Review for Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

(#) miskatonic 2006-05-26

I left feedback after you'd first posted this one for yuletide; I hadn't read the comic at the time, I just really enjoyed the fanfic. Since then, I've finally gotten my paws on this series, and I like your fanfic even more than I did before. This is such a neat, inventive extrapolation on what's given in the series.

(And I'm so glad you've reposted here; I had a hard time trying to locate it in the yuletide archive when I wanted to read it again.)

Author's response

^__^ I'm glad that it reads even better once you know who everyone is. It grew rather larger than the original idea I had, and I was kind of proud of how well it turned out. I'm glad that other folks enjoy it.