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Chapter 25

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'Yep my flight is tomorrow, well in a couple of hours' Cheyenne said to Bob as she folded a jumper and put it neatly in her suitcase.
'You getting a cab?'
'Can't your friends drive you, you know how I feel about you getting in taxi's alone.'
'I'll be fine it'll be a short drive.' She assured him, he was such a worrier sometimes.
'Is Gerard picking you up from the airport?'
'Yes he is and then we'll all be together again whoo hoo.'
'So how are you feeling about Thanksgiving?'
'I don't know I'm trying to be optimistic about it, I don't wanna spoil it for anyone else.'
'I promise you it will be good Gerard's relatives are lovely, the guys love having you around and Jamia and Alicia can't wait to see you again. So all will be well'
'I guess your right'
'You know Lyn's coming right?'
'Yeah I heard and I don't care, I'm not threatened by her.'
/'Good that's what I like to hear, what do I always tell you?'/
'Not to take any crap from anybody' Cheyenne repeated proudly, she had said this many times over the years.
'That's my girl, did I tell you Amber's coming too?'
'No you didn't you left that out, I can't believe you have a girlfriend it's so cute, now you know I'll have to check her out and make sure she's good enough and all that.' Cheyenne teased.
'That's not necessary.'
'I have to meet her parents too, make sure she's from a good family.'
'Enough child' Bob said laughing.
'I'm just kidding...or am I?' she laughed 'I'm glad you're happy Bob you deserve it.'
'Thanks Chey-bear, I'll see you real soon'
'See you soon Bobby'
Cheyenne grabbed her bag from the baggage claim conveyer belt and moved away from the crowd to find Gerard. It seemed like forever before she spotted him holding a sign with her name on it.
'You are so silly' she said kissing his lips quickly.
'Only when it comes to you' he said giving her the sign and taking her suitcase.
'I'm sorry you had to come and get me, I know it's early.' she apologised holding his free hand.
'I wouldn't have it any other way.' He said honestly leading her to the car park.
They talked animatedly as the drove back to the Way residence as if they hadn't spoken in days when in actually fact it had only been a few hours since their last chat. It was just coming up to 5:00am when the walked through the door and as quietly as they could they both headed downstairs into the comfort of the basement.

'You bought new sheets' Cheyenne observed the black and red diamond patterned sheets that covered his double bed.
'Yeah I saw it and I really liked it, kinda reminds me of a jester' he said placing her suitcase by his dresser.
'Speaking of jesters what time are Frankie and the others getting here?'
'I don't know, Mikey and Alicia usual come round early, the others don't get here till about four or five.'
'Ok' she said 'We can sleep in'
'Yeah for a little while I guess' he said 'But I'm not tired now I'm wide awake.'
'Me neither whatever could be we do' she grinned.

Twenty minutes later they were both on the floor panting for breath, sweating with aching bodies.
'C'mon Gee just do it' Cheyenne cried from underneath him.
'Be patient baby' he said holding himself up.
'Hurry I can't take this much longer.' She begged looking into his eyes.
'Just give me a second okay' he said teasingly, he wanted her to give in so badly.
'FOR FUCK SAKE GERARD SPIN THE DAMN DIAL.' She screamed at him not caring if she woke Donna in the process.
'Ok' he said doing as she asked 'Right leg blue' he commanded
'Thank you' she breathed manoeuvring herself to a more comfortable position.
'Ok you spin' he said passing her the small board.
'Right hand yellow' she said once the dial had spun around and came to a stop.
'Ok God no' he said, all this did was change his position from facing downward to facing upward, his arms were aching but he couldn't fall.'Spin for yourself baby' he said as he fought to hold himself up.
'Ok I've got right hand green' She said 'I'm gonna go rigghht here' she said crawling over him and puting her right hand by his shoulder and dropping the board by his head.
'Why do you have to be so difficult look how much space you have over there' he said annoyed that she was invading his space.
'Just like me, they long to be close to you' she sang.
'Ok spin for me' he said, he needed to move from his dreadful position.
'No spin for yourself' she said knowing fully well that if he moved he would fall.
'You know I can't' he said through gritted teeth.
'Oh well, I guess you'll just have to stay like that' she grinned evilly.
'Spin the fucking dial' he cried
'Sorry Gerard I can't, I can't let you win, remember what we're playing for.' She reminded him, the bet was that whoever lost would give up the pleasure of receiving oral sex.
'Fine just put the board near my mouth, I'll lick it' he said, mentalyy working out if that was possible.
'Alright' she said holding herself up with her left and putting the board in front of Gerard's face. He stuck his tongue and attempted to flick the dial with it.
'You know I really like this position' Cheyenne said kissing his cheek and then the side of his mouth.
'Don't' he demanded as he tried once again to flick the dial, it moved half way between two colours. She kissed down his neck, making sure to lick his collarbone and she felt the desired affect of her actions when he shuddered underneath her. Gerard moaned involuntarily and tried once again to lick the dial when Cheyenne's tongue caught his, she kissed him deeply and without noticing he lowered his body to the floor.
'Mmm I win' she said breaking the kiss.
'Shit, that's cheating' he accused once he realised she had over powered him and he was on his back.
'No it's not' she replied
'Yeah it is' he argued reaching up an flicking her ear.
'Ok you're right it is'
'I want a re-match' he demanded, there was no way he was about to give up the pleasure of her tongue on his manhood that easily.
'Fine I'll still win' Cheyenne said with confidence.
'Ok but this time we play strip' Gerard grinned 'make it a little more interesting.
'Oh yeah and how will that work?'
'Any time either of us spins and it lands on let's say red, you gotta remove an item of clothing.'
'So if I spin red for you, you gotta strip' she confirmed grinning broadly.
'Yep' he said pushing her off his hips 'let the game begin'
'You're on, bring on those reds' she said rubbing her hands together.
'Mommy I'm home' Alicia cried as Mikey opened the front door to the Way house.
'In here sweetheart' Donna called back from the kitchen where she was stuffing the turkey. Alicia walked in and placed a firm kiss on Donna's cheek.
'Happy Thanksgiving' she said looking over Donna's shoulder at the pale uncooked bird.
'And to you' she smiled back. Mikey came in a second after and kissed his mother's other cheek.
'Happy Thanksgiving Mikey' she greeted him back.
'Same to you Ma.' He said happily. 'How comes Gee aint up yet?' he had gone into the living room before coming into the kitchen only to find it was empty.
'He picked up Cheyenne early this morning I imagine they're both still tired.' Donna told him, concentrating more on the turkey then what he was asking.
'I don't care I'm going to wake them up, I demand family time' Mikey announced 'oh and breakfast would be good too Ma' he said over his shoulder.

Gerard heard footsteps on the stairs but didn't bother to open his eyes he was worn out.
'HOLY SHIT!' Mikey cried when he spotted his brother and Cheyenne sprawled out on the floor, wrapped up in the twister mat.
'Oh shit' Gerard said hoarsely as he saw the expression of horror on his baby brother's face.
' that my twister mat' Mikey said pointing a shaking finger at them.
'Mikey I can explain' Gerard said attempting to sit up slightly.
'OMG!' Mikey cried 'that is my twister mat. How could you?' he said.
'We didn't mean to' Gerard said making sure Cheyenne naked body was covered from view 'one thing led to another and you know.'
'! I can't do this now' Mikey said shaking his head and walking back up the stairs.
'It's not funny sugar' Gerard said trying to keep a straight face himself
'I know' Cheyenne giggled 'but did you see his face'
'Yes I did but he loved that twister mat' Gerard continued, Cheyenne threw her head back and laughed hard until her belly hurt and despite his efforts Gerard couldn't hold back either.

Ten minutes later Gerard clambered up the basement steps followed by Cheyenne.
'Good morning Donna' Cheyenne said kissing her.
'Hello darling, how was your flight?' Donna asked as she glazed the Turkey over with herbs and a honey sauce
'It was fine, the taxi service kind of sucked though'she replied
'Shut up' Gerard said pinching her hips as she walked past to greet Alicia, then finally she stopped in front of a pouting Mikey.
'Go away' he said folding his arms
'We're really sorry hun, we'll buy you a new one, won't we Gerard?' Cheyenne assured him, she spoke softly as though he was a small child.
'hmm' Gerard grunted as his lips were holding a cigarette between them.
'A new what?' Alicia said getting the eggs, sausages and bacon from the fridge.
'Twister mat' Gerard said exhaling
'What's wrong with the old one?' Donna asked as she placed the stuffed bird into the oven.
'It's tainted' Mikey cried 'Gerard tainted it.'
'Cheyenne helped' Gerard smirked
'Shut up' Cheyenne hissed, then shot him a death look.
'Oh yeah Mom's here she's too pure to hear such things' he said the sarcasm dripping form each word.
'Donna isn't but I am' Alicia cried stroking Mikey's hair lovingly.
'I hate you' Mikey spewed at his brother.
'Michael not on Thanksgiving.' Donna chastised
'We said sorry' Gerard said 'How about I buy you the giant one to make up for it?'
'Ok then, but it better be brand new.' Mikey said quietly.
'I promise' Gerard said reaching over and ruffling his brother's hair.
As the day progressed the girls cleaned while Donna cooked and the guys stayed out of their way. At 4.00pm Bob, Amber, Ray and Christa arrived with some of Gerard's relatives and Donna' close friends, the house suddenly went from empty to half full in less then half an hour. Gerard showed Cheyenne off to his relatives, lovingly like a dog-owner would show off her prized poodle and by the time Cheyenne had met everyone she was over-whelmed. She wasn't used to this, so many people, so much noise it was too much and she just wanted to be by herself. Bob was the first to spot his cousins discomfort and he pulled her a side.

'A bit too much huh?' he asked studying her face carefully.
'I'm not used to this, there's so many people here' she said looking out at the room, which in the last two seconds seemed to have doubled in its capacity.
'You're doing great Chey, Jamia will be here soon and you can scamper off with her.'
'I just want to be by myself for a while' she said feeling a great sadness consume her.
'Go down to the basement ok, I'll come get you in half an hour or so' he offered.
'Thanks Bob' she said kissing his check and making her way down to the solitude that was the basement.

Even though the house was buzzing with people it didn't take Gerard long to notice that Cheyenne wasn't around, he made his way down to the basement to find her sitting on the bed with her knees drawn up to her chest. Wordlessly he sat down next to her and enveloped her in his arms, he knew she was thinking about her past and he could feel her pain.
'I'm sorry' she whispered
'Don't be you can't help how you feel' he replied quietly.
'You should be upstairs catching up with your relatives' she told him, hating the fact that he wasn't spending time with them.
'And you should be by my side getting to know them.' He said stroking her hair.
'It's just I'm not used to this at all, I'm nervous and happy and sad all at the same time, I don't know what to do with myself, I don't want to ruin today for you' she admitted.
'You can't ruin it for me' he said 'I just want you to feel comfortable. I know this is a lot for you to deal with so quickly giving your Thanksgiving record and I love you so much for coming. I know my family can be a bit strange and talkative but you'll get used to it.'
'What if they don't like me' she said finally.
'They do like you, well the ones you've met anyway and who cares if they don't, you only needed to impress ten people and you did that five weeks ago.' He said referring to the band, Donna and the girls.
'I guess so' she replied feeling better 'I'm ready go back.' Gerard leaned in a kissed her tenderly for reassurance.
'Actually before you go I have something for you.' He said standing and walking over to his dresser, he rummaged through the draws then finally pulled out a small gift-wrapped box.
'Today is our one month anniversary' he said handing the gold wrapped box to her.
'Aww honey I was so sure you had forgotten' she said accepting the box.
'I wouldn't forget something so important.' He retorted.
'Me neither wait here' she said, placing the box on the bed she skipped over to her suitcase and pulled out a large poorly wrapped present.
'Farrah wrapped it' Cheyenne said an apologetic look splashed across her face.
'Sure she did' Gerard said unconvinced. 'Ok you first'
Cheyenne undid the small golden bow and removed the paper to reveal a rectangular velvet box.
'Oh Gee' she gasped once she opened it and viewed it's contents 'It's gorgeous'
'Do you like it?' he asked not letting his eyes stray from her face, he wanted to remember her expression.
'Yes it's beautiful' she said slipping the heart shaped pendant out of the box and holding it up.
'I saw it when I was in Chicago and it reminded me so much of you because of how beautiful and flawless it looked, I had to get it for you.' He confessed.
'Are those real diamonds? She asked as she looked at the jewels that outlined the front of the pendant.
'Yes they are' he said smiling at the expression that still covered her face.
'I can't accept this' she said holding the necklace for him to take 'It's too expensive.'
'Yes you can' he said taking the gift and motioning for her to turn around, he placed it around her neck and clasped it before pulling her hair out from under the golden chain.
'It looks beautiful on you' he said truthfully
'Thank you baby' she said against his lips as she leaned in to show her appreciation.

'Oh sorry to interrupt' Lyn said from the stairs. Gerard jumped up as though someone had poured boiling water into his lap. 'Lyn...Hi' he said running his hand over his hair. Cheyenne noted his reaction but let it slide that would've been a shock for anyone. Gerard wasn't sure what to say or do so he stood dumbly letting the scene play out before him.
'Hello Lyn' she said rising from the bed 'I'm so glad you made it.'
'Well I had second thoughts, but the thought of Donna's delicious cooking kept playing on my mind.' Lyn said walking down the last two remaining steps.
'She is a Goddess in the kitchen' Cheyenne admitted.
'So how are you both? I know the last time we spoke I wasn't very polite to you Cheyenne, you must forgive me I was incredibly rude.'
'Don't mention it, I had nearly forgotten, it's water under the bridge.'
'I'm so glad I was hoping we could be friends someday.' Lyn said smiling sweetly at the younger girl before her.
'There's nothing I would like more, after all I'm moving here soon I'll need all the friends I can get.' Cheyenne replied.
'Oh you are?' Lyn said feigning surprise well congratulations.
'Thank you, well I'm going to see if Donna needs a hand, plus I'm sure Frank and Jamia are up there somewhere, I'll see you two later.' Cheyenne climbed the stairs with all the confidence she had, a part of her wanted to go back down and drag Gerard with her but being possessive wasn't her style, she had to let him do his own thing and if Lyn put a toe out of line, well Cheyenne knew where Donna kept the carving knife.
Dinner was due to be served in twenty minutes and three tables were being set up to accommodate all the guests. The two tables currently being set up in the living room by Ray and Bob were for the relatives and friends and the table in the kitchen was for the band and the girls.

'I can't believe you left them down there' Jamia hissed in to her wine glass 'How long has it been?'
'Three whole minutes, do you think they're at it yet' Cheyenne teased
'Stop it that's not even funny' Jamia said crossly 'How can you be so calm when that snake's alone with your man?'
'Because funnily enough I trust Gerard.'
'Do you trust Lyn?'
'Nope but I know she isn't stupid enough to try anything here.'
'How do you know?'
'I just know, so chillax and get ready to eat.'
'Ok I'm chillaxed but if they're not up here in two minutes I'm going down' Jamia warned downing her wine.

'You haven't changed a thing' Lyn said as she walked about the room, reacquainting herself with it.
'I was going to but at the last minute I changed my mind I realised its perfect the way it is.' Gerard said.
'I agree, I'm glad you never changed it, it would erase certain memories.' She said catching is eye as she looked into his mirror. Gerard said nothing as she continued to potter about the room he felt uncomfortable or was it nervous, why had Cheyenne left him down here alone?
'I think we should be heading upstairs now, judging by the noise above us the tables are being set up.' He informed her, putting his foot on the first step.
'Plus we wouldn't want people to talk now would we' she said removing his arm from the banister and ascending the steps first.
'Get out of my seat Ray' Frank whined and then stamped his foot.
'No I sat here first' Ray replied
'But I sit there every year, it's my seat everyone knows that'
'Fine have your dumb seat I'll sit here next to Mikey and...who's sitting here? Ray asked pointing to the empty seat to his right.
'That's Lyn' seat' Amber informed him.
'Where is she?' he asked
'She got stuck at the adult table I think' Christa said.
'Leave her there its no loss' Alicia said eyeing the food that she was waiting to devour.
'No that's not nice' Cheyenne said rising 'I'll go get her.'

She walked into the living room and immediately spotted a bored looking Lyn at a seat between two of Donna's yapping friends.
'Sorry to interrupt you ladies, but I need to borrow Lyn' Cheyenne announced resting her hand on Lyn's shoulders. Lyn excused herself and followed Cheyenne into the kitchen where the others were waiting.
'You're supposed to be in here with us' Cheyenne said pulling out her chair that was next to Ray's but opposite hers.
'Thank God for a minute there I thought I was fucked' she said smiling broadly.
'Ok well who's saying Grace?' Jamia asked when Cheyenne was seated.
'I will' Frank said and a unanimous groan filled the room as he stood.
'To our Holy Father or for those who don't believe in God, to the Higher Power, thank you for this food we are about to receive and thank you for bringing us all together on this Thanksgiving Day, I pray that you bless us Lord or Higher Power and that we have many more of these occasions to come. Amen or whatever else you would say. Amen sounded around the room and the feeding frenzy began.
'That was good Frankie' Cheyenne said.
'Thanks who knew catholic school would teach me more then just how to tie a tie.' He replied with a laugh.
'Why did everyone moan when you said you were to say Grace.' She asked.
'Oh because last year I said 'rubber dub dub thanks for the grub Amen.''
'Too much Simpson' Cheyenne laughed putting a piece of corn bread on Gerard's plate.
'I guess' Frank said shrugging and taking a sip of his beer.

The conversation flowed as well as the laughter and Gerard half-heartedly joined in, what he really wanted was to catch Lyn's eye and make sure she was ok, the only people actually conversing with her were Amber, Christa, Frankie and sometimes Cheyenne when she wasn't involved in another conversations elsewhere. It made him a little angry to know that the others were ignoring her, she was a guest and the least they could do was acknowledge her, that included Mikey he should know better. Gerard looked over the table at her once again in a vain attempt to catch her gaze, he wanted to talk with her but he didn't know what to say and it seemed like she was deliberately avoiding eye contact with him. Was she ignoring him?

'Is that new' Mikey asked pointing with his fork at Cheyenne's chest, where her necklace hung freely
'Oh yeah' she said looking at Gee 'It's my one month anniversary gift' she smiled, Gerard smiled back at her looking into her dark blue eyes and despite the amount of people in the room he got lost in them like he always did.
'Ew stop' Alicia cried 'No ga ga eyes at the dinner table.'
'Yeah Chey eat your food' Bob ordered from further down the table.
'Sorry' Cheyenne apologised still smiling at Gerard 'you have something right there' she said leaning in and kissing away the cranberry sauce that was sitting on his lip. A collective 'ooooohhhh' sounded around the table pulling them both back into reality, Gerard smiled and turned back so he was the right way in his chair and his breath caught in his throat when he saw the look of pain on Lyn's face, it was quickly replaced with a smile but it was too late to fake it, he had seen the emotion and it sent an ache through his chest. He smiled at her across the table in an attempt to lighten her spirits but all she did was turn away with a sad look in her eye making him feel twice as bad.

A/N I promise you more dinner drama in the next chapter, I didn't want to fit it all in one looonnng one so I'm breaking it down. I hope you enjoy and I'll see you soon. Haha I never realise dhow long this chapter was lol so much for breaking it down.
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