Review for Broken Down On Memory Lane

Broken Down On Memory Lane

(#) GwenMerlon 2007-03-18

So Meg is beyond stupid. Patrick could do so much better... as in Kate better, but he really needs to figure this out soon. Ug! He is frustrating me. I can only imagine what Kate is feeling.

And I totally agree with the car crash review. Meg in a car crash sounds amazing at this point but it would be so much sweeter if Patrick would just grow some balls and tell her off. I mean, she was so rude to his mother! And she's so adorable!!!


Ok, so you need to update ASAP. Seriously.

PS, sorry this review kind of sucks, I'm also watching the Nightmare Before Christmas and eating a burrito. I haven't mastered the skill of multitasking aparently.

Author's response

multitasking is a very hard task to conquer and i think you did it very well.
and of course your review made my life - love you so much.