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Eight - How Will I Break The News To You?

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So i'm dramatic - you know you love it.

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"That's not creepy or anything." Kate stated groggily at Patrick who was standing in the corner of her room.
"Like it's really my fault that you have no chairs in here." He stated slightly amused.
"Why are you in my house? No, wait, the better question is how did you get into my house?" She rolled onto her side and placed her head in her hand awaiting a reply.
"Well, I was at Joe's house, and he has this little problem about losing things so he severely labels everybody's shit in that cabinet above the sink, so yeah I got these." He raised the keys in the air that had Kate's name on them. "And then I took these back." Patrick raised another set of keys that had his name on them, "I don't even know how he got these." He shook his head in amazement before putting the keys back in his pocket.
"You know he's going to tear his house apart when he can't find those, right?" She mumbled while nuzzling her face into the pillow.
"Oh yes I realize."
"So, can I help you with something?" Her slight annoyance amused him.
"I was just checking to make sure you were alive."
"How long have you been here?"
"Not long." He replied with a shrug.
"What time did you get here Patrick?" She restated the question so she could get a real answer.
"Well do you mean like what time around, or what time exactly?"
"What time Patrick?" Kate spat while rubbing her eyes.
"2 am-ish." He mumbled. Kate immediately grabbed the bedside clock to see what time it was. The digital numbers read 10:45 am.
"Chewie, what kind of guard dog are you?" She poked the fur ball next to her. Chewie lazily lifted his head from under the covers and looked at her innocently.
"Oh and your Mom left this on the kitchen counter for you." Patrick cautiously put the pregnancy test on her nightstand before backing away quickly. Kate immediately smacked the test onto the floor.
"I'm not pregnant!" She groaned while kicking the covers off of her. "One thing I am though, is hungry, I really want some eggs with ketchup."
Patrick nodded slowly before realizing what she just said.
"Wait, scrambled eggs and ketchup?"
"Uhmmm," Kate thought for a moment, "Though it sounded like I said eggs and ketchup, which would be strange considering my absolute disgust with those two foods, I really said that I would like some, ugh, figs and horseradish." Kate burrowed her brows together in confusion over he last statement, "Fuck, that's just as weird." She groaned and shook her head, "You know what, I'm not hungry after all."
"Kate just take the test." Patrick sighed.
"No, fuck you." She spat while rummaging rather violently though her closet.
"Kate . . ." He began only to get cut off.
"Why are you still here? Please leave."
"Why are you so mad at me? I haven't done anything." He whined, almost childlike.
"Exactly Patrick, you never do anything. You let yourself get walked all over." She retorted still rummaging through her closet.
"That's not true." He sighed, and she laughed.
"'Patrick I want to go to the party, Patrick I want to meet your mother, Patrick I want to have a baby.'" Kate raised her voice a few octaves in order to match Meg's whiny tone. "And what the fuck do you say to all of those? -'ok.' You are such a freaking pushover - and you don't even love her, you fucking proposed and you don't even love her." She shook her head in disbelief.
"I do-"
"-You do not, don't even try. If you fucking loved her you would have been with her last night instead of here watching me sleep."
He sighed, of course he knew she was right, but worse yet was the fact that she knew she was right.
"Why did you propose? What the hell were you thinking?"
"I don't know." He shrugged, "I guess I felt like I owed it to her, we've been together for awhile."
"Oh really?" She couldn't hide the bitterness in her tone, "How long is awhile?"
"Like nine months." As soon as those words left his lips he knew that this encounter wasn't going to end well.
"Oh my God, you are so right Patrick." The sarcasm in her voice was thick. "Nine months, really? Wow, I thought three and a half years was a long time but nope, nine months totally has that beat. I completely understand your motive now."
"Kate." His voice was almost pleading.
"Get the hell out of my house." She pointed towards the door.
"Kate I was protecting you!" Patrick raised his voice.
"Well gee, thanks for FUCKING NOTHING!" She screamed back. Kate brought her voice back down to a normal human level before continuing,
"Now please, get the hell out of my house."
"Fine, whatever." He sighed defeated as he turned to leave.
"You know, the Patrick I knew had balls." Kate yelled after him. That statement caused Patrick to stop his descend down the stairs.
"Well, the Patrick you knew died along time ago." He spat over his shoulder before continuing his quest to the front door.
"Yeah, he died the minute Chelsea came around." She retorted, her voice matching the anger in his.
"Or do you not remember? 'Cause if you don't, fortunately for you there is a song written about it."
Patrick rested his head on the door,
"Kate," he warned, "don't bring that up."
"Lucky for you," She ignored his plea for her to stop, "I wrote it, so, ha, I know the words." She let a sarcastic laugh before she started reciting the words.
"Stop!" He yelled as he turned to face her.
"You know what Patrick, you lost me not once but twice, I thought you were fucking smarter then that, I thought you actually loved me but I was so, so wrong." Kate screamed through the tears that were now stinging her eyes.
"I love you so fucking much you don't even know!" Patrick shouted just as loudly as she did.
"Don't lie to me, don't you dare lie to me!" She continued to scream as she forcefully shoved him against the door.
"You know what, you're fucking insane -" He sighed with his back against the door as he pointed in her direction "- you need to take that damn test cause I cannot handle these mood swings."
Immediately Patrick felt the intense sting as Kate's hand connected with his face.
"Shit." His hand immediately flew to his throbbing cheek, "That never gets old." He sighed, "Kate, I'm sorry but please just take the test."
"God! You know what? Fine! I'll fucking prove to you all that I am not pregnant." She spat as she stomped back up the stairs like a five year old throwing a fit.
"At least it wasn't a punch." He mumbled to himself before following her up the stairs.

Kate mumbled profanities under her breath as she ripped open the box and dumped the contents rather violently on her bed. She snatched up the directions and rolled her eyes at the piece of paper explaining to her how to pee on a stick, she crumpled it up and tossed it behind her before grabbing the applicator and stomping to the bathroom.
"Hey, I think you're supposed to read these." Patrick called after her as he uncrumpled the directions.
"I know how to pee on a stick Patrick." Kate huffed as she struggled to slide close the bathroom door that always stuck.
"Yeah, in theory but -"
"I've done this before, I know how to pee on a stick." She spat before slamming the door shut.

"I've done this before." echoed in his head as he waited as patiently as possible for Kate to emerge.

it was bold and thick in the applicator window. Kate's breath hitched in her throat, that was not the sign she was expecting to see - a minus was the sign she was sure was made especially for her, it was the sign that had appeared so many years before when she was ok with having a child with the man she loved but was not showing itself now, when she needed it most - it was then that she made a decision, a horribly stupid decision but a decision she hoped would turn out for the best.

As soon as the bathroom door opened Patrick was immediately on his feet.
"What did it say?" Flew out of his mouth.
"Uhm," Kate paused to rethink her plan, "You guys were right, it's positive." She held up the applicator. Unexpectedly Patrick embraced her, his sudden excitement pushed Kate over the edge and she began to cry as she wiggled out of his grasp.
"What's the matte -"
"It's not yours." She lied.
"What?" Patrick just looked at her with disbelief and she looked away before repeating herself.
"It's not yours."
"Well then whose? What do you mean it's not mine?" He exclaimed, shaking his head as though she'd just told a joke that wasn't funny at all.
"It's Joe's."
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