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Chapter 24

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Hey people, this is just a filler chapter while we wait for Thanksgiving, I'm pretty sure it will be a lot more eventful then this one, in fact I'm know it will be. So enjoy this as best you can, but if you can't sorry, I'll raise my standards back up with the next one.

'Why would you do that?' Mikey asked over the dinning table
'Because, I thought it was the right thing to do' Donna replied defending herself.
'Did you forget what happened between her and Gerard?' He asked spooning mashed potatoes onto his plate.
'No Michael I did not forget what happened' she replied taking two pieces of fried chicken from the dish in front of her. 'But we've all moved on haven't we?'
'Yes we have and that's why I don't understand why you've invited the past to dinner' he retorted spooning potato on to Alicia's plate, who had sat there quietly listening to the conversation as it unfolded.
'Lyn is a person and she was lonely, you know I don't like the idea of people spending holiday's alone' Donna said adding a chicken leg to her sons plate.
'Did you even consider how Gerard might feel?' Mikey asked.
'I don't think Gerard would mind all that much' she replied honestly.
'Err I think he will, so un-invite her' he said through a mouthful of chicken.
'I can't un-invite her Mikey that's not a very Christian thing to do' Donna replied taking a bite of her corn on a cob. Mikey had comment for his mother but decided best not to voice it.
'Look if it turns out to be a big deal for Gerard then I'll un-invite her' Donna said finally, hoping to drop the subject so they could enjoy the dinner she took time to cook.
'And what about Cheyenne?' Alicia piped up 'How do you think she's going to feel?'
'So how do you feel?' Gerard asked as he followed Cheyenne in to the bedroom.
'I feel great' she answered walking over to her vanity table and taking her earrings off. 'Tonight was wonderful Gerard thank you' she said catching his eye in the reflection on the mirror.
'You're welcome' he replied unbuttoning his shirt 'I just hope your friends enjoyed it.' He continued, dropping his shirt carelessly to the floor.
'Oh trust me they did' she said taking her skirt off 'they kept shooting each other looks when they thought we weren't looking, they were good looks though'
'I really like them by the way' he said honestly 'Obviously they're not the kind of people I usually hang around with but they were fun.'
'That's good I'm glad you like them they're my family' she said kissing his lips gently.
'So I met the in-laws then' he joked
'Yep aren't you glad you won't have a mother-in -law.' She laughed leaving his arms.
'You have no idea' he said unbuttoning his jeans and letting those too drop to the floor. He then climbed into bed and watched as Cheyenne walked around getting ready for bed. She placed all her dirty clothes neatly into the laundry basket, before choosing a blue nightshirt to sleep in.
'Why do you do that?' She asked pointing to his pile of clothes on the floor.
'I dunno' he shrugged, shaking his blonde head.
'The basket is right there honey' she said nodding her head in the directing of the wicker basket.
'I know' he told her 'Just a habit on mine.'
'Well break it I'm not gonna pick up after you when we live together' she said scooping the clothes off the floor and taking them to the basket where they belong.
'I know I'll be good when we live together I promise' he said outstretching his arms to her.
'You know I can't wait to leave on Monday' he admitted once she was cuddled up next to him.
'If you don't wanna be here you can go now' she joked pushing against his side.
'No' he laughed 'I just wanna get home and sort out our new place, I can't wait for us to live together.' He said squeezing her hip. 'I'm excited about it.'
'Me too it'll be a new start. Are you gonna view the house without me or are you gonna wait till I come visit?' she asked
'If I get too anxious I'll go with out you' he said honestly 'I really want that house.'
'Ok so go without me and see if you can get a viewing for Friday morning too, then I can see it.' She said tapping her fingers on his naked thigh.
'Sounds good.' He said against her lips as she leaned in. When she pulled away Cheyenne sighed as she remembered the upcoming event.
'Is that a thanksgiving sigh?' Gerard asked 'or was the kiss that bad?'
'The kiss was good' she replied burying her face in his neck and inhaling his scent.
'Look at me Cheyenne' he said and she lifted her head so her eyes could meet his. 'This is gonna be the best Thanksgiving ever, I promise'
'I hope so' she said resting her head on his shoulder.
The next morning Gerard was woken by the sound of his phone vibrating on the bedside table next to him. He fumbled around carelessly before answering it.
'What is it fuck face?' he said answering the phone after he noticed Mikey's name flashing on the screen.
'I really hope that's not how you answer the phone to your brother Gerard' Donna's voice sounded down the line.
'Oh err hi Ma' he said wincing as he imagined the look on her face. 'Sorry about that'
'Of course you are' she replied 'anyway I'm calling because I have something I need to tell you.'
'OMG Who died?' he said loudly making Cheyenne stir at his side
'Calm down no one has died' Donna said 'why do you always assume the worst?'
'I don't know' he shrugged getting out the bed and searching around for his boxers.
'Actually it's about Thanksgiving, I have invited someone and I wanted to know if it was okay with you.'
The first thing that Gerard thought was that maybe his Mom was seeing someone, he hoped not cause that would be weird, no one likes the idea of their mother having a boyfriend.
'I have invited Lyn for dinner'
' Lyn' he said walking out the room and closing the door behind him.
'Yes as in your ex'
Donna launched into the whole story leaving out Mikey's opinion of course and Gerard just sat and listened as he smoked a cigarette.
'Do you mind?'
'Well it doesn't matter if I mind does it you've already invited her' he said getting angry 'Mom sometimes you're too fucking nice you know that.'
'I know' Donna sighed 'I'll un-invite her if you want.'
'No don't do that, that'll be worse' he said 'I just hope Cheyenne doesn't mind.'
'I know, when I invite Lyn I never took Cheyenne's feelings into consideration.' Donna admitted
'I'm sure she won't be bothered by it' He said 'I'm sure she'll understand.'
'Tell her I said I'm sorry'
'I will, I gotta go Mom' he said

Gerard put his cell on the table and rubbed his temples making sure not to burn himself with his cigarette, he could feel a headache coming on and it was the last thing he wanted on a Sunday morning. He finished his cigarette and made his way back into the bedroom deliberately leaving his phone on the kitchen table, all he wanted was a few more hours on uninterrupted sleep holding Cheyenne in his arms.

As scheduled Gerard left Chicago early Monday morning, Cheyenne had driven him to the airport and they shared a tender goodbye. He didn't want to leave her at all but the band had an interview to do on Wednesday which means he had to be in New York not In Chicago. As soon as he got back he made an appointment to view the house they saw online and luckily Patrick the estate agent said there was a slot early Tuesday morning, which Gerard was more the happy to except.
'So how do you like it?' Patrick asked Gerard as he showed him back into the living room where the tour begun.
'It's perfect' Gerard said 'Seriously everything about it is just right'
'So I'll see you again on Friday' Patrick said leading Gerard to the front door
'Oh definitely my girlfriend is going to love this place, I'm pretty sure she'll want it' Gerard said
'Well I'm not going to lie a lot of people have viewed this house, it's very popular.' Patrick replied truthfully
'I know I'm just hoping no one makes an offer before Friday' Gerard said 'I'll keep my fingers crossed.' He said taking one last look at the living room.
The two men shook hands and Gerard left in his car and raced back home to call Cheyenne.
Flashback-Sunday afternoon
'Baby can you come here a second' Gerard called out, he was making a cheese sandwich in the kitchen and he thought now would be a good time to tell her about Lyn.
'For goodness sake honey, you butter the bread and put the cheese on it, it's really not that hard' she joked coming into the kitchen wearing his old Ramones t-shirt.
'Funny baby' he remarked 'actually what I was gonna say was that I had a call from mom this morning.'
'Uh huh' Cheyenne said sitting at the table and taking an apple.
'And err she invited Lyn to Thanksgiving dinner' he said.
'Oh okay' Cheyenne said taking a bite of her apple.
'You don't mind?' Gerard said a little louder then he meant to.
'Not at all, the more the merrier' she replied
'Are you sure?' Gerard asked, watching her out of the corner of his eye.
'I'm sure, but if you want me not to be okay with it I can scream and shout at you and call you a silly bastard' she said standing up.
'No thank you' he said 'really you don't mind?'
'I'm not threatened by Lyn at all, she means nothing to either of us right?' Cheyenne asked walking into his arms.
'Right' he repeated wrapping his arms around her waist.
'Gerard is there any reason why I should be threatened by Lyn?' she asked seriously as she looked into his eyes.
'Answer the question'
'No there isn't' he said feeling his heart rate quicken slightly
'Then I'm not' she smiled pecking him on the lips 'But if she tries anything with you, I'm gonna shove a turkey baster right up her...' Gerard quickly covered her lips with his and swallowed the last of her sentence as she giggled against his mouth.

'Honey the choice is yours if you want us to live there then go back to Patrick and put an offer on the house.'
'But I want you to see it' Gerard whined. They had been at this for ten minutes he couldn't decide whether or not to put an offer on the "perfect" house without Chey seeing it first, he didn't want to put an offer in if she didn't like it.
'Baby I saw pictures of it already and if it looks how you described it then it's the right house for us, I trust you Gee so go back and make an offer, I'll see the house on Friday.'
'Are you absolutely sure?'
'I'm positive I want that house. Especially since your getting such a good vibe from it.'
'Ok I'll call Patrick back asap, thank you baby.'
'For what?'
'I don't know loving me and trusting me enough to let me choose our first home.'
'Loving you and trusting you comes naturally Gerard'
'You're the best I love you'
'I love you too, now go snatch up our dream home before someone else does.'
'I'm on it, bye.'
'Bye sugar'

Gerard was grinning like a fool when he hung up and he immediately scanned his contact list for Patrick's number. He got anxious and disheartened when the phone rang and went to voicemail, after his second attempt he left a voice message and placed his cell on the table waiting for a call back. After ten minutes of staring at the phone and tapping his fingers on the wooden table he got bored, he was about to leave for the living room when his phone sprang to life and the familiar sound of ringing mixed with vibrations filled the room.
'Hello' he said snatching up the phone.
'Hey Gerard' Lyn voice sounded down the line.
'Oh hey Lyn' he replied disappointedly, he had hoped it was Patrick.
'I take it your Mom told you about Thanksgiving.'
'Yeah she mentioned it'
'Is it okay with you and Cheyenne?'
'I guess'
'You know I can cancel, its Tuesday today I could tell your mom that I have somewhere else to go.'
'No it's alright don't do that' he sighed 'me and Cheyenne are fine with it.'
'Is she err there? I would really like to talk to her.'
'No she's not here' Gerard said, he suddenly felt very protective and he didn't want her talking with Cheyenne.
'Ok well when you talk to her next tell her I said I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get invited.'
'Whatever I'll tell her'
'Well see you Thursday'
'Bye' he said hanging up not waiting for a response.

Taking his cell and cigarette's with him, Gerard walked into the living room and flopped down into the comforting and familiar couch. He couldn't understand why he suddenly felt so agitated or why he got that protective feeling when Lyn asked to speak to Cheyenne. Suddenly the new house felt unimportant, it was as though the next big hurdle was Thanksgiving dinner and as he sat there he started to dislike the idea of Cheyenne and Lyn being in the same room at the same time. He couldn't understand why that bothered him so much? What was really bugging him was even though he was offish with her on the phone he actually wanted to see Lyn and the more he thought about it the less agitated he became.
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