kristian pretended she didn't hear her.


"So, what?"

"Do you like him or what?"

"Who? Gerard?" Simone rolled her eyes while Kristian giggled. "I don't even know him yet."

"But you think he's cute?"

"Sure. Cute. Mysterious...talented. Obviously." Simone sighed. "You know his younger brother Mikey don't you?" Kristian gasped. "You like Mikey?" Simone kept tapping away at the keyboard, eyes fixated on the monitor.

"Eh, Mikey's cute and all, but he has this best friend...."


"You know Frank?"

"Yeah, well, sorta...Well, actually, we've kinda, uh...kissed." Kristian winced as she broke the news.

"Kris!" Simone's jaw dropped, then she stopped her typing to look over at her. "What? It was a 'friendly' type kiss...but he's frisky, that one..."

Simone blushed, "Is he a good kisser?"

"I dunno! But he's got nice lips!"

"I know right?" Simone sighed, making Kristian laugh. "What do you think Queen Dana will say about you hooking up with the 'art freak'?" She asked, changing the subject before going back to her keyboard.

"Don't really care, Squirt. If you hadn't noticed, I don't exactly fit into that mold. I do what I please. Why do you think I keep you as a friend?" Kristian teased, pinching the younger girl's cheek.

"Um...Is that a freaking trick question or something? I mean, because we both damn sure know the answer...Those other idiots don't have brains half as big as mine." Simone joked back. Kristian grinned. That's why she liked the kid. What a smart ass.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll give you that much.. But anyway, I'm so not Gerard's type for that same reason. He probably thinks I'm like this dumb cheerleader who happens to be a basketball player. He hasn't even looked at me that way."

"Are you kidding me? He's noticed you alright. I'm willing to put money on it. Now Frankie noticing me? That's another story..." "Until now Simoney Baloney (yeah. not bologna). I owe Frank one anyway. He'd be fucking absolutely thrilled to take a hottie like you out... To the formal maybe?" Kristian winked at the now beaming Simone. Then she turned the computer she was, but really wasn't using off, then stood up with her book bag.

"I'm outta here. Mail me later?"

"You got it."

"And not to worry, Sim-One*, I'll be sure to play coy when I talk to Frank for you."

"Kris!!" Simone called after her buddy, then sighing in exasperation. Kristian had already disappeared.

Later, as soon as the bell rang signaling the start of lunch, Kristian ran right into Dana, and Raquel, another one of their friends from the cheer squad.

"Krissy! We've been looking all over for you!" Kristian rolled her eyes, but plastered a really cool fake smile on her face before turning around. "Hey guys! What's goin' on?" She asked as Dana moved beside her and Raquel rushed to keep up."

"Rocki thought we should remind you of the yard sale in the parking lot this weekend. You do have the worst memory ever, after all." Dana explained. "Holy motherfucker! I forgot all about that!" Dana nodded, "See?" Kristian cast her an annoyed look. "I really need to get to work on the formal this weekend though. I just got Gerard to agree to help (well, Frank did) out." Dana's face was covered in confusion.


"Gerard? As in Way? The freaky, quiet kid?" Raquel asked.

"Yes. Gerard Way." Kristian added.

"Who the fuck is that?" Dana asked, again, completely clueless. Damn, Simone was right. But, Dana was indeed, her best friend. "You know Dane, that artsy kid. The one with the black hair and amazing eyes? He wears black a lot."

"Oh! Yeah. I know who you're talking about." Dana answered, pulling her cell phone form her purse. "He's strange. But I'd fuck him normal." Raquel commented.

"I did not need to hear that." Kristian laughed. "Yeah Rocki, shit! Like we don't know you'd fuck anything that walks." Dana said with a giggle. As the girls turned the corner, Kristian spotted Frank waiting near the water fountain. She smiled at him, before speaking to her friends.

"Hey guys, I've gotta go. Catch up with you later?" She sped up slightly so that she could collect Frank and hightail it out of there before the other two could get to them. "Yeah. Get him and go before I snatch him from under your pretty little nose." Raquel grinned winking and waving in Frank's direction. Dana groaned. "Ugh, come on you horny bitch." She pushed Raquel off in the opposite direction.

"Ready?" Frank laughed once Kristian reached him. "Wasn't aware that I needed an escort."
She retorted. "Well, I just thought you could use one. Since Ger hasn't had his smoke yet." Frank shrugged.

"Is that a bad thing? Or a really bad thing?"

"Hmm. Depends."

-refers to the movie Simone*, where the guy makes up this virtual movie star and calls her Simone, or Sim One. I thought it would be cute if Kristian called her friend that. yeah, i'm corny like that..i told you already.

hehe..thought i'd draw it out a little more. another later, hopefully. i'm giddy cause i'm listening to the fall out boy infinity on high listening party right now. hope you liked this one. i was just rambling, giving a little info. it's k right? it's still an update. cool.


ps!-THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS GUYS AND I WILL REPLY WHEN I GET THE TIME!!! I HEART YOU MORE THAN I DO "THE LACY LORD"(gerard, duh)...ok so maybe i'm, i do, i do. here, take my bribes...uh..i mean pink iced cupcakes and then come back for more okayters?! throws cupcakes to loyal readers
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