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Six - How I Met Your Mother.

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ok so i totally wanted to hold off putting up ch.6 until i was convinced that you guys liked ch.5 but i have no self control so here it is, ch.6! but don't let me down, y'all still have to show me ...

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"Honey how come I haven't met your mother?" Meg responded a week later while she was reading a magazine. Patrick immediately choked on what he was in the process of drinking.
"You don't want to meet my mom." He replied while wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
"Yes I do." She replied while flipping a page in the magazine.
"Yes! We are engaged and I still haven't met your mother I want to meet her!" Meg screeched while throwing the magazine across the room. Patrick looked at the magazine on the floor and then at his fuming fiancé, he sighed.
"Fine. When?"
"Now, tonight. Call her now." She spat before picking up another magazine.

An hour later they pulled up to Patrick's childhood home. He knew that this was a horrible idea - beyond horrible idea, but he walked up the steps and knocked softly hoping that maybe his mother wouldn't hear. Meg was turned around facing the lawn with the tips of her fingers in her back pockets when Mrs. Stumph opened the door.
"Oh my Goodness is that my Katie Ann?" She exclaimed excitedly and embraced Meg. Patrick felt sick, it was true, from the back Meg and Kate looked almost identical. Immediately Mrs. Stumph grabbed her hand and admired her engagement ring. She covered her mouth as tears started to fill her eyes.
"Roger, Roger! Patrick finally did it - he and Katie are enga-" Mrs. Stumph stopped short when she finally realized that the girl in front of her was not 'her Katie Ann.'
"You're not my Katie Ann." She responded while dropping Meg's hand. Meg shook her head 'no' and smiled.
"Mom this is Meg my fiancé." Patrick mumbled and Mrs. Stumph looked at him disbelievingly.
"That's not Katie." Mr. Stumph replied from behind his wife.
"I'm Meg." She waved shyly and both Mr. & Mrs. Stumph nodded their head slowly before inviting their son and his fiancé into the house.

"Mommy!" Kate practically screamed as she entered her parent's house.
"My God what is it? You scared the hell out of me." Her mother responded while putting a hand to her chest.
"Sorry, I was just informing you that your favorite daughter is here." She smiled before embracing her mother.
"I'm glad you're here." Her mother responded before exiting into the kitchen and emerging a second later with a casserole dish in hand, "Now I have someone to take this to Patricia and Roger's. I made just way to much."
Kate groaned.
"I have to carry that two blocks?"
"Oh I'm sorry Miss Diva, how dare I ask The Kate Wentz to do her only mother a favor and carry this a whole two blocks to Patricia and Roger's." Her mother was pouring on the guilt trip.
"Oh please mother don't even pull that - give me the damn dish." Kate grabbed for the dish but her mother pulled it out of reach.
"Only if it won't be too much trouble." She grinned at her daughter.
"Just give me the damn dish, give me the dish - I love momma and papa Stumph they always give me cookies anyways." She mumbled while grabbing the dish and slamming the front door.

The doorbell rang and immediately both Mrs. Stumph and Patrick stood quickly, they were both eager to get away from the very awkward dinner conversation.
"I got it Mom." Patrick said sternly.
"No, no sweetie, you stay here with your father and your very . . . lovely fiancé." She exclaimed before quickly scurrying towards the door. Patrick stood for a bit longer before deciding to follow his mother to the front door.
"Katie Ann!" Mrs. Stumph screamed as she shoved the casserole dish into Patrick's chest before embracing Kate.
"Mommy made too much and wanted me to bring that to you." Kate smiled and Mrs. Stumph immediately pulled her inside and shut the door behind her. It was then that Kate spotted Patrick.
"Oh no, I don't want to intrude on anything. You guys are probably in the middle of dinner."
"Intrude, you could never intrude." Mrs. Stumph laughed, "Besides Tricky was just introducing us to his fiancé Mel or something, have you met her she's horrendous." She whispered the last part and Kate couldn't help but laugh.
"Yes I've had the pleasure of meeting her." Kate nodded. Mrs. Stumph stuck out her tongue disgusted before her eyes widened.
"Oh my, I saw you on Ellen, and I loved when you did that dance thing when you were introduced." Kate laughed and clapped as Mrs. Stumph tried to booty dance.
"Whoa there Mom." Patrick responded while still awkwardly holding the casserole.
"You've got to dance, it's Ellen." Kate said in between laughs before hugging Mr. Stumph.
"Don't hurt yourself Pat." Mr. Stumph responded before pulling a chair to the table so Kate could sit down.
"I'm sure Kate doesn't want to stay." Patrick stated but his mother waved him off.
"It's really ok, I should be going anyways." Kate responded while attempting to get out of her seat.
"No you sit." Patricia replied while plopping a plate of food down in front of her. Kate glanced at Meg who was expressionless.
"Hey . . . Meg." She said hesitantly, Meg nodded.
"Hi Kate." She smiled but Kate could tell that she was irritated.
"Katie I can't believe you had that Ellen call her, Pat almost had an attack." Roger replied while putting a hand on her shoulder. It was then that Patrick decided to sit down again.
"Well I know how much you like her, I knew you would be excited if I had her call you on the show." Kate smiled at Mrs. Stumph, this woman was like her second mother and she loved her to death. Mr. Stumph stood to go into the kitchen for something and that's when Mrs. Stumph noticed something different about Kate.
"Sweetie are you expecting?" Patricia smiled at Kate with a raised eyebrow. At that statement Patrick spit out all the liquid in his mouth.
"Expecting what?" Kate said confused not really knowing what she was talking about.
"You're shiny and glowing Katie. You're cheeks are flushed, you're pregnant!" She exclaimed excitedly.
Kate looked behind her to make sure that there wasn't a pregnant lady standing there.
"I probably just need to wash my face." She laughed nervously.
"No I'm serious! I know about these things, it's a mothers intuition." Patricia nodded confidently.
"No really, I'm not. Not pregnant, not even a little bit pregnant."
"Who have you been seeing sweetie? You haven't told me a darn thing about your love life." Mrs. Stumph huffed and smacked her playfully on the hand.
"That's because I don't have a love life." Kate gave her a half smile.
"You are not going to raise this child all by yourself, momma Stumph and momma Wentz will help you, don't even worry your pretty little head about it." She replied sweetly and Kate rolled her eyes.
"Not pregnant." She exclaimed while pointing at herself.
"Oh yeah, when was the last time you had your cycle?"
"Mom, c'mon!" Patrick yelled and gestured with his fork to his food and then to Meg. Patricia rolled her eyes.
"What does your fiancé and your food have to do with our conversation?"
"Actually sweetie I don't mind girly chat, I'm kind of interested." Meg nodded at Patrick who groaned.
"So Kate, when was the last time you got your period?" Meg smiled while putting her head in her hand.
"I don't - I don't." Kate nervously looked from Mrs. Stumph to Meg to Patrick who sat there silently fiddling with the table cloth.
"So you guys are getting married, that's great!" Kate exclaimed in a desperate attempt to change the subject, because the fact of the matter was - she had no idea when her last period was.
"Stop pestering the girl Patricia." Mr. Stumph replied while sitting back down at the table, "So you guys tell us about this big tour that's going to be going on."
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