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Chapter 30

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Amber's concerned, Gerard battles his confused feelings and Marcus and Lyn spend the night together.

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'Tis a miracle! An update this quickly lol. So this is just a filler, I didn't want to just jump ahead and make it the next day as I realised that they hadn't actually eaten in the last chapter so I added this little bit in there to fill the void. Enjoy

'Well I'm full' Marcus announced placing his knife and fork together in the centre of his plate.
'Me too' Amber said doing the same 'I can't believe I ate so much'
'The food's too damn tasty, you just can't help it' Gerard told them as he wiped his mouth on his napkin.
'I gave up half way through' Lyn said eyeing her half empty plate 'I can't believe you guys actually finished I'd forgotten how big the potions here were.'
'You've been here before?' Marcus asked, following on to where Lyn was obviously heading.
'Well yeah tons of times, Gerard and I used to come here a lot when we first got together.' She said.
'They used to err set up a special table in the back for us, we were their number one customers.' He added in remembrance.
'Oh yeah' Lyn said smiling 'and we had a special dessert too, it was chocolate gateaux and they'd write our initials on the side of the plate in whipped cream'
'Maybe next time we come they can do that for us, make it our special dessert.' Marcus said stroking Lyn's face as she nodded in agreement. Gerard glared at him and bit his tongue so he wouldn't scream the obscenities that were threatening to spill from his mouth, it's bad enough that Marcus had Lyn but now he wants their dessert too.
'So do you guys want dessert or not?' Bob asked
'I do' Cheyenne and Amber said in unison and then laughed. Lyn was about to agree to dessert too, it would allow her more time to work on Gerard but Marcus's lips quickly covered hers and he trailed kisses down her cheek and whispered in her ear.
'Oh okay' she said uncertain of what he said was true but something in his eyes made her trust him.
'We're not going to stay for dessert' Lyn informed them.
'Why not?' Amber said, she felt it was her place to ask Lyn to stay a little while longer.
'Well I have to be up early tomorrow as does Lyn and I can see she's getting tired and well let's just say the man in me needs her tonight.' Marcus replied and Lyn rolled her eyes and gave him a smack on his shoulder.
'Well you're gonna miss out, the dessert is awesome here.' Gerard said quickly, he felt a surge of panic flow through him as he knew the evening was drawing to a close, the thought of Lyn giving herself to Marcus made him livid and he tried not to sound desperate as he tried to convince them to stay longer 'Are you sure you won't stay, the night is young?'
'Yes Gerard we're sure' Lyn said smiling as she stood up 'But thank you for a wonderful evening.'
'It was a pleasure to meet all of you' Marcus said smiling warmly at the faces around the table.
'You too' Cheyenne said quickly, she couldn't wait for them to leave and take their sickening PDA's with them, she glanced over at Gerard and she wasn't sure if it was the two glasses of wine effecting her but it looked at though he was pouting.
'Oh you are a genius Marcus' Lyn cried launching herself into his arms once they reached his car and they were far away from Francesco's
'Thank you Thank you' he said bowing theatrically 'but the Oscar is definitely yours, you performed spectacularly all evening.'
'Thanks' Lyn said then burst out laughing 'You called him Gerry and Emo'
'I was sure he was gonna smack me one' Marcus laughed finally unlocking the car doors, Lyn hadn't noticed as she was doubled over laughing.
'I know...' she said inhaling sharply and holding her stomach , she let another laugh and gave up trying to get the rest of the sentence out. She was still giggling as she got in the passenger side next to Marcus.
'I'm okay now' she announced chuckling still. 'But did you see his face, he was mad'
'Yeah but the looks he was giving me are nothing compared to the ones he was shooting at you.' Marcus said.
'I know he wanted me'
'You are so in, if we weren't there I'm sure he would've taken you on the table.'
'I was hoping he would' she giggled. A silence fell between them as Marcus started the engine and headed back to Belleville.
'Yeah Lynnie'
'Where do I go from here?'
'Well' he said glancing at her 'right now he's only lusting after you so you gotta turn that into something deeper'
'Yeah but how? I don't know how to do that' she said honestly.
'Well shut up and I'll tell you' he smiled 'Now listen closely'
'See you guys tomorrow' Bob said waving to Cheyenne and Gerard as he opened his car door for Amber, although they left the Way's together they drove to Newark in separate cars.
'So how was that uncomfortable evening for you?' Cheyenne asked resting her hand on Gerard's thigh as he drove.
'Wasn't that bad' he said not taking his eyes off the road 'it could've been worse'
'Yeah I could've stabbed her in the eye with my fork'
'Baby that's harsh' he said glancing at her
'No it's not that's what she deserves, she came on to you remember'
'Of course I remember' he said suddenly seeing that night in a different view, then he remembered that he and Cheyenne argued and the feeling he felt when he thought he was loosing her came rushing back and that night changed back to being bitter again. 'Lets not think about her or negative thoughts.' He said finally.
'You're right' she sighed tiredly, she let her head fall back onto the headrest and she closed her eyes. 'I did have fun though and their food is great.'
'Yeah I love it there' he said quietly, Cheyenne noted his mood and didn't continue the conversation, she was tired and she just assumed he was too. They drove the rest of the way in silence and when Gerard parked up he dutifully got out and opened Cheyenne's door for her.
'Do you still want that bath?' She asked as they walked towards the front door.
'Yes please' he said opening the door and allowing her to walk around him. 'I'm gonna have a smoke out here I'll be in, in a sec'
'Ok I'll start your bath.' She said kissing his cheek quickly.
'You're quiet' Bob commented as he and Amber drove towards Belleville. 'Something wrong baby?'
'No nothing is wrong' she lied touching her hand to his face 'I'm just very stuffed and now very sleepy.'
'Me too' he said he looked over at her and the expression she was showing on her face was one he had never seen before, something was definitely wrong but he didn't want to push it. Amber stared out at the New Jersey night as she pondered what she'd seen during dinner, she hoped it was the alcohol pumping through her veins impairing her sight and judgement, but deep down she knew it wasn't that, she knew Gerard and Lyn had something going on she just didn't know how long it had been going on for or whether it was just beginning.
Despite the cold night air Gerard stood outside and lit his second cigarette, he knew his bath was waiting for him but he needed the crisp night air to help cleanse his thoughts. He sighed out a thick line of smoke as he thought of Lyn and his behaviour that night at dinner, he couldn't understand what he felt now or what he had been feeling throughout the night. Right now he felt nothing towards Lyn not a thing, she was just another person and Cheyenne was who mattered to him, but when he was in Lyn's presence he felt like he wanted to be with her and Cheyenne and as a result he had been going through an emotion battle all evening. Why had he felt like that at all? When he was with Lyn he never even looked at another girl so why wasn't it like that with Chey, was it because Lyn was his ex? What was the matter with him, he had Cheyenne and she was enough wasn't she?

'You coming in or what?' Cheyenne said from behind him, she stood in the doorway shivering from the cold night air as it whipped across her body causing her nightdress to blow in the wind. She expected him to smile at her like he usually did with that lazy but sexy smile he always greeted her with but instead he just stared and said nothing. The light from the door barely cast a glow over him and Cheyenne was unable to see his face properly, but the fact that he had said nothing meant that something was wrong.
'What's the matter?' She said as she approached him, ignoring the cold pathway under her feet.
'Nothing I...nothing' He said looking down on her.
'I can tell something is bothering you' she said wanting to hold him, to comfort him but was unsure whether or not she should, his expression wasn't a welcoming one.
'I'm just very very tired and I realised that you're leaving me again in two days time.' He said only partly lying to her, but lying none the less.
'It won't be for long just until the weekend' she shivered.
'I know but I have to go a whole week without you' he said nodding in the direction of the house.
'You'll have plenty to do while I'm gone and the time will pass quickly I promise you' she said taking his hand as she walked back to the warmth of the house.
'But I don't want you to go at all' he replied feeling the sweet ache that always possessed his body when it came to Cheyenne leaving for Chicago.
'The quicker we sort the house out the better' she said 'As soon as you sign those papers I'll hand in my two weeks notice. Now enough about that you need to relax and your bath is waiting for you.' They descended the stairs together, Gerard kicked off his shoes while Cheyenne sat on the bed cross-legged and despite their talk Gerard still wore the same unfamiliar expression.
'If you want that shoulder massage don't stay to long in the bath, I'm fighting to keep my eyes open.' She told him as she watched while he grabbed his towel from the radiator.
'Don't worry about the massage I want a nice long soak, you go to sleep baby' he told her, he leaned over the bed and placed a gently kiss on her lips, the sensation stirred familiar and warm feelings within him and he sighed contently against her lips. When she pulled back Cheyenne was pleasantly surprised to find that he was smiling at her and his expression had thankfully changed 'Goodnight' he said heading for the stairs and switching off the main light as he left the basement.
'Do you understand now?' Marcus asked Lyn as they both sat on the sofa, she had her hands wrapped round a cup of coffee and he had wrapped around a cold beer.
'I do, I hope it works I don't want to give him the wrong signal.'
'You won't, this is a sure fire way to get him interested, you done your work it's time for him to chase you now.' He told her. 'Look I gotta get home my beds waiting for me.'
'Ok I'll walk you out...' she said placing her cup on the table and standing up.
'Unless I can stay here tonight' he said grinning, and looking at her through lustful eyes.
Gerard sank lower in the bath letting the water crash against this chin, his eyes were closed and he was enjoying the quiet that filled the house and the heat of the water that surrounded his body. Why he didn't have baths more often was unknown to him and he decided to make an effort to have one at least once a week. He heard footsteps on the stairs and wandered if it was Cheyenne coming to join him, he felt a twitch in his manhood as he thought how erotic it would be to have her in the bath, to see her breasts bobbing on the water, without meaning to he guided his hand to his penis and waited for it to come alive.

'Are you sure you wanna do this' Lyn asked through kisses at Marcus guided her to her own bedroom. It was all right by her, as far as she was concerned she was way overdue for some loving, but she didn't want him thinking this was going to lead to anything else.
'Yes I'm sure' Marcus said placing kisses on her collar bone making her moan, it had been so long since she had been touched like this.

Gerard moaned low in his throat as he imagined his hand was Cheyenne warmth wrapping around him, he lifted his hips slightly and the feeling was intense, he pictured her face as he made love to her, the sensual way she bit her lip and the sheer ecstasy he knew she felt every time he plunged inside her.

Marcus quickly slid the condom on, he hadn't felt this horney in a long while and watching Lyn pleasure herself was driving him insane. He fell on her placing kisses over her breasts and letting his hands grip her thighs, he spread her legs and guided himself inside her waiting heat.

Gerard's breath was labored, in his mind Cheyenne was on all fours and he was thrusting inside her wildly, he gripped her hair tightly and she screamed his name, he flipped her over and she pulled him in for a kiss that sent butterflies coursing through him, he imagined the lust in her eyes but then the deep blue that they usually were turned into a familiar dark brown.

Lyn cried Marcus's name as he slid inside her again and again forcing her legs apart, he was rough and she loved it, she raised her hips to meet his movement but a swift smack on her thigh told her that movement from her wasn't permitted.
'What did I tell you?' Marcus growled as he removed himself from her warmth.
'Don't stop' she begged
'What did I tell you?' he repeated
'Any movement from me and I'd be punished' she said, loving the viciousness of the sex.
'So turn over' he said 'You have to be punished'

'I want you Gerard' Cheyenne whispered in his ear as thrust inside her.
'I want you too' he replied as she flipped him on his back, he watched in awe as one hand played with her breasts and the other rubbed her own clit as she bounced on him sending pleasure through his hard manhood.
'Fuck me Lyn' he said, he stroked harder now as the woman in his imagination changed, her grip on his hips was tighter, her breasts larger and the feel of her pussy was wetter and the depth deeper.

'Cum for me Lyn' Marcus demanded as he took her from behind, one hand held her body in place the other one pleasured her throbbing clit. Lyn was more then ready to cum but she didn't want the feeling to end.
'You're holding back' Marcus said as he felt his own climax building.
'I don't want to yet' she confessed breathlessly 'I want the feeling to last a little longer.'
'Oh it will, I plan to have you for the rest of the night, so let go' he commanded

Gerard was whimpering now as the pleasure he conflicted on himself started to build into an intense orgasm, Lyn was straddling him still, her tongue was inching it's way across his chest, her mouth settling on each nipple, biting roughly then licking away the sexual pain. Then suddenly he was between her legs and it was his tongue that initiating the pleasure on her chest.
'Cum for me Gerard' she whispered, he stoked faster now as the desire in his member built. 'I love you'
'I love you too' he breathed as he got closer.
'Tell me you want me' she demanded as her thighs tightened around his back.
'I want you Lyndsey' he replied, driving himself deeper inside her.
'Good now cum for me' she said licking his ear and with one last stroke Gerard cried out, spilling his load and bucking his hips in time with each spasm that his hand caused.

Lyn moaned loudly as Marcus bought her to orgasm, it was the most intense feeling that her womanhood had ever felt, she had never experienced anything like it.
'Fuck' she breathed as she rolled onto her back, squeezing her thighs together in a bid to relive the sensation between them.
'Oh yeah' Marcus said falling down next to her 'that was good'
'Good? That was amazing' Lyn said scooting closer to him so her head could rest on her chest.
'Are you alright, I know I was rough' he said stroking her head affectionately
'Yes I'm fine' she purred 'but save your energy, you're yet so see what I can do.'
As the water ran down the plughole Gerard scrubbed harshly at his skin with his flannel, he added more shower gel and rubbed it over his legs and thighs in a bid to rid himself of the imaginary dirt that he had accumulated when he had climaxed. It was Lyn's face and voice that had pushed him over the edge, it was her body that he envisioned when he pleasured himself and he felt tainted and unclean.

Twenty minutes later he was dried and in his boxer shorts and more then ready for bed, he slid in next to Cheyenne and propped himself up on his elbow. He studied her sleeping form as it rose and fell with each breath, she lay on her side facing him, her small hands rested under her face and her beautiful brown hair spilled over the pillow. He let his finger trace her face, but he did not touch her skin, it just hovered above it casting a shadow on her features, her mouth twitched into a sleepy smile and he wanted to gather her in his arms and hold her untill sleep consumed his body, but he wouldn't allow himself to. In his heart he felt as though he had betrayed her and it hurt now to look down on her and see her sleeping and unaware of his deception, fair enough it was only imaginary and the pleasure he had received was self inflicted, but it was still wrong of him to think of another woman over her and he felt guilty.
'I'm sorry Cheyenne and I love you' he whispered covering her over with the quilt. He turned away from her and reached up to switch the lamp off, for the first time in their relationship he couldn't bare to touch her.

A/N Yeah it's okay I guess, nothing special shrugs erm... thank you for the reviews I checked and there was like five and I said to myself ok I reply when I get the chance, then I checked again and there was like 15 and I was like shit! I better get round to them and then there was 21 and I thought "Ah hell no" lol, but I'm really thankful to all of them I really am and I will reply to them when I get the chance coz some of the things you guys wrote made me laugh alot, and there where some new ppl that I really should say hi to waves. Gotta go, I doubt I'll update as fast as this but I'll work on it.
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