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Chapter 28

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Cheyenne and Donna view the house, Lyn schemes to get back in the game and Amber and Bob make plans with Gerard and Cheyenne.

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Just wanted to say a quick hi to everyone and all the new reviewers waves frantically you're reviews mean so much to me and I know I usually write a comment back but I haven't had a chance, but thank you so much for them. There's gonna be a lot of drama soon(big surprise there)so I'm excited to get them out and I will do asap. Oh and I wanna apologise for the lack of the other band members in this chapter but they'll be back real soon to add to the drama.

'OMG Gee look at the garden' Cheyenne squealed from the kitchen
'I've seen it baby' he said smiling but walking over to her anyway.
'It's wonderful isn't it' Patrick said opening the back door so Cheyenne could step into the well-kept garden.
'I love it' Cheyenne gushed taking in the heavy scent of lavender and various other plants and flowers that filled the garden.
'You know there's a pond' Gerard said taking hold of her hand and leading her to the end of the garden.
'Oh but look no fish' Cheyenne said pouting slightly at the empty pond, she was hoping to find little goldfish swimming around.
'The previous owners took them when they moved' Patrick said 'I don't blame them they were beautiful fish and quite big too.'
'But we'll get some' Gerard said 'we'll try to keep the garden looking this pretty.'
'I hope so' Patrick said 'this garden is one of the most stunning I've seen in a while.'
'It's like Eden' Donna said, she had come out a few minutes earlier to admire the back garden. 'It's beautiful I could sit for hours out here.'
'Well Donna your welcome any time, I'm sure we'll give you a key.' Cheyenne said putting her arm across the older woman shoulders. 'You can move in with us if you want.'
'No she doesn't want to.' Gerard said quickly, as much as he loved his mother he didn't want her living with them, maybe when she's eighty-five she could, maybe.
'How do you know I don't want to, you have enough bedrooms don't you?' Donna replied
'No actually...'
'I haven't seen the bedrooms yet' Cheyenne exclaimed 'Patrick take me upstairs.'
'Boy it's been a while since I've heard that' Patrick laughed leading the way followed by a giggling Cheyenne.

'Well my boy you have done a wonderful job choosing this house' Donna said squeezing his arm proudly as they walked back into the kitchen.
'Thanks ma I told you it was perfect.' He said grinning from the praise 'The perfect house for the perfect woman.'
'I agree Cheyenne is wonderful' Donna smiled 'and she's so good for you.'
'I know' he said thoughtfully 'I love her so much, I want this to work so badly.'
'And it will, you're a different person now' Donna said cupping his face in her hands 'Good things are happing to you Gerard so let them happen, love Cheyenne and let her love you in return. Grow together and who knows maybe we'll hear wedding bells and the pitter patter of small feet'
'Maybe' Gerard smiled and Donna slapped his cheeks playfully, before he pulled her into a hug.
'Don...sorry' Cheyenne said awkwardly from the door, she hadn't meant to interrupt them but it was nice to see such a loving embrace between mother and son.
'Don't be' Donna said releasing her first born.
'I just wanted you to come and see upstairs Donna' Cheyenne said not even attempting to hide her broad smile.
'Lead the way sweetheart' Donna said taking Cheyenne's hands 'You know I have some excellent colour ideas for your living room'
'You do?' Cheyenne asked.
'Yeah I think it should be a nice cream colour or beige.'
'Me too I...' Gerard couldn't hear the rest of the conversation as they walked off but he didn't care, he was happy, he was in love and he had just bought a new house and what was more Cheyenne and his mother got on great. What more could a man ask for?
'You Mr. Are holding us up' Cheyenne said appearing at the kitchen door.
'Sorry' Gerard said walking towards her 'I was overwhelmed with happiness for a second.'
'Well get used to it' Cheyenne said wrapping her arms around his waist 'I can see us being very very happy here.'
'Yeah' he said kissing her lips gently. 'Me too.'
'No Gerard we're not having a queen-size bed even if it can fit in here' Cheyenne said
'Why not?' he asked looking at both his mother and Patrick for back up.
'It's too big we don't need such a big bed.' She answered.
'Yes we do it's for when you start snoring I can roll you all the way to the other side.' He joked
'The answer is no' Cheyenne said firmly before looking down at the street below from the window.
'What have I told you about that' Gerard said 'I'm the man I make the decisions.'
'Oh boy' Donna said 'Patrick why don't you show me the basement I haven't seen it yet.'
'Sure right this way' he said picking up on the hint.
'The answer is still no' Cheyenne said still studying the view outside.
'What I decide goes baby' he said wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing against her.
'Is that so?' she laughed.
'Yep and what I decide right now is that I want to take you right here right now' he said inching his fingers under the hem of her skirt.
'Oh so that's why you insisted I wear a skirt today' she said turning around and kissing him.
'I'll never tell' he laughed stroking her breasts as she inched her hand into his jeans to stroke him.
'You know we could get caught' she said massaging him gently and stimulating the blood flow to his tip as he worked his fingers under her bra.
'I know, that's the excitement' he said walking her back towards the far wall.
'But what about your mother...' Cheyenne said sliding her hand out from his jeans.
'Don't worry we'll be quick' he said lifting her top and pulling her bra down exposing her breasts 'After your absence last night and your bathroom stunt this morning I'm about ready to burst and so are you I can see it in your eyes'
'You know me too well' she said pulling him towards her and backing up against the wall. He ran his hands under her skirt and pushed her underwear aside sliding a finger inside her, she moaned with pleasure as he gently worked his finger inside her making her feminine juices flow.
'Are you sure you can't wait till we get home' She gasped as his middle joined his index finger inside her. Using his left hand he guided her hand to his rock hard penis 'Does that answer your question?' he breathed against her neck, where he was sucking and placing kisses that made her ache for him.
'Yes' she said unzipping his jeans and releasing him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and he lifted her gently onto his waist holding her up against the wall.
'Hold on' he said as his hand grasped his penis and he guided it into her, She gasped as his head entered her and she suppressed a moan as the rest of his length followed.
'You okay?' He asked he wouldn't start until he knew she was comfortable, he didn't want to hurt her.
'Yes' she said 'I'm always okay with you'. Gerard smiled and kissed her deeply as he throbbed inside her and she lifted his t-shirt up so she could feel his skin on hers. He thrust gently at first til he found a rhythm, then he gradually sped making both of them bite their lips so no sound was made, all that could be heard was deep breathing and occasional whimpers from Cheyenne's lips.
'Please moan for me' Gerard whispered kissing her collarbone and grasping her thighs tightly, he had stopped moving, his arms were tired and he wanted to reposition himself, he wanted to go in as deep as he could.
'I shouldn't' she whispered back.
'Just once I need to hear it' he begged tugging her left thigh and moving slightly more to the centre of her body, he felt himself slide in deeper and he moaned at the sensation. Hearing him moan sent shivers down Cheyenne's spine, she wished they were alone there was so much she wanted to do to him.
'Thrust baby' She said simply and she tightened the grip her thighs had on his body. Gerard didn't need telling twice and once again he started to move inside her, in and out gaining speed, he thrust hard and Cheyenne cried out once then bit her lip hard to stop the sounds that were begging to fall from her lips. They were lost in their own world, basking in the feel of each other's skin and the pressure that their sexual organs were inflicting on one and another, it was Patrick's voice that bought then back and Cheyenne's eyes widened with fear.
'Baby they're coming' she warned, she didn't know if she wanted to cum or stop but Gerard continued to hold her against the wall pounding inside her. Donna's voice could be heard now and it grew louder and Gerard knew that they were in the hallway by the stairs and yet he couldn't stop himself from thrusting, he knew that they could get caught and that only turned him on more.
'Gerard stop' Cheyenne moaned loosening her thighs from around him, and he felt himself sliding out of her.
'No' he said holding tightly to her 'hold on'
'But baby...' Gerard crashed his lips against hers and silenced her words, he was getting close to the build up and he didn't want to stop till he climaxed.
'Wrap your legs around me' he ordered and she obeyed and he pushed back inside her. Cheyenne kept her eyes on the door praying that neither Donna nor Patrick would appear, she could hear their muffled voices and it made her heart beat quicken.
'Fuck' Gerard groaned, he could feel the heat in his manhood the feeling was building and he knew Cheyenne was there too, she was clinging tighter to him and her breath was ragged. He closed his eyes as the feeling grew more intense, he could hear footsteps on the stairs and he dug his fingers into the flesh that covered Cheyenne's thighs, she held her tongue firmly between her teeth but she groaned none the less and the pain and pleasure that was happening to her body mixed with the chance of getting caught was too much and she came moaning into Gerard's neck.
'Shit' Gerard said he felt her cum and yet he wasn't ready and the footsteps were now coming closer, he thrust harder and pictured making love to Cheyenne in the past all the positions they had done, the feel of her tongue on his dick, the taste of her and sight of her breasts bouncing as she rode him and he came, he came hard and fast and Cheyenne's lips were on his to stifle the sound. He paused inside her unable to move as he waited for the euphoric feeling that engulfed his body to pass.
'Let me down' Cheyenne said once she was sure he was finished, he quickly lowered her to the floor and they both managed to look presentable before Patrick walked in.
'Everything okay in here' He asked regarding the young couple.
'Yes, this bedroom is amazing' Cheyenne smiled trying to hide her breathlessness, she was standing in front of Gerard so Patrick wouldn't see that he hadn't managed to stuff himself back into his trousers.
'Are you ready to go then?'
'Yeah I think so' Gerard said ' You ready baby?'
'Yes I am' Cheyenne said keeping her eyes on Patrick as she walked towards him.
'I'll be down in a minute' Gerard said turning quickly and walking over to the window, tucking himself back in to his jeans 'I just love this view'
'Any where is fine with me.' Gerard said honestly 'I don't care where we go.' They had been back home for a good few hours and Donna had gone out no doubt to a friends to brag about the wonderful house her son was buying. He and Cheyenne we cuddled up on the sofa just relaxing and Cheyenne had decided that they were going to go out that evening.
'Dinner and a movie or the other way round.'
'Movie first dinner last.' He said 'We can talk about the movie while we eat, that way I'll have something else to focus on other then your cleavage.'
'Who says my cleavage will be on display.'
'I say' he said tickling her and she giggled as she tried to wriggle away from him, he seized the moment and his lips found hers, she stopped moving and wrapped her arms around his neck. As their lips continued to caress Gerard felt his heart soaring, these were the moments he loved the most when they were alone and he could say or do anything and it was completely comfortable.
'I love you Miss Bryar.' He said when she pulled away.
'And I love you Peter Pan.' She giggled
'ohh you had to bring that up' he said grimacing at the thought.
'Maybe one night you can dress up for me' she said kissing his exposed neck.
'Not a chance' he laughed snaking his hand under her top.
'We'll see' she said kissing him again and groaning against his lips when her cell phone loudly vibrated on the wooden coffee table.

'Well hello there Amber.' She answered smiling dispite the unwanted interruption.
'Hey Chey what's up?'
'Nothing much just making plans with Gerard' she said adjusting her self into a sitting position and Gerard took the opportunity to lay his head in her lap.
'Oh, what have you got planned?'
'The usual, nothing special.' She said tracing his eyebrows with her finger.
'Oh cause Bob and I were thinking of doing something tonight and including you two.'
'Sure why not, I'm haven't seen or heard from Bob all day and I know that's your doing.' Cheyenne said smiling as she pictured her cousin.
'Yeah I know sorry, I've been hogging him a little.'
'Don't be I've had him for years.' She laughed 'come over for about 7.30pm'
'Will do, see ya then.'
'I'm going home for a while I'll be back' Bob said coming into the living room, he walked right over to where Amber was standing and kissed her lips quickly 'Gonna go and change my clothes.'
'Don't forget to pick some up, I think you should stay over again tonight.' Amber said tugging lightly on his t-shirt.
'You do, do you?' he said grinning.
'I like the way you think' he said kissing her again before heading towards the door.
'Oh honey' she called out 'we're going out tonight with Chey and Gee.'
'Ok' he said 'See you soon.'
Amber heard the door close and then waited for few seconds to pass before she fell into the sofa and squealed repeatedly, kicking her legs in the air. She couldn't believe what she was feeling it was indescribable Bob was amazing everything about him was perfect. She sat up and reached over to the coffee table and snatched up the ringing phone.

'Amber it's Lyn'
'Hey Lynnie how are you?'
'I'm good I would ask you how you are but I can already hear it in your voice.'
Amber laughed at how obvious her feelings were 'Yeah I'm pretty good.'
'Anyway I have a favour to ask'
'Ask away?'
'I have a date tonight and I was wandering if you and Bob would come along.'
'Oh Lyn I can't we have plans with Gerard and Cheyenne tonight.'
'Oooh blow them off you see them all the time.' Lyn said, knowing fully that Amber wouldn't do that.
'I would but I can't, Cheyenne's going back to Chicago on Sunday plus things are good between Bob and Gerard now it would be nice to see them together.'
'Oh fine whatever but you owe me.'
'I promise I'll make it up to you, oh yeah so whose your date do I know him?
'No you don't and I'm not telling.' Lyn replied she didn't even know who her date was.
'Fine be that way.'
'So where are you going tonight?'
'I have no idea but I image Gerard will pick he's always been a little bossy.'
'Who are you telling' Lyn laughed 'Well I gotta go I'll call you later.'
'Bye.' Amber said hanging up and slouching back into the sofa to think about Bob.
Lyn sat on her couch and pouted, she didn't really have a date but it was a good way to get information from Amber, but now she really wanted one, everyone had someone but her, it sucked. She was totally miserable no boyfriend, no love, no sex even what a pathetic existence, not to mention the fact that she had screwed things up with Gerard, she hated to admit it but she was jealous.
'Oh My God that's it' she exclaimed sitting up, if she wanted to get back in the game all she had to do was make Gerard jealous that was a sure fire way of getting his attention wasn't it? And if Gerard was picking the restaurant she knew exactly where they'd be. Plus Amber said that Cheyenne was going back to Chicago, that meant that Gerard would be all alone for a week or two oh this was perfect.

'Marcus it's Lyn' she said as soon as the phone connected and the deep voice on the other side greeted her with a polite hello.
'Hey there Satan how are you?'
'Funny, I'm fine' she said rolling her eyes at his stupid joke.
'I imagine you're calling for a favour'
'A favour that you owe me
'What is it?'
'I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend for the evening' she told him and then was surprised to find that she wasn't even slightly embarrassed by the request.
'May I ask why?
'I suppose, I need to make my ex jealous and what better way to do it then have Adonis by my side.'
'Adonis? Lyn dear flattery will get you everywhere, what time do you need me for?'
'Let's say about 9.30pm.'
'I'll be there'
'Damn right you will.'

She hung up and grinned as her plan slowly came together. If there was one place Gerard loved to eat it was Francesco's in Newark and Lyn knew without a doubt that's where he'd take the group tonight. She skipped off to her bedroom to find something to wear she had to have the perfect outfit for tonight it had to catch Gerard attention. After ten minutes of searching through the mass of clothes in her wardrobe she found what she was looking for, holding the garments against her she walked over to the mirror and smiled.
'Poor Gerard, he won't know what's hit him.' She said smiling at her reflection.

Oh yeah just to let you know that my mum's bday was a success she was surprised so thanks to everyone who lefts comments about that, I love how you guys care sniffs Also the MCR concert was amazing, I got Frank's autographs and loads of pics, I was so close to him squeals from the memory and close enough to the stage to see Gerard sweat so that was nice. Thanks again for all the reviews and ratings see you soon.
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