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Chapter 26

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A little Mikey news. Gerard and Chey celebrate, Jamia dishes out a little Karma and Lyn lands Gerard in some hot water.

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MIKEY IS MARRIED. According to Kerrang Mikey and Alicia tied the knot March 8th in vegas, I'm so happy for them, unfortunatley Mikey was only allowed to have one best man(even though he wanted all of them) and he chose Frank...just messing he chose Gee of course. So congratz to Mr and Mrs M.Way.

'Are you going to finish that?' Frankie asked stabbing at Gerard's macaroni and Cheese.
'Yes I was' Gerard cried slapping the fork from Frank's hand. 'Leave my food alone' he said eating the forkful and handing the utensil back.
'Why don't you ever share with me' Frank asked his eyes displaying a look of hurt and mischievousness.
'I do, but I don't share my food eat off Jamia's plate' Gerard said 'I'm still fat on the inside' he claimed making everyone laugh.

A little while later Donna walked in followed by her best friend Sue or Auntie Sue as the boys referred to her, between them they balanced plates and cutlery and Gerard and Mikey both stood to relieve the women of the dishes.
'Thank you' Sue said squeezing Mikey's cheeks a habit that he once despised but now actually liked, only by her though.
'Mama Donna I want dessert' Frank said 'There's still room in here.'
'Frank at least let your dinner go down' Christa laughed.
'It has gone down, in fact I'm still hungry' he said lifting his top and exposing his stomach that was puffed out from the amount of food.
'Put it away' Bob cried shielding his eye 'For the love of everything sacred, put it away.' Frank poked his tongue out and let his t-shirt full over his bulge.

'You okay?' Cheyenne asked stopping in front of Gerard they were both clearing the dinner table taking the dishes to the counter where Donna and Sue were scraping the leftovers into the bin and loading the very rarely used dishwasher.
'I'm good' he said hoping she hadn't noticed the quiet spell that over took him a few minutes before. 'How you holding up?'
'I'm great, I'm loving this it's so nice to relax and have everyone here. Just imagine when we get our place together we can throw dinner parties and such.' She said.
'No, you can' he laughed 'I'll eat but I won't host'
'We'll see' she said bumping his hip with hers.

Lyn watched them talk from her seat and felt jealous at the interaction, Gerard was into her, there was no doubt about it, he looked at Cheyenne with such love, he had never looked at her like that when they were together, but he would, soon he'd be hers and he'd see no one but her. Jamia caught Lyn staring and the venom in her stare was undeniable and it made her blood boil to know that Lyn was looking at Chey like that. She knew it was spiteful but Jamia figured Lyn was in for some karma anyway and she quickly knocked over her full glass of water and watched as the water engulfed the left side of the table, spilling onto Lyn's lap.
'Oh crap' Lyn said jumping up as the water hit her skirt that was in Jamia's opinion too short.
'I'm so sorry' Jamia said picking up the glass and grabbing a handful of napkins to soak up the water.
'It's ok' Lyn said through gritted teeth 'it was an accident I'm sure'
'Totally' Jamia said tossing her soaking wet tissues in the bin.
'Chey dear could you please take Lyn and find her something to wear.' Donna said as she cleared the rest of the mess.
'Of course follow me' Cheyenne said catching Jamia's eye and giving her a "that wasn't very nice" look.
When Lyn and Cheyenne returned the table was cleared of the dinner dishes and four utterly delicious looking desserts decorated the table instead.
'Hurry up and sit down' Ray said eyeing the pumpkin pie 'we can't eat till you sit down.'
'Who says?' Lyn asked hovering beside Cheyenne's chair.
'Donna says' Frankie said in a high-pitched whine 'so siiitttt'
'Alright we'll sit' Lyn said falling into Cheyenne's seat beside Gerard. Cheyenne sat down opposite them and deliberately avoided Jamia's eyes that were boring into the side her head. Once both girls we're seated everyone served themselves from one of the four deserts or two of them in Gerard and Frankie's case.
'What are you eating? Lyn asked eying Gerard's plate.
'Apple and cinnamon cheese cake.' He answered though a mouthful. 'Wanna try some?'
'Yeah please' she said hoping that he'd feed her from his fork but instead he pushed the plate in her direction.
'Man I think I can eat one more piece of something' Frankie said, he was slouched in his chair and his black jeans were unbuttoned
'Stop eating' Jamia said rubbing his stomach affectionately 'you're gonna burst'
'No I can make it, I will solider on, I'll have a slice of that sweet potato caramel pie baby' he said lifting his plate weakly.
'You better not be sick later on' she said handing him a plate with a small piece of pie on it.'
'I hope not it won't look so nice.' He admitted tucking into his third piece of desert.

'So what's new with you?' Gerard asked Lyn, he didn't know what else to say but he didn't want to say nothing at all, he didn't want to seem rude.
'Nothing much really, my life's kind of dull at the moment, nothing exciting is happening. What about you?' she asked
'Got a tour coming up the beginning of next year, various interviews and we play time square new years too, that's all.' He replied thoughtfully.
'That's all' Lyn laughed ' you're doing a world tour and that's all.'
'Well we're used to it now, but it's still really exciting.' He said.
'I'm really happy for you Gerard, I know this is a dream come true for you.'
'Well you would know you were there through most of it' he said.
'I wish I was still there' she said so only he could hear it, he turned slightly to look at her and a shockwave passed right through him. 'You know I've been reading your interviews.' She added quickly.
'Why?' he asked trying to push away the moment that they just shared.
'Well I used to hear all about it from you remember so now I have to read the magazines like everyone else.' She said 'But I don't mind I have this little My Chem collection in my room now.'
'Do you want our autographs?' he teased.
'No, but fuck you very much for offering.' She said nudging him with her shoulder. 'The only thing that's missing is the lead singer of the band' she told him lowering her voice once again.
'What?' he gulped as he felt her hand gently brush the side of his thigh.
'I have all the other action figures set up all except yours' she said 'I'm missing a Gerard Way.'
'I'll see if I can get one for you' he said catching Cheyenne's eye across the table, she smiled at him her eyes shining happily before she turned to continue talking to Ray. Gerard relaxed inwardly as his expression of shock seemed to go unnoticed, as did the sweat that was dampening his palms. Excusing himself he headed for the bathroom, he needed a second to calm himself down and to hide the near forming erection the pushed against his trousers.
'Where did Gee go?' Mikey asked as he helped Ray, Christa and Frankie clear the kitchen table. Everyone else had retired into the living room.
'I have no idea maybe he's got the shits' Ray said wiping down the table.
'I hope not, I don't want the shits' Christa said 'especially if I'm staying at yours, your bathroom creeps me out.'
Gerard left the bathroom and made his way downstairs only when he was sure he was okay, he couldn't get over the reaction her touch had on his body, and it played on his mind as he entered the living room that was full of his relatives. It was just coming up to ten when the family decided to call it a night and they all left in groups, the house emptied just after ten and Donna left too, to take Aunty Sue home.

'Ok its game time' Ray said. It was a tradition to play some kind of game before going home, usually it was monopoly but when it was suggested every one groaned.
'Charades' Christa suggested but she was quickly met with boos 'well fuck you lot then.'
'How about a scatergories?' Lyn suggested, 'I have the game in my car'
'Yeah get that' Mikey said speaking to her for the first time that night. 'I'm good at that.'
'No you're not' Alicia said 'you can't think quickly enough'
'Are you saying I'm retarded?' Mikey replied
'I'm not saying it I'm blatantly telling you' she said laughing as he tried to get her in a headlock. Lyn disappeared and came back minutes later carrying the game box. It's pretty straightforward game and twenty minutes later they were screaming at each other.
'OMG how can you say that?' Gerard said tossing his pen at Frank
'What Jesus is a celebrity' Frankie said looking at his pad.
'No he's not' Gerard argued back, the others were in fits of giggles as they battled it out.
'Yes blondie he is.' Frank replied tossing the pencil back.
'Fuck it, have half a point' Ray said wiping his eyes.
'Whatever you're just biased man, Jesus IS a celebrity I don't care what you say.' Frankie said writing his score in the total column.
'Moving on' Lyn announced smiling 'what colours did you get for the letter J?'
'I got Jade' Cheyenne announced happily.
'Me too' Amber said sitting next to her
'Copy cat'
'As if'
'I got nothing' Bob said
'I got Juniper is that a colour' Jamia asked
'No it's a flower' Christa informed her
'Ok I got Jaundice yellow' Mikey announced proudly. Everyone erupted into laughter and then another shouting match began.
'Mikes you can't have that' Gerard laughed.
'I can fucking have that' Mikey cried 'It's a type of yellow'
'It's an illness you moron' Bob laughed
'Ok how would you describe the colour unless you say Jaundice yellow?' Mikey argued 'Fuck you I'm having it.'
'If he can have that them I'm having full marks for celebrity Jesus' Frankie laughed holding his aching stomach as the others protested.
An hour later they were still laughing as Cheyenne packed up the box and handed it to Lyn, who left to put it in her car. Frankie was sat on the floor by Jamia's feet still pouting about his low score from some of the outrageous answers he had given during the game.
'I just think you guys are assholes' he said folding his arms across his chest.
'Shut up Frankie' Alicia told him 'if you had given proper answers you wouldn't have come last.'
'Moon Grey is a colour' he insisted
'Alright baby' Jamia cooed stroking his hair and biting back a laugh.

Gerard got up and headed into the hallway it occurred to him that he hadn't checked his messages all day. He shivered as the cold night air blew in from the front door and hit him unexpectedly. He looked for his jacket and fingered though the right hand pocket pulling out his cell.
'I can't wait till we go to bed' he said not turning around as a pair of arms circled his waist from behind.
'When are we going?' Lyn said, Gerard spun round quickly and backed himself against he wall 'what the hell are you doing?' he hissed.
'Just reacquainting myself' she whispered reaching out for him again.
'Well don't' he said catching her hand and putting it back by her side.
'Oh come on Gerard you and I both know you're interested, that's why you left the table after dessert, your friend missed me' she said eyeing his crotch.
'That's not true' he said, it was a weak statement and Lyn laughed it off.
'I know there's something still between us Gerard and you know it too. Why not just give into what your body wants.' She said
'My body wants Cheyenne' he insisted despite his earlier hiccup 'I don't know why you're doing this Lyn but stop it you and I are over and we have been for a while.'
'Maybe it's time we get back together' she said quietly. Gerard sighed and ran a hand through his hair 'Lyn I'm in love with someone else and I'm sorry but I have to say this, you and I will never be together again, I don't want to hurt you but I have to tell you the truth.' He said
'We'll see, never say never Gerard' she replied walking back into the living room. Gerard shook his head and continued checking his messages, trying to forget the conversation he just had.

'We're gonna take off' Ray announced as Lyn entered the room again.
'Yeah it is getting late' Frank said looking at his watch 'wanna make a move baby?' he asked Jamia who was resting her head on his shoulder.
'Yeah lets go home' she said lifting her head to look into his eyes 'I'm very tired.'
Gerard ran into the room and without saying anything he grabbed Cheyenne and kissed her full on the mouth, the embrace lasted a few seconds before he pulled away smiling at her.
'What was that for?' She asked blushing as their friends looked on.
'We got the house' he whispered in her ear, he didn't anyone else to hear before she did.
'We got the house' Cheyenne repeated in disbelief 'OMG we got it' she cried jumping into his arms.
'Fuck yeah we got it' Gerard shouted spinning her around and pressing his lips to hers again.
'This is awesome' she said cupping his face.
'I know.' He replied putting her down.
'Uhhhmm' Bob cleared his throat catching the attention.
'What's up with you two?' Alicia asked
'We got the house we wanted.' Cheyenne said clapping excitedly.
'You were house hunting' Ray and Alicia said in unison
'Yes' Gerard said 'and we saw the perfect house online and I went to view it on Tuesday and I put an offer in yesterday morning and voila it's ours, well when the paper works down etc ect but yeah we're moving into together.'
Frankie was the first to pounce on them to offer his congratulations and before they knew it they were in one big group hug.
'You better take care of her' Bob said slapping Gerard on the back.
'I promise she's in safe hands' Gerard replied and the look Bob gave him let him knew that everything was cool and he was finally okay with them.
'Thanks man' Gerard said reading the expression and hugging him.
'Don't mention it' Bob said releasing him.

Amber walked over to Lyn and squeezed her arm gently it was sort of like a cheer up gesture and a silent apology all at once. Lyn didn't care much for the sentiment, she was seething, not only had Gerard rejected her in the hallway but now he was flaunting his happy new life with Cheyenne in her face. She smiled sweetly as he caught her stare and looked away smiling happily and hugging Jamia, she had to find a way to wipe that grin off his face and she knew just the way.

'So when do we get to see this house' Mikey asked picking Chey up off the ground.
'I don't know after I get to see it' she replied squashing her face asgainst his.
'OMG you haven't seen it yet' Ray asked 'You let Gerard choose your house alone.'
'Shut up man' Gerard said pushing Ray's chest
'For all we know it could be a shack' Jamia laughed as she envisioned them huddling together in a cabin like shack with no electricity or heating.
'You never know with Gee it might just be a basement in someone else's house.' Frank added
'Fuck up Iero' Gerard said ruffling Frank's hair.
'Stop teasing my man' Cheyenne said wrapping an arm around his waist 'He knows what he's doing don't you baby?'
'For sure' he said kissing her forehead 'These losers are just jealous'.

After a few more minutes of the guys teasing Gerard, they finally all started heading for the door.
'Do you need a ride home?' Frank asked Lyn ignoring the pain that Jamia was inflicting on his hand as she crushed it between hers.
'Nah Bob and Amber are driving me, but thanks anyway' she said smiling at him. Frank, Jamia, Ray and Christa left first, followed shortly by Mikey and Alicia who had spent the last ten minutes deciding whether to go home or spend the night, they decided to go as Bunny and Pumpkin would need feeding in the morning.

'Well I'll probably see you tomorrow' Bob said to Gerard as Amber kissed Cheyenne goodnight.
'I shall not sleep, it will feel like forever' Gerard said reaching out to touch Bob's face.
'Fuck you' Bob said swatting his hand away 'I am not Frank don't do that shit with me'
'My bad' Gerard laughed hugging Amber before taking Cheyenne's hand in his.

Bob walked out the door first then Amber as Lyn made sure she was last.
'Well goodbye you two' she said kissing Cheyenne 'Thank you for being so hospitable tonight'
'Your welcome Lyn, you were the perfect guest' Cheyenne said honestly, could they possibly be friends?
'Gerard tell your Mom I said a huge thank you and give her this' Lyn said kissing his cheek
'I will and thanks for coming' he replied, he was feeling really uncomfortable right now and couldn't wait to shut the door on her. Lyn turned away about to leave 'One last thing, did you mean what you said Gerard?'
'When I said what?' He asked, alarm bells were going off in his head and he just wanted to slam the door.
'About me being able to talk to you.'
'When was that?' he asked racking his brains, had he said that today? He didn't think he did.
'That night on the phone, I think you were in London or something we spoke all night remember and you said I could call you anytime.' Lyn said loving the look of dismay on his face, he obviously hadn't told Cheyenne about that conversation. Gerard tried to speak but nothing was registering in his head, Lyn had just landed him in a shit load of trouble and he cringed inwardly as Cheyenne removed her hand from his, it was an innocent movement but a clear signal that she wasn't happy at all.
'LYN MOVE YOUR ASS' Amber cried as Bob honked the car horn.
'I gotta go, goodnight' she said running down the concrete pathway her heels making a clicking sound as she moved. Gerard moved to close the door and when he turned back Cheyenne was already heading for the basement, he called out to her but she ignored him and headed down the steps to their room.

A/N First I just wanna say long live twister lol. I know I said my updates weren't gonna be that frequent since I'm planning my mummy's party but I find that if I don't sleep I can get the chapters done, so that's what I'm doing, plus I just wanna get to the big climax so I'm writing fast so I can get there but sshhh!! can't say anything more about it. Also I'm going to Milan on Friday and I'm gonna try and post a chapter before I go but don't hold your breaths though, I won't post it if it's not perfect. Thanks for the reviews and a big Hi!! to all the new people who have started reviewing.
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