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Chapter 27

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Gerard and Chey argue about Lyn, Frank see's a new side to Jamia and Bob and Amber spend the night together.

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Finally an update I thought I'd never get this chapter finished. Since I took so long to update I posted the last part of chapter 26 so you wouldn't have to go back and read it.

Chapter 26
Bob walked out the door first then Amber as Lyn made sure she was last.
'Well goodbye you two' she said kissing Cheyenne 'Thank you for being so hospitable tonight'
'Your welcome Lyn, you were the perfect guest' Cheyenne said honestly, could they possibly be friends?
'Gerard tell your Mom I said a huge thank you and give her this' Lyn said kissing his cheek.
'I will and thanks for coming' he replied, he was feeling really uncomfortable right now and couldn't wait to shut the door on her. Lyn turned away about to leave 'One last thing, did you mean what you said Gerard?'
'When I said what?' He asked, alarm bells were going off in his head and he just wanted to slam the door.
'About me being able to talk to you.'
'When was that?' he asked racking his brains, had he said that today? He didn't think he did.
'That night on the phone, I think you were in London or something we spoke all night remember and you said I could call you anytime.' Lyn said loving the look of dismay on his face, he obviously hadn't told Cheyenne about that conversation. Gerard tried to speak but nothing was registering in his head, Lyn had just landed him in a shit load of trouble and he cringed inwardly as Cheyenne removed her hand from his, it was an innocent movement but a clear signal that she wasn't happy at all.
'LYN MOVE YOUR ASS' Amber cried as Bob honked the car horn.
'I gotta go, goodnight' she said running down the concrete pathway her heels making a clicking sound as she moved. Gerard moved to close the door and when he turned back Cheyenne was already heading for the basement, he called out to her but she ignored him and headed down the steps to their room.

When Gerard descended the basement steps Cheyenne was packing her suitcase, instead of packing them neatly like she usually did she was tossing them in the case carlessly.
'What are you doing?' Gerard asked trying to control the shake in his voice.
'I'm cleaning up the mess I made when I was looking for a skirt for Lyn.' She answered tossing her red t-shirt carelessly into the case.
'Oh, I thought you were going somewhere.' He replied feeling relieved.
'The only place I'm going is to bed.'
'Am I invited?'
'No. I don't associate with liars' she replied zipping up the case and hoisting it off the bed.
'I'm really sorry about that' he said honestly 'I should've told you I spoke to Lyn that night.'
'So why didn't you, why did you lie to me?' Cheyenne asked placing the suitcase by his dresser where it belonged.
'I didn't mean to, it just sort if slipped out, I panicked I thought if I told you I was talking to Lyn you'd get mad, I didn't think you'd understand.'
'What did she want?'
'She felt like having a drink she just needed someone to talk to.' He recalled.
'And you thought I wouldn't understand that.'
'No...I mean yes...I thought you'd get mad at the fact that I was talking to her.'
'Right because I'm one of those jealous girls who gets mad about stuff like that' Cheyenne said sarcastically.
'Most girls do' he pointed out.
'But I'm not most girls and why would I get mad if you were just helping her?'
'I don't know I wasn't thinking straight and I lied.' He replied truthfully.
'Y'know I wondered why you kept on apologising that day when I called, why didn't you just tell me when I asked you?'
'I don't know, we were apart I couldn't bare the thought of you being angry at me when I was away from you and unable to fix it.' He said lapsing into a helpless silence, he had no idea what to do, for the first time in their short relationship he couldn't actually tell what she was thinking or feeling, he sat down on the bed and watched her studying the expression on her face trying to work out what it was.
'Gerard I do not like to be lied to' she said eventually breaking the silence.
'I know I'm sorry'
'Especially when it comes to Lyn because that makes me think that there's something going on...'
'I swear nothing is going on' he exclaimed jumping up and crossing the room to stand in front of her. 'I promise you, there is nothing between us you are the only woman for me.' He said reaching out to stroke her face, he was afraid she resist but she didn't and he gently ran his hand down her cheek and continued down her shoulder and arm till his fingers entwined with hers. 'Say you believe me' he said pulling her towards him and kissing her lips.
'I believe you' she replied against his lips.
'Thank you' he said stroking away the hair that always fell over her eyes.
'Gerard while we're here is there anything else I need to know.' She asked looking up at him. His mind instantly flew back to the altercation with Lyn in the hallway and the things that she had said to him.
'What is it?' Cheyenne asked noticing his expression.
'Oh Lyn lets be best friends maybe I can kiss your ass for you too' Jamia mocked as she got ready for bed.
'That is such an overreaction.' Frank said rolling his eyes. Jamia had been going on about his friendliness to Lyn ever since they left the Ways and it was slowly grating on his nerves.
'Really cause I think it's a pretty accurate rendition of how you were tonight.' She replied taking her figure-hugging black shirt off and tossing it in the laundry basket.
'Whatever' Frank said turning his back on her and getting himself undressed. 'I just don't see why you hate her so much.'
'I don't hate her Frank, I just dislike her immensely and did you see the way she was looking at Cheyenne over dinner, it was venomous.'
'I'm sure it was' Frank said tiredly, he had a long night, his belly was full and all he wanted to do was sleep.
'Fine don't believe me then, but when the shit hits the fan and it will, I'm gonna say I told you so.'
'When the shit hits the fan?'
'If you hadn't noticed Lyn is attempting to lure Gerard away from our little Cheyenne and Gerard the wotless wonder, like you can't see it. But I can and if she tries it I'm gonna beat her up' Jamia said
'Ok I do not like this side of you baby' Frank confessed 'I'm not into it at all'
'Ha well get used to it cause until Lyn disappears she's staying' Jamia said sliding into bed 'oh yeah and remind me to talk to Gerard, he might even get a slap too.'
When Frank had stripped down he cautiously slid into bed next to his fiancée and switched off the lamp beside his bed. It was very rare for Jamia to act so spitefully and maybe there were some truth behind her words but he knew Gerard and he knew he wasn't stupid. He jumped slightly as Jamia's arm wrapped over his stomach in the darkness,
'Jamia' he murmured unsurely.
'Yes my love' she whispered
'Nothing' he said then he kissed her forehead in relief, the last thing he wanted to do was cuddle up with psycho Jamia.
Lyn scolded her self as she lay in her empty bed. She was making progress and that little stunt she pulled before she left the Way's had now set her back at least two paces. Not only is Gerard going to be mad at her, he was going to be cautious of her actions which would make it more difficult for her to get close to him. She should not have come on to him so soon she should've waited longer, but his reaction to her touch made her get ahead of herself. She was lost now, she had no idea where to go from here she needed to get back in the game and quickly.
'...Of course I fucking pushed her away' Gerard asked angrily 'How could you ask that?'
'You lied to me about talking to her and then you tell me she tried to seduce in the hallway. How could I not ask you Gerard?' Cheyenne replied
'Ok yes I lied to you about the phone call but you said that you believed me when I said nothing was going on.'
'Well that was before you told me she came onto you. If you're willing to lie about a phone call what else would you lie about?'
'Nothing I wouldn't lie about anything else because the first lie was a mistake and I won't do it again.' He said 'I just need you to believe me, I need you trust me' he said looking ginto her eyes and seeing the uncertainty that they portrayed 'you do trust me don't you?'
'Are you okay?' Bob asked Amber.
'Yes I'm perfect' she said laying her head on his naked chest, her heartbeat finally slowing down. 'Are you?'
'Yeah' he said stroking her red hair 'I'm good.'
In the darkness Bob smiled to himself. He was falling for Amber, he was falling hard and fast and he didn't want to stop it. He couldn't believe they had just made love for the first time, he was so nervous more nervous then he'd ever been before with a girl. Why did she have such an effect on him? He didn't actually care how she did it as long as it didn't stop and he wondered if this was what Cheyenne felt for Gerard?
'What are you thinking?' Amber asked nudging his chest gently.
'I don't know, a lot of stuff' he replied honestly.
'Wanna know what I'm thinking?' she said lifting her head to meet his eyes.
'I hope it's the same thing that I'm thinking of' he replied rolling her onto her back and kissing her.
'Actually I was thinking about a mid-night snack' Amber said her arms resting on his chest as he hovered above her.
'Oh sorry' Bob blushed 'I didn't...sorry...I'm not...' he said struggling to form a full sentence. Fuck, he was so embarrassed and Amber must think he's some kind of sex freak who can't get enough.
'Why are you laughing' Bob asked, as he moved from between her legs.
'It's you' she giggled 'I was just kidding but your face... your face' she laughed loudly
'I can't believe you' he said 'I was so embarrassed. Oh you are so dead'
'No Bob' she giggled as he pounced on her.
'That's fucking great' Gerard said pacing 'I have a girlfriend who doesn't trust me.'
'I said I don't know if trust you' Cheyenne replied
'You either do or you don't.' he said 'it's that simple'
'It's not that simple' she said walking over to the bed to turn it down.
'Yes it is' Gerard insisted, he was trying to keep his temper under control but it was proving harder then he thought, why didn't she trust him not to hurt her?
'I trust you with certain things' Cheyenne began, as she sat down on the bed suddenly tired by the days events 'I trust you to find us a house, I trust that you'll take care of me and I trust you with my life Gerard...'
'But you don't trust me with your heart.' He concluded cutting her off.
'No not entirely' she said truthfully, she thought she did but now she was having second thoughts, she made sure that when she spoke those words she wasn't looking at him, she knew he'd be hurt and she didn't want to see it in his eyes.
'Why not? I would never hurt you' he said walking over and sitting down next to her.
'Everyone says that' she said getting up and walking away 'they all say I'll never hurt you, I'll be there, I'll never break your heart and then they do and then it's oops I'm so sorry.'
'But I mean it' he says 'I really do I'd never intentionally hurt you'
'I know that' she sighed
'But my words are not enough right?'
'I don't know if they are' she said honestly 'Gerard I love you so much, more then I ever thought...'
'How can you when you don't trust me?' he asked cutting her off.
'I can't explain it' she said. 'Look let's just forget about it for now and go to bed we can talk about it in the morning.'
'No let's talk about this now' he said
'I'm exhausted and it's too complicated, lets just go to bed.'
'No I don't think I wanna sleep with someone who doesn't trust me.'
'Fine' Cheyenne snapped 'I'm too tired for this right now.'
'Whatever goodnight' he said heading for the steps, he was going to sleep in Mikey's room. 'Oh and Chey happy Thanksgiving.'
'Fuck you Gerard' she spat angrily
'No not tonight honey.' He said disappearing from view.
Mikey was up and thinking for some reason he could never fall asleep straight away and so he thought himself to sleep instead. He had really enjoyed himself tonight more so then he thought he would, everyone had someone and Gerard was sober, it was pretty perfect. The only downfall to the evening was Frank eating the last slice of the sweet potato pie and Lyn. He could smack Frankie for eating the pie and smack Gerard for the looks that he and Lyn were sharing. Yes he saw them and yes he wanted to throw his apple and cinnamon pie at Gerard and he would've if it weren't so damn tasty.
'You're hurting me' Alicia mumbled sleepy by his side
'Oh God sorry' he said removing his hand from her hip, he didn't even notice that his fingers was tightening around her flesh. When Alicia didn't reply he fell back into his thoughts and decided that he would talk to Gerard when he had the chance, he really hoped that Gerard wasn't falling for Lyn again, even if she did look better then ever.
'Gerard Arthur Way' Donna hissed the second she saw her eldest son emerge from the basement 'I never brought you up to be so spiteful'
'Don't start ma' he said passing her and heading for the kitchen, the need for nicotine was overwhelming.
'No I will start, what you just said wasn't very nice at all' she chastised as she followed him.
'So what your eavesdropping now' he snorted
'No I call it parenting.'
'Well I'm all grown up now'
'So I see' she remarked sarcastically 'sit down.'
Gerard reluctantly did as he was told he knew his mother wouldn't stop until he told her what happened in the basement.
'So spill' she said taking a cigarette from his box and he lit her cigarette and then his own.
'Cheyenne doesn't trust me' he said exhaling a long line of smoke 'She trusts me with everything else but she doesn't trust me not to hurt her.'
'And you're angry at her for that?' Donna asked
'Well yeah when you love someone you should love the completely and that means trusting them.'
'But she does trust you Gerard'
'Not fully.'
'Do you remember when you first starting dating Lyn?' Donna asked.
'Yes' Gerard said 'but I don't see what...'
'Do you remember what you said to me when you started to fall in love with her.' The blank expression on his face let Donna know that he had forgotten so she continued ' You said "ma I think I'm falling in love with Lyndsey but I'm scared' and I said to you 'why' and you said 'I'm afraid she'll hurt me and...'
'I don't trust her' Gerard finished for her as the memory flooded his mind.
'So you see Cheyenne is going through the same thing right now. You trusted Lyn in the end and Cheyenne will trust you too just give her time, after all you've only been dating a short while and you can't blame her really, you left a major relationship not long ago and most people take longer then a few months to recover from that.'
'I guess, urgh! I'm so stupid' he said letting his head hit the table.
'Yes you are' Donna said stroking the back of his head affectionately. 'But that's because you take after your father and Mikey takes after me' she said proudly.
'I feel awful now.' He admitted sitting back up and taking a drag.
'Well of course you do, you upset the woman you love.'
'Now I have to fix it' he whined childishly 'and before tomorrow'
'What's tomorrow?' Donna asked curiously.
'Oh yeah you wasn't here, Cheyenne and I are moving in together we've been house hunting and I found the perfect place, not too far from here.' He said letting his lips form a small smile.
'Oh honey that's wonderful, you're finally moving out' she said
'I lived with Lyn remember' he said regarding his mother with a strange look.
'Yeah but then you came back again' she said dryly. 'When do I get to see this "perfect" house'
'Well Cheyenne's going to see it for the first time tomorrow why don't you come along too.' He offered.
'Oh my you picked the house yourself.' Donna said furrowing her eyebrows
'I CAN do stuff' he cried stubbing his cigarette out.
'Of course you can honey' she said making sure to sound a patronising as possible.
'Whatever I'm going bed.'
'Yes go an make up with Chey.'
'I'm not going down there' he said then quickly added 'she could be sleeping.'
'Coward' Donna called out as he left.
'I can't hear you la la la la laaaaa' he shouted back.
Friday Morning

Cheyenne sat up in bed unsure of whether to actually get up or go back to sleep. Yesterday's drama with Gerard just confirmed that Thanksgiving is without out a doubt the worse fucking holiday ever, but strangely despite the late night complications it was the best Thanksgiving she had had in three years. She heard the basement door open and she quickly scrambled under the covers.
'Oh please' Donna said throwing the covers off of Cheyenne. 'I have two sons I know when people are pretending to be asleep.'
'Sorry' Cheyenne giggled 'I thought you were Gerard.'
'Hmmm yes I heard you two had a falling out last night.' Donna said sitting down as Cheyenne sat up.
'Yeah we did he told you everything I imagine.'
'He told me all about it he also told me about your plans.'
'Oh yes those' Cheyenne sighed
'Are you having doubts?' Donna asked quickly.
'No it's just Gerard's mad at me.'
'He isn't mad at you darling, he was a little upset I'll admit, but that was until I reminded him of his past trust issues, now he just feels stupid' Donna laughed.
'I feel stupid too. I don't know why I can't trust him like I want to, but I know it's not just him I'd be like this with any other guy too.' Cheyenne admitted and it was true she would be just as weary if she were dating someone else.
'Everyone goes through this I went through it with Don when we first got together, I was afraid he hurt me but he never did, you just need to breath deep and let that feeling go.'
'Your right, but I can't just yet.' Cheyenne replied shaking her head as she spoke.
'Is it because of Lyn?'
'Maybe I don't know, I mean she was here yesterday...'
'But that was my fault.' Donna jumped in.
'No its not that, it's just the looks they were sharing over the dinner table I ignored them but they were there. I know she wants him back it's written all over her face and Jamia thinks so too. I mean what if Gerard goes back to her...'
'No shh that's will not happen' Donna insisted taking Cheyenne's hands in her own 'Gerard and Lyn will not get back together, he is in love with you Cheyenne. Lyn put him through a lot of hurt and pain and he won't put himself back in that position, believe it or not my son isn't a stupid as he looks.' Donna said making Cheyenne laugh. 'Now get up and come get something to eat I'm dying to see your new house.'
'Oh you're coming too?'
'Yep I have to make sure it's really a house and not...something else you never know with Gerard.' Donna replied climbing the basement steps.
'Why does everyone keep saying that?' Cheyenne asked but Donna was already gone.
'...the first orgasm of the morning
is cold and hard as hell
there wont be any second coming
as far as I can tell..'

It didn't take a genius to work out where Gerard was, he was singing loudly in the shower and he was singing one of his favourite songs by the Dresden Dolls, which meant he wasn't sure what mood he was in. Cheyenne wasn't sure whether or not to join him in the bathroom, they didn't sleep together last night and she didn't know how he felt about her

'...I arch my back cause
I'm very close now
it's very cold here
by the window...'

Cheyenne pushed open the door cautiously and peered her head round she could see his outline behind the near see-through shower curtain. She closed the door quietly and started to undress.

'...there are some school kids
yelling and running
I barely notice
that I am coming'

'Whoa Jesus' Gerard said turning around and wiping the shampoo suds from his eyes.
'Sorry I didn't mean to frighten you.' Cheyenne said letting go of his waist and reaching past him to grab his flannel.
'How can you quietly sneak up on someone while they're in the shower and then say you didn't mean to frighten them.' He asked staring at the naked woman before him
'Ok my bad I won't do it again.' She said running the soapy flannel across his chest and down his arms.
'So how was last night for you?' he asked as she continued to clean his torso.
'Before or after the argument with my boyfriend?'
'Both.' He said turning around so she could wash his back.
'Before was absolutely wonderful I've never had a thanksgiving like it. And after well that wasn't too good.' She said
'Cheyenne I really am sorry' he said turning to face her 'I'm sorry for the lie I told, I'm sorry for the things I said and I'm sorry for getting upset and not even trying to understand how you felt...'
'It's okay' she said wrapping her arms around his neck 'I know I hurt you when I said I didn't trust you...'
'It did hurt but my mother gracefully remind me that I had the same trust issues a couple years back.'
'Yeah she mentioned that to me this morning.' Cheyenne said handing him the flannel so he could wash her back.
'Just so you know I'm going to do whatever it takes to make you trust me Cheyenne' he said adding more shower gel to the cloth. ' I understand what you are going through and I don't care how long I have to wait.'
'Thank you' she said turning around and kissing him gently, the deciding it wasn't enough she slipped her tongue into his mouth and kissed him deeply.
'Mmm that was nice' he said pulling away, keeping his hand firmly on her butt.
'It gets better' she said kissing his neck and gently running her fingers along his back.
'Don't start' he warned her 'we have to go view the house and I don't wanna be late.'
'It won't take long' she said licking his lips, he moaned in the back of his throat as he fought a mental battle in his head, have Cheyenne and be late for the viewing or be on time for the viewing and be horney for a while.
'No baby' he said stepping back form her 'the house is more important' he said
'Oh fine' Cheyenne agreed 'but I want you the second we get back.'
'Sugar when we get back I'm all yours' he promised.
'Good because we have to make up for lost time.' She grinned.
'And we will' he said smacking her butt playfully. 'Now hurry up and get clean.'
'Alright then let's go see the Bryar-Way residence.' She said smiling at him.

A/N I apolgise for the delay in the chapter and I haven't proof read it because I'm too tired. But the good news is my mum's party is over and it was a success so now I can write freely. To be honest I'm not too happy with his chapter but I thought I better give you guys somthing before you forget about it. So now I'm going to sleep coz I partied hard and I don't care that it's 14:48pm. I promise the next chapter will be better. Thanks for the reviews btw much appreciated.
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