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Chapter 29

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I can't think of anything to write that won't give away the chapter.

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It's here....finally lol I hope you guys like it, I had fun writing it and I got excited when I had finally completed it giggles psychotically Read on my darlings, read on.

'Hi' Gerard greeted Bob and Amber as they both walked into the warm house from the cold night air.
'Hello Gerard' Amber said kissing his cheek and giving him a quick squeeze.
'Hey, less of that' Bob joked closing the front door.
'I didn't know you were the jealous type' Gerard grinned 'There's enough of me to go around.'
'Funny' Bob said pulling his band mate into a hug. 'Where's my little cousin?'
'In the basement getting ready, make yourselves at home I'll go hurry her up' Gerard said walking round them and heading for the basement.

'Baby, Bob and Amber are here are you ready yet?' Gerard called out as he descended the steps.
'Yes I am' Cheyenne said turning away from the mirror 'So...'
'You look very very nice' Gerard smiled taking in her appearance, he grabbed his jacket off the bed and said 'as does Amber who upstairs waiting for you.'
'Ok ok I get it, let's go' Cheyenne said walking past him and he tapped her butt playfully.

'Hey Bobby' Cheyenne said throwing her arms around her cousin.
'You look nice Chey bear' he commented once she had pulled away.
'And so does Amber' Cheyenne said grabbing Amber and pulling her into a hug.
'Well we've all established how good everyone looks but we have to go the movie starts in half an hour.' Gerard told them as he helped Cheyenne into her coat.
'No one said I look good' Bob announced 'I'm not going anywhere till I get a compliment.' Amber quickly leaned in and whispered something in his ear that made him grin broadly.
'Ok' Amber said
'I'm ready' Bob said leading the way.
'I don't even wanna know what you said' Cheyenne said following Bob out the door.
'It's open' Lyn called out when she heard the familiar sound of her doorbell ringing. She knew who it was so she didn't bother stopping what she was doing, which was putting the finishing touches on her make up.
'Ohhh well well look at you' Marcus said coming up behind her. 'You look good enough to eat.'
'So what's stopping you?' Lyn joked taking in her appearance in the living room mirror and smiling. 'How are you?'
'I'm good' he said making his way into the kitchen for a beer. When he came back Lyn was slipping her feet into her stilettos, when she was done she stood up and smoothed down her skirt and then her hair.
'Are you ready?' he asked taking a swig of beer from the bottle.
'No there's one last thing that you have to do.' She informed him
'And that is...'
'Well we have to pretend we're into each other, so if this works out right and we do see them, then you and I have to kiss and touch and stuff to make it look authentic, so we need to practice.'
'You heard me come here and kiss me, we have to make it look like we've been doing it for a while so let's practice now.' She said smiling sweetly.
'Fine' he said placing the beer bottle on the table and walking over to her.
'Ok' she said bracing herself 'I'm ready.' Marcus shook his head and wandered how he always managed to get himself into such strange situations; he placed his hands on her waist and leaned in.
'Whoa okay wait a second' Lyn laughed nervously
'What?' he asked removing his hands from her body.
'Nothing sorry ' she said clearing her throat 'I'm ready' Marcus leaned in again and Lyn burst out laughing.
'What' he asked getting agitated.
'I'm sorry' she laughed 'I'm just nervous this weird for me'
'It is for me too' he said grabbing the beer bottle and taking a swig.
'Ok I'm ready' Lyn said, this time Marcus didn't give any warning as he grabbed her hips and slammed her to him placing his lips gently on hers, Lyn responded and opened her mouth and cautiously let her tongue slip from her lips to explore his mouth.
'Oh my God can you kiss or what? If you weren't gay I'd totally want you' she told him when they broke apart.
'I'm not gay I'm bisexual' Marcus said, how many times did he have to say it?
'No you're just greedy' she laughed and he hit her playfully on the butt.
'Let's go' he said smiling and shaking his head.
'Hey Marcs thanks for doing this for me' she said sincerely, next to Amber he was the only person she could call a friend.
'You're welcome Lyndsey' he told her 'I just hope this guy is worth it.'
'Oh he is' she said smiling and taking his hand 'he most definitely is.'
'Right I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that Amber is no longer allowed to choose the movie' Cheyenne said as they left the cinema and the cold New Jersey air hit them.
'Ah that's not fair' Amber protested 'Happy Feet was good'
'Nooooo Amber it wasn't, it really wasn't' Cheyenne said shaking her head.
'Gerard what did you think if the movie?' Amber asked batting her eyelids sweetly.
'It wasn't that bad' he said spotting the doe-eyed look she was throwing him, he had to admit it was really cute 'It was okay.'
'Well Bob and I hated it' Cheyenne announced, she could read Bob's mind so he didn't need to voice his own opinion.
'Sorry Amber but Cheyenne's right, that movie sucked.' Bob said taking hold of her hand as she pouted.
'Shit now we have nothing to talk about' Gerard whispered in Cheyenne's ear as they walked along 'our plan was to talk about the movie during dinner.'
'Oh yeah and look I don't even have my tits out' she said looking down at her covered chest 'whatever will we do?'
When Lyn and Marcus got to the restaurant it was crowded more so then either of them imagined, Lyn quickly scanned each table and it's diners but none of then seated Gerard and the others.
'We'd like a table for two' Marcus informed the maitre d'
'Unfortunately we do not have any tables for two at the moment, if you care to wait we will have you seated as soon as possible.' The brown headed, obviously gay maitre d' informed them.
'But there's a table right there' Lyn said pointing to a round table by the window.
'Yes but that is a table for six people.' He said trying his best not to roll his eyes in the process.
'Ok so how long do we have to wait...'

'This is the best fucking restaurant in Newark' Gerard said holding open the door of Francesco's for the others, Amber walked in first followed by Cheyenne and then Bob.
'What's so good about it?' Amber asked curiously as she looked around at the modest décor.
'It has the best food' Bob said honestly 'I've loved it since the first time Gerard made me eat here.'
'Our first date' Gerard said sighing 'Oh the memories.'
'Shut up man' Bob laughed shoving Gerard slightly.

'Excuse me what's the hold up here?' Cheyenne said to the muscular and perfectly tanned man in front of her.
'We're waiting for this guy to seat us' he said heatedly
'Why won't he seat you?' Cheyenne asked, Lyn pretended not to recognize Cheyenne's voice when she responded.
'He won't seat us because we are a couple and there's only a table for...'
'Lyn!' Cheyenne said in disbelief as the woman by the tanned man's side turned around.
'Oh my God Cheyenne' Lyn said feigning surprise 'what... how...hi' she said looking at a surprised Bob, Amber and Gerard. Marcus smiled inwardly, Lyn was without a doubt the best actress he had seen and he was first to fill the awkward silence.
'You all know each other.' He asked looking at each of them.
'Yes' Amber said.
'Baby these are...erm old friends of mine' Lyn said smiling up at him.
'Oh hey' he said extending his hand to Bob and then Gerard who both shook it politely.
'So what's the problem here?' Bob asked
'They won't seat us because were a couple and the only table available is a table of six.' Marcus said shrugging.
'Oh' Cheyenne said knowing where this was heading, she didn't say anything else or point out that combined they had six people, she did NOT want to sit with Lyn at all.
'I'm sorry do you all know each other?' the maitre d' asked curiously.
'Yeah why?' Lyn asked feigning stupidity.
'Well if you all want to sit together to fill the table of six then I can seat you immediately if not you will have to wait for one table of four and another table of two.' He explained.
They all looked at each other questioning what they should do, Gerard kept his mouth shut there was no way he was going to call this shot.
'What do you say?' Lyn asked taking Marcus's hand in hers
'I wanted you all to myself tonight' he said kissing her lips.
'You'll have me later' she laughed placing her hand on his chest.
'I better' he said stroking her face. Gerard suddenly had the urge to be violently sick but he quickly swallowed, so the urge to make a loud gagging sound disappeared.
'I don't see why not' Bob spoke up finally 'we'll have to wait other wise'. Cheyenne in that second would have loved to tackle her cousin to the floor and smother him but the lady in her smiled and nodded as the maitre d' showed them to their table.

'May I take your coats?' a waiter said suddenly appearing by the table. Lyn stood and unbuttoned her jacket exposing her outfit completely, she pretended not to notice the expression on everyone's faces, she look hot and they all knew it.
'So that's what that coat was hiding' Marcus said taking in the short black mini, which spilt up her thighs and the sleeveless blue silk top that showed off 80% of her cleavage, he leaned in and kissed her neck gently then growled like a dog.
'Down boy' Lyn giggled girlishly, he leaned in and whispered something in her ear and when he pulled away she kissed his lips softly. Gerard tried not to look at what was going on opposite him but it proved too hard, he kept his hands under the table to hide the fact that his fists were clenched. He mentally told himself to chill out, he had no idea why he was jealous but that emotion was definitely pumping its way through his veins. He tried not to look at Lyn but what she was wearing screamed, "look at me" and he couldn't help from letting his eyes roam her body especially her ample chest that was on display right in front of him. He hated to admit it to himself but Marcus was a good-looking guy, he was immaculate not a hair out of place, he was disgustingly perfect appearances wise. What did Lyn see in a guy like that anyway?

'Here you go' Amber said handing Gerard a menu, which knocked him out of his thoughts. He smiled and took the menu using it as a shield as he continued to throw negative thoughts at the man beside his ex girlfriend.
'Baby what are you having?' Cheyenne asked nudging him gently, he looked over at her and she smiled that sweet but sexy smile that always made his heartbeat whenever he saw it.
'I don't know' he said letting the feeling that Cheyenne's smile caused course through his veins replacing the jealous venom that was there only seconds before.
'Well this is your place what's good to eat here?' she asked scanning her own menu then looking at him.
'You are' he said leaning in and kissing her lips savoring the taste of her cherry lip-gloss.
'C'mon be serious' she laughed against him
'Ok gimmie a few minutes' he said looking at his own menu completely forgetting about Lyn.

Cheyenne: Look at that skanky bitch coming here half dressed she's has no shame...but she has fantastic breasts...damn you stop looking at her chest...why everyone else is...even Marcus is...he's kinda cute...Gerard isn't staring at Lyn's breasts....yeah but he he won't...and if he does he's gonna be in sooo much trouble...why does she keep popping up everywhere we go...its like she has a fucking tracking device on Gee...maybe she has I'll check him tonight before bed...Man I'm look at the menu.

Bob: How come Cheyenne's staring at Lyn's chest?...does that mean she's a it doesn't she dating Gerard...Oh yeah that asshole...whoa man where did that come from...I love Gerard...that's better...Cheyenne isn't a lesbian she's just jealous of Lyn... why?...because Lyn has great boobs...oh shit Amber's looking at you smile at her.

Amber:/Note to self, slap Bob for staring at Lyn's breasts...he can't help it he is a man after all...yeah but he should stare at my boobs...puh-lease you don't have breasts...shit that's true...maybe I should get implants and get Bob to pay for them... he isn't an ATM he's a love yeah he is maybe we should just go home now...don't be a slut you can wait a few hours...maybe we'll go to the bathroom later and...omg he's doing it again he's staring at her...alright kick his ass...wait order your food first./

Marcus:/'Its fun to stay at the YMCA it's fun to stay at the YMCAAA...stop it you're not gay you're bi remember...yeah but that's a great party you remember that night at....focus look at Lyn she's your "girlfriend" for the you'd rather look at Gerard though...yeah he's cute, got a nice ass...shit I mean no I'm bi not completely gay...Uh! he's looking at Lyn but she's MY girlfriend...jealous...yeah I am a don't like her remember... yeah but she's MY date...get over it or under Gerard hahaha...ok read the menu./

'Are you ready to order' the same waiter who had taken their jackets had re-appeared at the table with a pen and paper at the ready.
'Err no not yet' Amber said looking around at the blank faces that filled the table.
'Well just give me a wave when you are ready' he said smiling curtly and disappearing

Gerard: What is wrong with me? I have a girlfriend why can't I stop staring at Lyn? This is crazy one second I'm lusting after Lyn and then as soon as Cheyenne smiles at me I fall in love with her all over again...This is too much I can't keep up with emotions that are running through me...Just focus on Cheyenne she's your girlfriend.... just remember all the pain you endured when you were with Lyn and the recent stunt she pulled...oh yeah that bitch I forgot about that...but then there's the pleasure oh man does she know how to use her tongue or what...focus.... right Cheyenne Cheyenne Cheyenne...oh man look at her she so gorgeous how could I want anyone but her...Oh man did you see Lyn's skirt it just screams "fuck me!" in fact I bought that no no look at Cheyenne she beautiful...yeah she is...I love her ...OMG that fuck face is whispering sweet nothings in Lyn's ear damn him!

Lyn: Oh this is soooo working, Gerard is jealous....I'm a genius...ok now pay attention to Marcus...OMG now he's staring at Gerard what a perv...ooh maybe we can have a who's perving...oh man do you see the way Cheyenne's looking at me...she hates me...maybe Gerard told her about Thanksgiving...nah he wouldn't do then why is she fingering the fork while looking at you...she's just hungry that's all... hungry for blood like I'm hungry for Gerard...Oh Gee is so sexy...I can't wait till we get to...whoa not at the dinner table...shit you're supposed to be ordering food quickly choose something.

They all set their menus on the table at the same time and then they all flashed fake smiles at one another. Marcus waved the waiter over and they all ordered their selected dishes and various drinks, three of the six were non-alcoholic.

'So Marcus tell us about yourself' Amber said in a bid to make conversation, their table was the only silent table in the whole restaurant.
'What would you like to know?' he said flashing an annoying million dollar smile.
' did you and Lyn meet?' she said smiling.
'We met at AA actually' he said truthfully 'I spotted her the first time she walked in and I thought to myself I have to get to know her, I have to know who she is she's beautiful.' Despite herself Cheyenne "awwwed" with Amber and Gerard scoffed and quickly turned it into a convincing cough.
'She resisted at first but then I managed to get hold of you didn't I?' he said raising Lyn's hand to his lips and kissing it gently.
'Yeah you did' Lyn said nearly falling for his facade as the others clearly were.

'So how do you all know each other?' he said speaking directly to Lyn.
'Oh well I've known Amber for years' Lyn started then hesitated 'same as Gerard we were once a couple.'
'Really that's interesting.' Marcus said sitting straighter in his high back chair.
'Is it' Bob remarked scrunching his face up.
'Well yeah Gerry's loss is my gain' Marcus said showing off his pearly whites.
'Firstly it's Gerard and it's no loss' Gerard said fighting back 'I've got the most beautiful thing Chicago has to offer'
'Is that so' Cheyenne said smiling at him.
'You know it is' He said throwing an "in your face!" look at Marcus.
'Shall I continue' Lyn said ignoring Gerard's comment even though it cut deep.
'Yes please do' Marcus said, he was actually enjoying the battle that him and Gerard were obviously having. 'Cheyenne is Gerard's girlfriend as you now know. Bob is her cousin and Gerard's band mate.'
'Oh man I thought I recognised you' Marcus said excitedly 'wait don't tell me...errr...shit...I do know it... My Chemical Romance right?'
'Yes that's us' Bob said smiling, then biting his lips so he didn't say what he really thought, which was, that the man next to him was a complete jackass.
'I'm gonna be honest' Marcus continued 'I don't know your music very well since I'm not into the whole Emo movement but from what I've read you guys are meant to be amazing.'
'Well thanks' Gerard said clenching and unclenching his fist 'But we are NOT Emo we are so far....'
'Oh look here come the drinks' Marcus said cutting him off.
The general chitchat lasted for a while with Marcus taking small shots at Gerard, and Gerard wishing he could punch the living hell out of the tanned moron opposite him. Cheyenne noticed Gerard's tense posture and tried to ignore it, she didn't register it as jealousy but more on the lines of awkwardness and maybe a little anger.
'Are you okay?' She whispered to him as the others conversed around them.
'Yeah just hungry' he said taking her hand in his under the table 'My shoulders hurt too.'
'Do they? I'll give you a massage when we get home.' She said using her thumb to stroke his hand 'I'll run you a bath first though so you can unwind properly how about that?.'
'Ah that would be so great' he said smiling and using his left hand to take his cigarettes out of his pocket.
'I'm just going to go to the bathroom and freshen up before the food gets here.' She told him pushing back her chair and standing up.
'Ok' he said releasing her hand 'kiss' Cheyenne leaned down and kissed him quickly, then left the table in search of the ladies.

'Lets go' Marcus said suddenly, he stood up and pulled Lyn to her feet.
'What are you doing?' she asked not sure whether to resist or not.
'We're dancing' he said taking her hand and ignoring her protests as he dragged her onto the small dance floor.
'I wanna dance too' Amber cried
'No way' Bob said 'I don't dance ask Gerard'
'Please' she said trying her best to look cute and adorable.
'Don't pull that face with me' he said 'I'm not falling for it.'
'If you don't dance with me' she replied then leaned in closer so only he could hear her 'I won't dance with you later, if you know what I mean'
'You're kidding right?' he said looking at her as she shook her head, her red curls bouncing wildly. 'Oh man. Fine one dance.'
'That's all I'm asking for' she said jumping up and taking his hand in her own.

Once the others were gone Gerard sparked a cigarette, inhaled deeply and then exhaled a long line of smoke, he watched Bob hold Amber close to him and dance in time to the soft music the violinists played. He smiled as he watched them, he was glad Bob was so happy and Amber was great, she was smart, funny and kind and Gerard could see why Bob liked her so much. He let his eyes scan the room, all the diners were happily laughing or talking intimately with the people around them and the atmosphere was perfect as usual. Without even noticing, his eyes fell on Lyn and Marcus and he felt the familiar stab of jealousy he had been feeling all night whenever he looked at them, he sucked harshly on his cigarette taking in more tar and nicotine then he usually did in one pull as he tried but failed to tear his eyes away from the dancing couple.
Lyn threw her head back and laughed at something Marcus said as he held her close and Gerard watched as her blonde hair lowered towards the floor as Marcus expertly dipped her and placed a kiss on her lips. He hated this he hated sitting there unable to look away as his ex danced contentedly in the arms of another man, arms that he would love nothing more then to break. He looked away as his eyes scanned the table for the ashtray and he stubbed the near dead cigarette out wishing it was Marcus's head, when he looked up again Lyn caught his eye and the happy smile she sported before disappeared. Suddenly it felt like they were the only two people in the room.

As she danced against Marcus, Lyn kept her eyes fixed to Gerard's. She could tell she had him hooked and she made sure everything that she felt showed; every emotion that captured her heart from lust to anger and everything in between came shining through her brown eyes as they stared at one another.

Gerard quickly glanced over at Bob and Amber and as expected they were too wrapped up in each other to notice what he was doing. What was he doing anyway? He had someone, someone amazing, someone who loved him and that he loved in return, but the woman he gazed at now erased all of that as she watched him, sending him silent messages as she danced in the arms of her lover. He was so captivated, he didn't even notice that the connection they shared had broken, Lyn had looked away as Bob and Amber returned to him and the table, he snapped back into realty as they both took their seats and he quickly glanced at Lyn as she danced hoping her eyes would find his again.

A/N Ok firstly I'm not sure if the thinking parts of the chapter were good, you know everyone's dinner table thoughts, that was the only way I could think to write it shrugs and yes for some reason I have two voices in my head, no I'm NOT crazy it's just when I'm deciding something I have a conversation with myself in my head lol...I hope that's normal. Secondly I've never seen Happy Feet but it was the first movie that popped into my head, so I don't know if it's crap or not lol. Lastly I've noticed quite a few new people reviewed the last couple of chapters so big thank you and of course thanks to all the people who have been following the story from the beginning, it's cool that you guys are still interested despite the irregularity of the chapters bows head in shame. Thanks for reading, see you soon...well hopefully
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