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Chapter 9

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Peyton Clarkson's boyfriend had just signed with one of the biggest recording companies around, and now hes heading out to tour with another major band, Fall Out Boy. What happens when he can't alw...

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Ah, so I have a love/hate relationship with this chapter...I hope you don't lol



Pete Wentz awoke with a great start. The sound coming from the other side of this hotel room door woke him up instantly. Someone was outside his door and who it was, he had no idea. He got up slowly, making sure not to make any noise, as not to disturb the occupant in the bed next to his, and made his way to the door. He opened it ever so gently and stuck his head out into the hallway.


"Peyton?" Pete questioned, fully emerging himself out into the hall now.

Peyton stood towards the end of the hallway, her forehead pressed up against the wall. If she heard him, she didn't make notice of it.

She lifted her head from the wall and slammed it back against it with a force to pretty much shake the walls. Pete made a beeline for her as she attempted to do it again.

"PEYTON?! What the hell?" Pete asked as he put himself between her and the wall, that way there was no way she could do it again.

Peyton brought her eyes up to meet his and Pete inhaled sharpley. They were dark and emotionless, completely opposite of the ones he had seen earlier that day. She looked dead on the inside and looked as if she were ready to fall apart at anytime on the outside. "What do you want Peter," Peyton stated flatly.

Peyton stared into Pete's eyes, sleep was still registered in his brown reflections. How she envied him at that moment. "I heard a banging and I just came out to see you whacking your head against the wall. Why are you doing that by the way?" Pete had a firm grip on her arms to hold her in place so she wouldn't run from him at this point.

Peyton shrugged and looked at the ground. "There really is not point."

Pete glanced down at the ground to find Peyton's bag and pillow laying haphazardly next to her feet. "Why are your things out here? Aren't you supposed to be sharing a room with your sister?"

Peyton continued to use her famous flat tone that Pete was becoming accoustomed to. "Your a noisy little boy Peter Pan." She siged heavily and with that she collapsed into his chest, looking for comfort from anything at that moment. Pete wrapped his arms around her, not really sure what to do at this point. "I'm not going to be staying with my sister for awhile. To be honest, I don't even know if I have a sister anymore. I think I might just go home Pete."

Peyton's dirty blonde hair tickeled Pete's bare chest as he slowly lowered them to the floor. Her legs had given out on him and he was left to somehow hold her weight, and the only option was to go to the floor. "What happened? You were all bubbly and happy this afternoon when I left you with Patrick, what went wrong?"

"Karma happened Pete, and I'm a target for it I guess," Peyton closed her eyes as Pete stroked her hair. "I think it would just better for everyone if I went back home. Oliver doesn't want me here and well, I don't think I can handle Gwen at this point in time. I just need to get away."

"But the tour just started, you can't leave now. What will we do? We need a merch girl."

"No, Lucid needs a merch girl. Fall out boy does not, or else I would of been hired there."

"Well, we can change that you know, if you feel that uncomfortable doing it for you boyfriend's band I'm pretty sure we can work something out that you can do the FOB and Clandestine stands. That won't be a problem." Pete had to convince her to stay, for Patrick's sake. It had been a very long time since he had last seen that boy happy, and he needed to keep that reason around for just a little bit longer.

"I don't want to be someone elses burden Peter. I'm not that kind of person." She sounded so empty, so hurt and Pete had no clue on what to do with her. He had never been in a predicament like this before. True there was the Best Buy incident, but that was his way of coping with things. He needed to stop her before she came to that point.

"I know Peyton. Look, why don't you go and stay in Oliver's room tonight, huh?" Pete said in a hushed tone as he stroked her back in a comforting way.

Peyton snuggled closer to Pete's bare chest and sighed again. "I'm not on good terms with him right this second."

"Oh," was all Pete said as he leaned his back against the cold wall and stared up at the ceiling trying to come up with a plan to keep her here.

"I can take a red eye tonight and be back home in the morning. That seems to be my best option."

Pete jerked her away from his chest and stared her right in the eyes. "No, your not going anywhere. Whatever it is Peyton, you can work past it. You have friends here now ok. Come on, you can come and stay in my room tonight. I promise I don't bite." He smiled at her at the last bit.

Peyton smiled, but it was fake one, one to relieve Peter's worries he had for her. He seemed to have accepted it and stood them both up and with one swift fluid motion Pete picked her up, as well as her belongings and carried her towards his room. He needed to take care of this fragile girl. Someone needed to atleast.

Pete kicked the door open and shut it as lightly as he could with his foot as he carried Peyton towards his bed. He layed her gently on the bed and covered her up like he would a small child and kissed her forehead. "Good night Peyton."

Peyton closed her eyes within minutes of her head hitting the pillow she fell asleep. Pete sighed happily at this and looked around the dark room, and his eyes fell upon the body in the bed next to his and smiled. 'Looks like I will be bunking with a Patrick Stump tonight,' Pete thought as he pushed Patrick's limp body over and layed down next to him. Patrick groaned and threw his arm over Pete's chest./ 'Let the spooning begin,'/ Pete laughed lightly and closed his eyes as he too slipped into a restless sleep.


Peyton awoke the next morning with a very bad headache. Infact, her whole body ached. She rolled over and was greeted with the smell of bacon, sausage, eggs and hashbrowns. The smell, along with her headache, made her very nauseous at this point. "Ugh, what the hell?"

"Good morning little miss sunshine, and how did we sleep last night?" came a cheery voice from across the room.

Peyton's eyes shot open as she scanned the room and came across the one and only Peter Wentz in only his famous tight jeans and wet hair. 'And no shirt,' Peyton thought as she stared at him in amazement. "You took care of me last night, why?"

Pete shrugged as he shoveled a mouth full of scrambled eggs into his mouth. "You needed a friend last night, and well, I had nothing better to do besides sleep. Plus, I don't think I wanted to hear that you had brain damage due to the head banging so I went and fetched you from the evil clutches of the wall. You are now in my debt dear friend, and you will be paying me back in full." Pete grinned broadly at her shocked face.

"Debt? Pete, I didn't ask for your help?"

"So, apparently you needed it more than you thought." Pete stated as he shoveled another mouth full of eggs into his mouth.

Peyton was the one to shrug this time as she grimaced at Pete's eating habits. "I guess so. What kind of debt are we talking about here?"

Pete opened his mouth to respond but the sounding of the bathroom door opening had drowned out his sentence as Peyton stared dreamily at the man coming out. A billow of hot steam had followed Patrick as he made his way over to his bag and opened it up, humming a little tune under his breath. Without breaking his tune he turned around, smiled at Peyton and made his way back into the bathroom.

Peyton glanced back and Pete and was met with a chesire grin. "So, about that debt," he began as he shoved his tray away and moved over to sit next to her on his bed. "You my dear are now my slave..."

"What the..Pete.." Peyton began but was interrupted by Pete's finger on her lips.

"You my dear are now my slave," he repeated, adding more volume to the word 'slave', "you will be doing my bidding for some time. This will entail a couple of things. One, you will work my merch stand as well as Fall out boy's. No more Lucid Eye's, you are now my property. Two, you will not ever get depressed like you were last night, meaning you can NOT bang your head repeatidly against the wall waking everyone and their mother up. You will happy and bubbly and pretty. So smile damnit. Three, you and Patrick will be best friends for life, you will not break his little heart because if you do, I will be breaking yours, and that my friend will not look so cool. Last but definetly not least, four. You and your sister must work past whatever 'thing' your going through because she is your sister and also because you are now my slave and what I say goes. Got that chic pea?"

Peyton gulped and stared at him, "What if I don't agree or I slip up on one of those?"

Pete took a second to think it over before coming up with a conclusion. "Well, hmm, lets see...I will make you cry."

Peyton busted out in a huge grin. "Oh Peter, you really are a Peter aren't you?"

Pete winked at her and smiled back, "don't cha know it!"


"Why are you not working our merch stand today Peyton Alexandra Clarkson?" Duane shouted as he looked around at the boxes of clothes that were strewn about.

"I've aquired a new job. One that I can not quit and you should be respectful of my decision Duane. Plus, I think its best for whats going on." Peyton said as she kicked a rock around with her shoe.

"Krystal can't run this stand alone, especially not with my daughter needing her every five minutes." Duane was beyond frustrated now. "Whats this about? Whats going on?"

Peyton sighed. She hated to see her friend, who was like a brother to her, like this. Especially since she was the one causing the damage. "You will find out in due time I'm sure. You have to understand that I'm at a place right now where I need to be apart from this." She said as she looked around.

Duane gave her a blank stare. "Your going to Fall Out Boy's tent, how is that a change? Peyton if you and Oliver are fighting again I swear I will beat him up if you want me to, you can't just leave me like this. You've been here from the beginning, you can't do this."

"Its not all Oliver's fault, well, sorta. I mean I don't know." Peyton was at the point of confusing herself now. "Look, I'm working on working on me and Oliver right now. Last night I was at the point of just up and leaving you guys but I guess you can say I had a little friend help me see that I am more wanted here. So, I must depart this path that I have taken and go forth onto one that hasn't been made yet. I can't have it be like this. I have problems I need to deal with right now Duane, and I need to figure them out on my own. I'm not abandoning you guys completely, just for sometime ok?"

Duane continued to stare blankly at his friend, "Since when have you become so nostalgic? Your scaring me Peyton."

Peyton laughed lightly and placed a comforting hand on Duane's shoulder. "Believe me, I will be ok. Oliver and I will be ok. Everything will be ok. I just need some time."

Duane nodded slowly and hugged her. "Just don't be a stranger ok?"

Peyton returned the hug and when she released she punched him playfully in the arm. "Don't worry, I will be so far up your guy's ass you won't know what to do with me."

Duane laughed and made his way towards the stage where he would be begining his sound check.

"So the rumors are true then Peyton," came a voice from behind her. Peyton whipped around to see her sister standing behind her, box in hand and looking like crap. 'She deserves it after last night,' she thought as she made her way to brush past Gwen, but she had grabbed Peyton by the arm to hault her in the process. "Look I'm sorry for telling you about it the way I did last night. I just needed you to know and just needed your support I guess. Your all I have Pey, please don't abandon me, not yet."

Peyton shrugged her sister's arm off of her like she was diseased and threw her a nasty glance. "You expect support from me, HA, fat chance my dear sister. That will be the last thing you get from me for awhile." With that said, Peyton walked away quickly, blending into the background of the crowds.

Gwen sighed heavily as she made her way to Lucid's tent but was thrown off course by one angry Oliver.

"Oliv.." Gwen barely got out and Oliver threw his hand over her mouth and pushed her behind a secluded tent.

"Don't you dare say a word," he stated flatly as he grasped her arm roughly causing her to drop the box that was in her hands to the ground. "How dare you go behind MY back and tell her. You weren't supposed to tell her the truth Gwen! I will make you pay for this you know." Oliver said as he tightened his grip on Gwen's arm.

She could already feel the bruise start to form as she fought back tears. "It's ok Oliver. She has no idea that you know. She just thinks that I know and haven't told you yet. Your in the clear ok, please let go of my arm your starting to hurt me."

Oliver released her hand roughly and glared down at her. "Oh honey, this is just the beginning." He reached into his pocket and opened up a plain black bottle and brought it to his lips. His eyes stayed fixated on Gwen rubbing her arm as he threw his head back and swallowed the contents of the bottle.


Patrick stood in the background, he didn't want her to notice him just yet. He needed to just see her once more before he left for the stage, this was his own Kodak moment in a sense. He raised his hands up and formed them like a square and when the timing was just right (meaning she was bent over a box, her hair flopped over to the side and a smile placed upon her fragile face) he made a clicking sound and smiled.

"What are you doing werido?" Joe's voice interrupted.

Patrick shook his head as he was slowly brought down from a euphoria only she could produce. He glanced over towards her to see her staring at him, a playfull smile on her lips, and then he turned his attention to Joe. "I was just, ya know, doing some stuff before the show is all."

"Checking up on her huh?" Joe said, looking past him and waving at Peyton. She caught sight of him immediately and waved back. "Oh yeah your definetly checking up on her." He watched as she bent back over into another shirt box.

Patrick chuckled slightly and turned around to walk away. "You know Joe, you ruin everything."

"Well, well, well. If it isn't tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Long time no see boys."

"Who is that?" Joe questioned as he stepped around towards the back of the stage and there stood Oliver casually leaning against the doorway, arms crossed over his chest in a relaxed tone. Oliver didn't give off the impression though that this was going to be a relaxing conversation.

"What do you want Oliver?" Patrick questioned as he stepped up next to Joe.

Oliver made his way down the tiny stairs and stood face to face with Patrick. "I want to know what you have been doing with my girlfriend."

Patrick shrugged sarcastically. "Whatever do you mean?"

Oliver pushed him back a little and stepped forward. "I'm not blind Patrick and I sure as hell am not dumb! Don't try to pull this clever shit with me. Explain to me why my girlfriend is working your merch stand after the fact she was hired for mine."

Joe's eyes grew with each decibel that Oliver's voice rose. "Um, well, I think I hear Pete. I'll catch you later Patrick."

Patrick mumbled a goodbye without breaking eye contact with Oliver. "Well Oliver, I heard you weren't that good of a boss and well, what can I say. She brings in really good business on our side."

Oliver's breath had quickened and his face redened. Patrick had definetly pushed a button, and he was loving every minute of it.


Lol ok, so I think I might be regretting posting it..but alas here it please.
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