Review for Broken Down On Memory Lane

Broken Down On Memory Lane

(#) Gangsta_Girl 2007-03-19

Okay, so I'm a little late in reviewing...but glad to see your smidge of writer's block is gone. It is gone isn't it? :) Anyways, I loved this chapter (but when don't I love them?) I liked how you ended it too. It really did make my afternoon. I've been listening to Ne-Yo's Because of You all day. And it's funny because I always imagine Patrick singing it. Okay, enough rambling on my love for 'Trick. Haha. Great update and I hope you update again sooon. :D

Author's response

lol you're not late you silly girl. i'm glad you did review though cause it made my day! lol. now i am going to have to go listen to Ne-Yo's Beacuse of You - i know suprising that i haven't heard it but i'm allergic to the radio, lol.