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Five - Spelling Bee Champs.

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You're in the lava, you're in the lava!

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Four days later Kate punched the familiar numbers in the key pad so that Pete's house gate would open. She drove up the driveway before getting out and running inside with her 45 lb Chowchow following behind her. Almost immediately high pitched screams were heard as her nieces and nephew ran at her full speed. Olivia, the littlest at two, staggered behind her siblings but still managed to tackle Kate's leg. Kate laughed and walked further into the house with Molly (7) on her back Petey (5) on her hip, Olivia on her leg, and Chewie (Chewbacca - Joe's 25th birthday present) the dog following close behind.
"Where's Mommy?" She said now severely out of breath from carrying all three kids.
"Kitchen." Molly replied while pointing in the direction of the kitchen.
"Sara get your fat a-s-s out here right now!" Kate yelled.
"A-s-s, ass." Petey spelled proudly before he began to sing his newly discovered word.
"Kate Ann what are you teaching my children?" Sara exclaimed while walking out of the kitchen with a hand on her hip.
"I forgot that he could spell, sue me." Kate shrugged before shooing Sara towards the front door,
"Now go Mrs. Baby Making Machine - go to the doctor and go do your thing. We'll be fine I rock so hard at babysitting."
Sara rolled her eyes and grabbed her purse before walking towards the front door.
"Ok, there's food in the fridge - remember that Pete is allergic to peanut butter and Olivia doesn't like peas and . . ." Kate groaned.
"Sara I know I baby sit all the time 'cause I'm the most amazing Aunt of life."
"KayKay is right Mom." Molly replied very nonchalantly trying to act all grown up. Sara sighed,
"I know, I know. Don't have too much fun." Was the last thing she said before she was out the door.

About an hour later the doorbell rang. Petey jumped off the couch to go answer it, as soon as his feet touched the floor Molly immediately pointed and screamed.
"You're in the lava, you're in the lava, you lose!"
Petey whined and threw his plastic sword on the floor,
"Nuh uh Molly that doesn't count. KayKay!?"
Kate laughed and adjusted the plastic tiara on her head.
"Mol give him another chance - you know he's a monkey and monkeys go crazy when the doorbell rings." Just as she finished her sentence the doorbell rang once more. She picked up Olivia who proceeded to wrap a pink feather boa around Kate's neck on the way to the door. She laughed and glanced behind her once more as Petey was complaining about being called a monkey before she opened the door. Olivia squealed in delight as she longed at the person standing in the doorway. Patrick took her in his arms and smiled as from somewhere behind Kate came 'Uncle Trick!'
Kate groaned.
"Honestly, you do have a purpose right?" She spat at him.
"First of all I don't need a purpose to see my best friend, and secondly yes I did come to talk to Pete but seeing as how you're princess of the castle right now -"
"High priestess." Kate cut him off with a huff.
"Oh, I apologize, high priestess, I'm assuming that he's not home." Patrick finished as he stepped into the house.
"Well you're correct for once so 'bye bye'" Kate replied as she took a reluctant Olivia away from Patrick and attempted to shove him to the door.
"Well I'll wait around plus they already saw me." Patrick gestured to the kids who were wildly waving at him to come over before taking Olivia back.
"They don't care, they hate you, for real, they told me." She threw back, Patrick just rolled his eyes and walked over to the couch.
"Uncle Trick you're in the lava!" Petey screamed and Patrick looked down at the floor before shrugging.
"That's ok, I'm a super hero I can stand in lava."
"Lies." Kate huffed as she sat in the love seat before pulling out her ringing phone.

"Sara everything is fine." She breathed into the receiver.
"Turn on the radio 97.1." Sara practically screamed.
"Turn on the mother fucking radio!"

Kate sighed and put her hand on the receiver.
"Molly sweetie can you run and go turn on the radio, 97.1?"
Molly nodded obediently before running in the direction of the radio ignoring her brother yelling about her being in the lava.

"Ok Sara, Molly is on it - now why are you so adamant about the damn radio being -" Kate stopped short when the DJ's voice filled the room.

". . . brand new from Delilah and Fall Out Boy, that's right I said Delilah AND Fall Out Boy - it's called 'Promise me tonight' let us know."

Immediately the distinct guitar rift flooded into the speakers followed by the melody.

"What? How did they - huh?" Kate put her hand to her head and glanced at Patrick who looked just as confused as she was.
"That was recorded like four days ago." She mumbled still confused. Patrick shifted the toddler on his hip as he pulled out his phone in attempt to call someone who knew what was going on.
Kate was immediately at Patrick's side trying to listen to the conversation and when she couldn't hear she began poking his shoulder urging him to tell her what was going on.
"Yeah, yeah -hold on other line." Patrick pulled his phone away from his ear in order to see who was beeping in, he rolled his eyes and put his ear back to the phone.
"Never mind it was just Meg - Kate STOP!" He glared at her and she stomped her foot angrily.
"No, no, I understand I'm not an idiot, but I don't think that was the plan - oh, oh I see - well even if I wasn't fine with it it's not like I can do anything about it now." Patrick stopped to glance at Kate who had her arms crossed over her chest.
"No she doesn't look too pleased. It's fine, no it's fine, whatever." He sighed as he clicked off the phone.
"What the f-u-c-k?" Kate spelled as she covered Petey's ears.
"You know I can spell too." Molly piped up from her spot on the couch.
"It's the new single." Patrick sighed and Kate's eyes grew wide.
"Yeah, new single." He repeated.
"I didn't sign off on a new single, there is not supposed to be any new singles - new singles have videos - "
"There's a meeting for the treatment next week." Patrick cut her off and Kate threw her arms up in the air out of frustration.
"I don't want to do this." She yelled as tears began to well up in her eyes.
"Hey, hey don't cry." He started while handing Olivia to Molly before pulling Kate into his arms. She immediately pushed him away and walked out of the room.
"Call you're fiancé back." She spat before slamming the bathroom door.
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