Review for Falter


(#) GwenMerlon 2007-03-19

Ahhhh!!! I knew that Gwen was just a little whore! And Oliver? OLIVER? Sheesh. Dramatic much? Wow... I'm seriously hoping that this will wake Peyton up and dump psycho Oliver and finally give in to Patrick. They are absolutely too cute together!

But wow...

Soooooo did not see that coming. Oliver is such a sleeze.

Ok, so you kind of rock, by, you know, posting and all. I'm all on the edge of my seat here, wanting to know how this is all going to unfold.... I kind of feel sorry for Peyton right now. No one WANTS to find out their current flame cheated with their SISTER but if that's what needs to happen for her to realize whats best for her then so be it.

And PS, way to make Pete seem human! LOL. :) Again, you make me like him in your story!

Points... 'Exciting'... I also considered 'Moving' but that just didn't fly... Oh well. Update soon!!!

Author's response

You are like seriously my favorite person ever! I think we were seperated at birth and shipped to different states LOL

But who knows what Peyton will decide..I mean just cause all this drama came upon her doesn't mean that she HASN'T chosen anyone yet LOL who knows.

And Pete being human..I love him in this story..hes my pillow I fall back on for my comfort and Joe is my laughs and well Andy...he makes a great background haha

I believe it is your turn my dear Gwennie McGwen Gwen!