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Chapter 8

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Peyton Clarkson's boyfriend had just signed with one of the biggest recording companies around, and now hes heading out to tour with another major band, Fall Out Boy. What happens when he can't alw...

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AHHH!!! So I haven't been on in forever..due to drama in my procrastination time 10! lol For some reason this chapter was so hard for me to write..and it shouldn't of been considering I had it planned to happen from the beginning and what not. Hopefully, it will all turn out well.

Ps. I miss you! lol


Peyton made her way to the front of the bus, her cheeks now blazing a violent red. She had just left Joe standing in the back of the bus with his mouth gaping open. 'It's not like I did anything wrong right?' Peyton questioned herself as she took a seat next to Pete at the table.

Pete glanced over at the new occupant that now had vacated the seat next to him. "Can I help you?"

Peyton giggled nervously, "No, what gives you the idea that I am in need of any help."

Pete shrugged, "Weren't you in the back with Trick not to long ago, or did I miss something here?"

"She was and you did." came a voice from behind the couple.

Peyton slouched down in the leather seat, her face now a feverent red now. "Ahem, so Pete. What are you reading?" She quickly changed the subject as she looked over at the computer screen in front of him.

"Why aren't you still back there? Didn't Patrick tell you what's going on?" Pete closed his laptop to avoid subject changing.

"Oh yeah, he was definetly whispering her something good," Joe commented, a smirk playing across his lips.

"Ok, what did I miss?" Pete questioned, confusion written all over his face.

"Well, you see.." Joe started but was quickly interrupted by Patrick entering the room. He glided past Joe and over to Peyton and grabbed her hand leading her to the back of the bus once more.

"I have a boyfriend you know." Peyton blurted out as Patrick closed and locked the door behind him.

"I know," no emotion came from his voice as he spoke.

"I'm sorry about what just happened Patrick." Peyton sighed and sat down on the couch. 'Why am I apologizing, it wasn't all my fault,' she thought looking into Patrick's blue eyes. 'Oh yeah, thats why.'

Patrick gazed at her as he leaned against the locked door. "I know," he simply stated with still no emotion in his voice. He had shut her out.

"Patrick, I..." Peyton started as she rose slowly from the couch and moved towards him.

Patrick's eyes widened and his cool composure was broken. He flung his hand out to stop her from moving any closer to him. "No. Stay there. If you come any closer, well, I don't know if I could contain myself right now Peyton," he rushed, lifting his hat and running a hand through his damp hair. 'He must of thrown water on himself when I was up front,' Peyton thought as she noticed the wet stains on his shirt.

"Why are you so afraid of me?" she questioned, sitting back down on the couch.

"I'm not scared of you. I'm scared of what you do to me."

Peyton shook her head, "I don't understand."

Patrick growled, "Peyton, your just..ugh...hard to resist right now."

"Oh," she paused letting it all sink in. "I have a boyfriend you know."

"And its busted!" Patrick shouted, throwing his hands up in frustration.

A rumbling from just outside the door interrupted Peyton's soon to be next question.

"Ow! No you do it!" came a voice from the other side of the door.

Patrick turned around towards the door and making sure he made as little noise as possible he unlocked the door. He glanced at Peyton and sighed and grasped the knob in his hand and swung the door wide open. A series of thuds and curse words followed soon after as Pete, Joe and Andy came tumbling through the doorway.

"Um, I think I will go up to the front now." Peyton said as she made her way past the men laying on the floor.

"Pathetic." Patrick said to the grown men in front of him. When he was sure Peyton was out of earshot Patrick crossed his arms over his chest and kicked them absent mindedly. "Thank you."

"OUCH! Your welcome?" came Joe from the bottom on the pile.


"You were where?" Gwen questioned, following her younger sister about the merch stand.

Peyton set down the box of shirts labeled "Lucid" and turned towards Gwen. "On thier bus. Pete wanted to show me some of his new clothing line and wanted my opinion was all. Nothing bad." 'Haha sure Peyton..whatever you say..'

Gwen's eyes widened. "Not bad Peyton! Oliver was looking for you! He went into crazy psycho mode. I was even a little afraid of the boy myself."

"Well, I told him I had to do something important."

Gwen shrugged, "Whatever Petyon, its your funeral."

Peyton rolled her eyes as her older sister started to walk away. 'Ugh, she always has to be in my business,' she thought as she felt two strong arms wrap themselves around her.

"Hey baby, I missed you."

Peyton jumped slightly at the voice and turned around in the man's arms. "Oliver? Don't do that to me!" She swatted his arms off of her before returning to her work.

"Peyton! You've been ignoring me all afternoon. What's up with you lately?" Oliver questioned as he tried to stop her from digging into the boxes.

"Oliver, I'm busy right now. Don't you have to go and do sound check or something?" Peyton replied as she tried to hide her blush. She needed to stop thinking about Patrick at inappropriate situations like these.

"Um yeah, but..nevermind I guess," he said as he began to walk away, but stopped a few feet away from her and raised his voice a little. "Oh yeah and by the way. I was going to have you stay in my hotel room tonight but you can find somewhere else to stay my dear!"

Peyton stared disgustingly at the retreating form of her boyfriend as Gwen approached her and broke her out of her stare down.

"I told you so my little pea pod!" Gwen said in a sing songy voice as she dropped another box on the pavement next to Peyton.

'Today cannot get any worse,' she thought as she watched Oliver glance back at her then turn and head backstage, a smirk now played on his face. 'Oh he was good.'


"I just don't get it Pete, why me? Why her?" Patrick questioned his best friend. He really should be doing his warm ups but right now his head was filled with the 'what ifs' from the events that had occured earlier that day.

"Calm down Patrick. It wasn't like you were selected out of a line up. It happens when you least expect it ya' know." Pete replied, watching Patrick pace back and forth making a worn spot in the carpet.

"But this is different. Like right now, I'm shaking inside, its like I'm craving to her see again. This is not natural, I know I did not feel like this with Anna." Patrick glanced down at his hands and sighed angrily when he couldn't control his shaking.

"Patrick are you ok man?"

"I don't know to be honest with you Pete." Patrick said as he took a seat next to Pete.

A soft knock echoed in the room interrupting the two friends. "Are you expecting someone Trick?" Pete questioned as he got up and approached the door.

Patrick shook his head 'no' as Pete opened the door. There she stood the woman who, only moments ago, had been the topic of their conversation. She stood there with her hands tucked into her overly worn out jean pockets and stared innocently up at Pete. 'So thats why he gets all shaky,' Pete thought as he looked back at Patrick. He had stopped shaking but now his gaze shifted uncontrollably between Pete and Peyton.

"Well Patrick, I'll let you finish warming up and um..yeah. See ya later Peyton." Pete quickly exited the door and closed it behind him.

"Patrick, I just wanted to.." Peyton started but was interrupted by Patrick.

"Look, you don't need to apologize to me about anything. It was not your fault what happened on that bus, it was all mine." Patrick sighed heavily, "I shouldn't of come on to you like that Peyton and I'm sorry."

Peyton walked over to him and took a seat next to him on the couch. "It takes two you know," he looked at her and smiled. "Plus, I kind of actually wanted it to happen. Oliver doesn't do things like that anymore. You know, make me feel special and all. I don't know what to do. So I guess I thought I could get it from you and that was very wrong of me." She glanced down at her hands now, not wanting to meet Patrick's gaze.

He reached over gently and grabbed her hands, taking them both into his. She looked up at him and in that moment she realized there was something different about this man in front of her. "I will always be here for you Pey, I told you that before. I mean I don't get why he's been treating you like this. Your smart, beautiful and you know how to..." Patrick was interrupted by Peyton crashing her lips into his.

It as a quick and simple kiss, but it had brought comfort and serenity to them as Peyton gazed at Patrick's closed eyes. "Sorry, it was just a relapse in.."

Patrick half opened his eyes to look at her and placed a finger over her lips. "Definetly do not apologize for that." His hand went from her hands to her hair as he pulled her in for another kiss. This one was more deeper and filled with promises that neither one didn't know if they could keep.


Gwen paced back and forth in her hotel room. The show had ended only an hour before and here she waited for her sister to come back to the room they shared. She had something of great importance to discuss with her, and soon. Gwen glanced down at the object in her hand and decided that tonight had to be the night she told her younger sister her secret. 'Oh please let this go well...please let this go well..' she thought as she heard a card slide through the lock and click open.

"What happened to you?" Gwen stared blankly at her dazed looking sister. Peyton had stepped in looking like she was on cloud nine. A goofey grin matched her glazed over eyes as she made her way over towards Gwen.

"Nothing." Peyton replied dreamily throwing her belongings onto her bed and then turning to Gwen.

"Oh well Pey, I think we need to talk." Gwen made her way to her bed to sit, still clutching that ever present secret in her hand.

"Hmm?" Peyton continued to stare off into space as she sat down next to her sister.

"Ugh! Peyton will you listen to me this is important!" Gwen was now growing very impatient with her younger sibling.

"I'm listening Gwen."

"Ok, well um.." now that she had Peyton's undivided attention, she stumbled over her words. "It happened that weekend you went up to New York to visit dad. It was a one time only thing, you have to understand that. I was completely wasted and well..." Gwen glanced at the object in her hand and then thrusted it into Peyton's empty one.

"What's this...OH MY GOD! GWEN?! Your pregnant? What the h.." Peyton jumped up from her position next to Gwen, staring intently at the two blue lines.

"I know, and I had been meaning to tell you and.."

"Whose the father?" Peyton asked ignoring her sister's excuses.

"Like I said Pey, I was drunk and.."

"Who is it?"



ah So there it wrists hurt like crazy but ah it was totally worth please!!!!
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