Review for Forbidden


(#) zaberdeenz 2007-03-19

you know, for a moment there i thought they were doing something liiiiitlle different than playing Twister. eyebrow lift anyrays, that part was hilarious, especially Mikeys reaction. LMFAO but GGGGAH do i hate Lyn. it made my skin crawl a bit when she said "certain memories".
Gerard's one big awwww, the sign and the gift, just plain awwwwwness. (is that a word?:D) keep it coming, i cant wait the DRA-MAH.

Author's response

They were at first but I quickly because I wasn't in the mood to write anything sexy, I'm glad you found it funny though. "it made my skin crawl a bit when she said "certain memories"- Imagine how I felt writing it lol. Yeah Gerard is pretty aww! sometimes. The Drama's on it's way.