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The Guardian Angel Leprechaun Kiss

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Haha! Don't worry. Ray and Bob will show up soon.

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So...That didn't plan didn't work. In fact, Kristian was more than certain Gerard threatened his brother with bodily harm because Mikey absolutely refused to ask again. She found herself wondering what she could do to get under Gerard's skin in the little amount of time she had left.

Little did she know, she had a little leprechaun-like guardian angel with a vicious tendency to black mail looking out for her. A few days later, Mikey, Frank and Gerard were all hanging near the student parking lot, waiting for her before class let in.

"Hey boys." Kristian greeted them smiling, showing her one dimple, on the left side.

'Who in the world only has dimples on one side of their face?' Gerard thought, 'But she's got one hell of a rack.' This made him slightly smile outwardly, gaining a funny look from his little brother. He turned around in time to catch her eyes, before quickly casting his away again.

"Gerard wants to tell you something Kris." Frank smirked, urging Gerard, who cut his eye at his brother's best friend. Kristian glanced at him, still smiling.

"What do you have to tell me Mr. Way?"

Gerard tucked a stray raven lock behind his ear. "I'll do the stupid thing. I guess." He mumbled.

"What did you say Gee?" We didn't hear you." Mikey teased, obviously enjoying the position he now held over his brother.

"Ok. I'll do it ok? I'll help with the fucking stupid ass dance." Gerard said. Mikey and Frank glanced at each other, pleased with themselves.

"Really?" Kristian squealed. "Yay!" She threw herself into Gerard's arms, then kissed his cheek, leaving a lip gloss induced imprint on his face. "Thank you so much!" She squealed again.

"Hey! What about me? I'm the one who made it all..." Kristian was laying one on Frankie now, calming his protests. Mikey laughed, and Gerard raised an eyebrow. Thinking that Frank should've tried to cop a quick feel.

As she was about to pull away, Frank's tongue slid across her mouth. When she looked at him afterwards, he just grinned like a cheshire cat.

"I'm going to have to watch you, slick one." She told him while Mikey softly punched him in the arm. "Are you coming by at lunch?" Frank asked, with the permanent grin attached to his face.

"Yeah, I might come bug you guys at your table for a while. If it's alright with Gerard, that is."

"Psh, don't worry about him. We'll save you a seat." Mikey said. "Cool. Later." She said over her shoulder as she walked off.

Kristian sat day-dreaming at one of the computers in the library during study period.

"Hey Kris."

The voice beside her caught her attention. "What's up Simone? Writing anything interesting today?" Simone sighed. "I've been trying. Though I seem to be suffering greatly from writer's block." Simone was a junior friend of Kristian's. They bonded over Simone's love of writing and Kristian's love of reading. Simone was always writing short stories and fanfiction and loved for Kristian to give feedback. She was very talented, and most days Kristian anxiously awaited her updated work.

"That's cool."

Simone giggled. "You seem so out of it today." She said as she took her seat at the next computer. Kristian grinned. "Well,...I finally got the solution to my big problem." She admitted enthusiatically. "Really? You found someone to help with the dance? That's great Kris."
Simone booted the computer up and took a notebook from her bag.

"Huh? Yeah, well, that too. But what I was going to say is...I met a guy."

-Short little update. But an update nonetheless. I think I'm trying to get my mojo back! Whoo! More baby sister later....maybe this one too! Go me! Go me! lol.-
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