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Seven - Leave Me Breathless.

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Sorry for the delay i had a smige of writer's block, but i hope this works out for you guys. :)

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Meg sighed heavily and placed her head in her hand as everyone at the table carried on a lighthearted discussion.
"I feel left out." She cooed and Patricia laughed and pointed in Meg's direction as Patrick tossed sideways glances in her direction in
between his laughs.
"Oh sweetie we're talking about prom - when Roger was having 'the talk' with Patrick and Grams informed everyone that we shouldn't worry because Tricky couldn't possibly figure out how to take off a bra much less a prom dress." The table erupted into a fit of laughter once more
and Meg huffed.
"Hey, hey - I've learned some stuff since then." Patrick attempted to defend himself to no avail.
"Yeah whatever keep telling yourself that." Kate rolled her eyes after one last giggle, "Aw I miss Grams." She frowned and Mrs. Stumph nodded.
"She would have been so proud of the both of you." Patricia added with a smile before Meg huffed once more.
"Well that was a touching story but the conversation wasn't what I was referring to when I said that 'I felt left out' I was referring to the fact that I'm not pregnant, everyone else is pregnant, Sara, Rose, Kate - and I'm not." Meg pouted.
"Well thank God for that." - "I'm not pregnant!" Patricia spat but was cut off by Kate who started talking at the same time. Mrs. Stumph rolled her eyes at Kate's statement before perking up again.
"Rosemarie is pregnant?"
Both Patrick and Kate nodded.
"Five months - it's a girl." He responded.
"Yeah, all girls. Sara is having another girl - and Charlotte, Matt's wife, remember?" Kate paused as Patricia shook her head that she did, "Well she just delivered like two weeks ago, a baby girl named Audrey Nicole." She responded while rummaging though her purse before pulling
out a picture.
"Oh she's precious." Patricia leaned over so Roger could see the picture of the baby as well.
"When I have a daughter I will name her Olga because that's my grandmother's name and I will most certainly carry it on." Meg beamed.
"Right, that's nice." Patricia stated as she stood to help Roger with clearing the table.
Kate and Patrick both went to stand to help with the dishes but Patricia gestured for them to sit.
"No, no leave these to us. You guys sit and talk and such." She exclaimed while pushing Roger in the direction of the kitchen.
"And Katie Ann don't you go running home now." Was the final thing that was heard before the couple exited to the kitchen.

"Well then." Kate smiled awkwardly as she smoothed he napkin in her lap.
"I want to have a baby." Meg spat in Patrick's direction.
"Maybe we can talk about that later." Patrick mumbled a response trying to avoid both Meg and Kate's gazes. Meg groaned and rolled her eyes.
"So how come you never told me that you guys went out?" She glared at Patrick as she gestured to Kate.
"You never asked."
"Well I think when someone dates Kate Wentz for however long it would come up once or twice." Meg huffed.
"Kate is right here." Kate replied in a very singsong manner while
still playing with the napkin.
"Wait a minute," Meg laughed sarcastically before shaking her head in disbelief, "That other night, a few weeks ago, when you didn't come home you said you were at Pete's sisters. I didn't see it then cause I was jealous that you were hanging out with Kate and I wasn't but, oh my
God, what were you doing?" She yelled.
"Nothing, nothing happened." He raised his voice to match hers.
"Are you lying? Is he lying?" She screamed at Kate who sat silently.

Kate's vision blurred slightly - she blinked but focus was not returning to her. Her heartbeat was suddenly extremely loud and if she could see properly she would most certainly be glancing around to see if anyone else could hear it. It was then that it felt as if she was drowning on the air, either taking in too much or too little she couldn't be sure - but she knew that she had to get away. Patrick stood almost violently as Kate ran to the bathroom slamming the
door behind her.

"What in the hell?" Meg spat angrily at Patrick who was now dumping the contents of Kate's purse onto the table.
"She's asthmatic."
"asthm-what-tic?" She questioned confused and Patrick groaned when he
didn't find her inhaler.
"Asthmatic you idiot, she has asthma." He yelled angrily before running into the kitchen and instructing his mother to call Mrs. Wentz.
"So what, is she going to die or something?" She huffed at Patrick who was now banging on the bathroom door.
"Kate I swear to God I've lived in this house my whole life and I know how to take this damn door down."

Kate could hear him banging on the door as she leaned on the counter trying to calm her breathing. Since her asthma attacks had almost stopped altogether she no longer carried around the inhaler that she had been so dependent on earlier in her life. Unfortunately this has happened before and she knew that Patrick could calm her down but she wasn't about to give in - that is, until she began to fell faint, probably as a result from the lack of oxygen to her brain - that's when she gave in. She unlocked the door and immediately Patrick was inside the bathroom cradling her in his arms. He rocked her back and fourth until her breathing calmed - she was wheezing slightly but had managed to fall asleep. When he emerged from the bathroom carrying a sleeping Kate quite an audience had gathered.

Chewie let out a protective bark but was silenced by Mrs. Wentz patting his head gently.
"Well, how very heroic of you." Meg spat with her arms crossed as she glared at the furry dog.
"Thank you Patrick. I don't understand why she just won't carry her inhaler - it's something to do with independence and control - I really don't know." Mrs. Wentz stated while brushing some hair off her face.
"She's just stubborn." Patrick chuckled slightly while adjusting his hold on Kate.
"If you could take her to the car please I'm just going to take her home." Mrs. Wentz smiled. Patrick tightened his hold around Kate but nodded obediently before taking her to the car.

"You raised a good boy there Patricia." Mrs. Wentz replied with a nod.
"Oh Dale sometimes I don't think so." Patricia glanced at Meg who was trying desperately hard to pet Chewie without getting bitten, Dale followed her gaze and frowned.
"What is that?" She gestured to Meg.
"That's my son's fiancé."
"Oh." Was her only reply before heading towards the door dog at her heels, she shook her head disappointingly at Patrick before waving and shutting the front door to the Stumph house.

Another awkward hour passed as Patrick sat in the living room trying to ignore his mother pestering Meg and Meg digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole.
"Ok let me get this straight," Patricia started while sighing heavily, Roger had left them a long while ago stating that he was sure his head would explode if he didn't leave the room.
"You think musicians are superficial and cocky and you pity the girl who ever falls in love with one."
"Yes, so true." Meg nodded enthusiastically.
"My son is a musician sweetheart." Patricia stated slowly as if Meg was retarded. Meg laughed hysterically as if Mrs. Stumph just said the most amusing joke on the planet.
"Oh silly, Patrick's music career ended long ago -the only thing left now is money and a scar of what used to be music that inspired people."
"Well that's fantastic - I'm done, you can get out of my house anytime now." Patricia spat before smoothing her shirt and briskly walking out of the room.
"Well that went well." Meg smiled at Patrick who groaned.
He walked out of the room in search of his distraught mother.
"Mom?" He called as he walked into the laundry room. His mother was facing the washer and dryer furiously folding clothes.
"Mom c'mon, she didn't mean anything by it."
"You picked a great one Patrick." She retorted.
"She's really nice . . . sometimes. She's just mad 'cause of Kate." He sighed while placing his hands in his pockets.
"What about Kate? She's mad cause she looks like the uglier version of Kate, or is it because she's doing a shitty job replacing Kate?"
The shock of a curse word coming from his mother's lips was slightly lessened by the shock of what his mother actually said.
"Uhm, I think I'm just going to -" He gestured to the front door signaling he was leaving.
"Patrick -" Patricia called after her son, he stopped in the doorway of the laundry room with his back facing her. "I love you sweetie you know that, but if you marry that girl I will not be there - you are being an idiot - she doesn't support you, or love you and you sure as hell don't love her."
"I do -" He started to defend himself only to be once more cut off by his mother "Ok then, just for arguments sake, where are you going after you leave here?"
He scratched his head, "I'm going to drop Meg off at home and then go check on Kate."
"Exactly." She said matter a factly, "Now please get that monster out of my house."
Patrick nodded and started to leave once more but stopped.
"Hmm?" She responded sweetly while continuing to fold clothes.
"Is Kate really pregnant?"
"Most definitely." She smiled and looked over her shoulder at her son who shifted nervously in the doorway, "Why?"
Patrick shrugged at her question as he continued his venture towards the door. Patricia smiled once more when she heard the front door close.
"He's going to make a good Dad." Roger's voice startled his wife.
"Yeah, I think so too."
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