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Chapter 10

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Peyton Clarkson's boyfriend had just signed with one of the biggest recording companies around, and now hes heading out to tour with another major band, Fall Out Boy. What happens when he can't alw...

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So..umm... I was pushed to post..and let me just state..that she had better post ASAP!!


"Ouch Peyton, can you atleast be a little more gentler with the alcohol geez!" Oliver gasped at the woman before him as he winced in pain.

Peyton glared at Oliver and twisted his head to the side to get a better look at the cut. It was pretty deep, and it was going to be a really nice shiner. "Your an idiot you do know that right?" She leaned over him for a second to grab the cotton ball and antiseptic. She dribbled just a tad on the cotton ball and applied as gently as possible to the wound on Oliver's eye. A low hiss came from him as she did this. "Suck it up you big baby."

"Your supposed to be supportive of me here Peyton. I'm hurt and wounded and where were you?" Oliver sighed and braced himself for another cotton ball.

"What do you think I am doing here Oliver? Don't try to play the victim in this situation."

Oliver twisted his face in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

Peyton shook her head. "Nothing, there all done. Now go away."

Oliver hopped down from the bathroom sink and turned to look at the damage done to his face. "Wow, I didn't think he could hit that hard."

Peyton huffed and began putting various first aid items away. "Well, don't ever underestimate the quiet ones my dear. Besides, you probably deserved it. What did you say to Patrick anyways?"

Oliver placed a small butterfly bandage on the cut near his eye and then turned towards his girlfriend. How could he tell her that she was the reason they had broke out in a fist fight and he Oliver James Lemmings had lost to Patrick Stump? He shook his head no, he couldn't tell her this. 'She would probably take his side anyways, atleast thats how it seems anymore.'

"What are you looking at? I feel like your undressing me with your eyes or something and its totally creeping me out Oliv." Peyton threw the rest of the first aid items into the case and slammed it shut as she tried to avoid Oliver's gaze on her.

"Is that such a bad thing? You act like I haven't seen it before."

"You are so cocky Oliver!" Peyton punched him playfully. This is what she missed about him. Since he had become distant with her, (which was right before the tour started) the couple had not shared this kind of intimate moment with one another in a long time.

Oliver jumped back up on the counter of the bathroom sink scooted his way in front of Peyton, blocking her view of herself in the mirror. "Oh you know you like it." He leaned in and rested his forehead on hers and stared right into her eyes.

Peyton sighed and stepped away, he can't change what had already happened between them. Especially not after the revelation her sister had given her two nights ago. "Oliver, please not now. I just...ugh. I don't know. I just don't want to do this with you."

If he had looked hurt before from the alcohol and the cut, he looked even worse now. It was as if someone had stabbed him in the stomach and twisted it. "Peyton.."

"I got to go Oliver. They can't run that stand out there with out me." Peyton grabbed the first aid kit as quickly as she could and bolted out the door of the men's bathroom.


Patrick held his fist close to his body as he made his way towards his dressing room. It was slightly covered in blood and in slight need of some attention.

"Patrick slow down! HEY WAIT UP!" yelled Joe from behind him.

Joe had saw the whole fight break out. First it had started with Oliver insulting Patrick's sense of style, which in Joe's opinion was a bit girly of him. Then from there it went on to Peyton. Ah, yes Peyton, the reason the two had started throwing fists and pulling hair. Not that there was much hair to pull, it was just the idea.

Oliver was the first one to throw the punch, saying how Peyton could never fall for a guy like Patrick. He had missed of course, and Joe had laughed in his face then Patrick was the one to throw the next punch and Oliver had hit the ground instantly. Blood had begun to cover his eye and Patrick had fled the scene grasping his hand close to his chest. 'Ok, so it WAS kind of a wimpy fight.' Joe thought as he followed Patrick into the dressing room and over to the sink.

"How is it Patrick?"

Patrick finally took notice of his friend and shrugged as he let the cold water run over his wound. "As good as can be. Don't worry I will still be able to play tonight. Its not like I use my hands or anything." Patrick paused as the anger began to fill him again. "You know where does he get off saying that shit about Peyton! She was less than twenty feet away and she could of heard him. No woman should be talked about like that. He acts like she gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe. He just doesn't see everything that she has to offer you know?"

"And you do?" Joe questioned as he handed Patrick a towel to wrap his hand in.

"I think I know more about her than he does. He doesn't talk to her anymore, and you know why I know this." He waited for an answer, but all he recieved was a blank stare and a nod to go on. "She told me. She told me that night after Pete gave me her number. We kept texting each other all night. Now mind you, I'm not into technology and what not but I did it. I even went over my texting limit!" Joe stiffled a laugh as his friend went on. "I mean I don't do that for just anyone. I felt a connection with her..and UGH! So then, that night she called me, she was upset and she needed someone to listen to her. I was there Joe. You know where Oliver was?"

Joe shrugged. Patrick was quite entertaining when he was fired up.

"HE was probably off fucking Gwen!" Patrick watched Joe's eyes widen in disbelief. "Yeah, did you hear about that one Joe. How Gwen is pregnant and she claims its Oliver's. I mean come on...he seems so much like a drama queen of course that would be the reason why he had Gwen 'conviently' join the tour on such short notice." He sighed as he tried to get rid of his anger, but it didn't seem to be working to well. "I swear, sometimes..I think Oliver has Pete beat in the drama category."

Joe laughed, "Yeah, thats pretty sad if he's got Pete beat. So, how do you know Gwen is pregnant?"

Patrick sat down with a thud on the oversized couch and glanced up at Joe. "Who do you think? The one person who can't keep a secret."

"Pete." They both said in unison.


The show had went off with out any problems that night. Oliver had kept to himself and had made sure only to show the crowd half of his face, but not the other half which was bandaged up. Patrick on the other hand had his hand wrapped in an ace bandage and wore it proud. He flaunted it on stage and made sure to rub it in Oliver's face as they passed each other during set changes. The score now stood Patrick: 1 Oliver: 0.

Now Patrick was standing outside the tour bus waiting impatiently, once again, for Pete to show up when he caught sight of Peyton.

She stood on the sidewalk, hands tucked inside her hoodie and her luggage next to her feet on the cement. She was adorable and the sad thing was, she wasn't even trying anymore. "Hey Peyton! Waiting for someone?" he called over to her.

Peyton glanced over his way and smiled. She picked up her duffel bag and the handle to her suitcase and made her way over to Patrick. "Hey Patrick!" Peyton glanced down to his hand and winced visibly. "Sorry about Oliver. He doesn't know how to control himself sometimes."

Patrick waved it away as he grabbed her suitcase from her. "Don't worry about it. I can handle him on my own, as you can see." This got a slight giggle out of her. "So, what are you waiting for?"

Peyton kicked around a small pebble with her shoe and sighed heavily. "Actually, I'm looking for a bus to bunk on for tonight. I can't really bunk with my sister, and well...Oliver..."

Patrick held up his hand. "No need to explain I totally understand. You can come and stay on our bus. I'm sure we can make some room. You can more than likely have my bunk and I can sleep on the fold out couch, it doesn't bother me, but don't tell the guys that ok." He said as he gripped her suitcase with his good hand and walked towards the stairs of the bus.

"No I couldn't impose, that would just be rude of me." Peyton went to grab the suitcase from his hand, but he swatted it away.

"No, you are joining us for tonight. If need be it, then maybe the rest of the tour for all I care. Just as long as you have somewhere to rest that pretty little head of yours." Patrick said as he grabbed her hand and pulled her up the stairs.

Peyton laughed and let her hand relax inside of his as they boarded the bus together. "Thanks Patrick, you really are to good to me."

Patrick turned and smiled at her. "Well, someone has to be don't they."


Pete's clothes littered the floor of his dressing room. 'It has to be here, I know it! I just saw it here not to long ago, and this is the last place for it.'

"Looking for something Peter?"

Pete turned around from his position on the floor and took notice of the young girl with the slight bump under her shirt. He rolled his eyes at her and continued digging through his belongings. "What do you want Gwen?"

Gwen looked down at the clothes that were laying around aimlessly and shrugged. "Nothing, I was just looking for Peyton, but I guess you will suffice."

Pete was now interested. "Why do you say that?" He had now stopped digging in his bag and sat lazily on the floor staring up at Gwen with disgust on his face.

"Because you seem like your the next best thing to my sister and well, she seems to trust you and I think I can too."

Pete rolled his eyes again. "Why are you even talking to me right now Gwen? Shouldn't you be off galavanting with your sister's boyfriend."

"Ouch Pete. That stung." Gwen frowned and sat on the floor in front of him. "It's not like I asked for this Peter. I didn't ask for my sister to leave me high and dry and for Oliver to bring me here. I didn't want this life! Who would want this life?"

Pete tried his hardest not to feel sorry for the girl in front of him. "Look, I didn't mean it that way, its just you have to see where I'm coming from. No family member should do that to another."

"I know, but you see no one really knows my side of the story." Gwen replied, playing with her shoe laces and not bothering to meet Pete's eyes. "You only heard what Peyton told you, and I really don't even know why she told you to begin with."

"She needed someone to talk to and well, I can see why she couldn't trust you anymore." Pete shook his head at her and began to look through his pile of clothes once again.

Gwen could feel the tears well up in the back of her eyes, but she would not let them fall. "He drugged me Peter."

Pete haulted his search for his missing Sidekick and his eyes darted to her instantly. "What?"

A single tear slid down Gwen's cheek as she adverted her eyes away from Pete's. "Peyton had gone out of town for the weekend to visit our dad up in New York. She told me to keep an eye on Oliver because she had a bad feeling about leaving him here," she chuckled slightly to herself and continued on, her voice becoming more hoarse by the second. "He decided to have a little party while she was away, nothing she hadn't expected, thats why she wanted me to watch him. She knew how he acted when he was drunk, and well I couldn't blame her."

"How does he act?"

Gwen shrugged, "I don't know, I mean you really never know with him. One minute he can be the sweetest guy and charm you to death. The next minute you kind of actually fear for your life with him." She watched Pete's face turn from confusion to shock instantanously. "Yeah I know. How did she put up with it for so long. Anyways, that night, he threw this huge ass party at thier apartment in Ohio. I was there to supervise of course...and well, I don't remember much after arriving there. It comes and goes sometimes like a blur."

Gwen was compeltely oblivious to the tears that were falling down her face, but that didn't mean Pete wasn't. He scooted closer to her as she continued her story. "Oliver handed me this drink, he said it wouldn't hurt me and that I should trust him. I did trust him because he was my sister's boyfriend. I mean he wouldn't do me any harm. It started off with one..and then another..and then another. He became pushy; I remember that much. Everything after that was kind of hazy. I remember the bedroom, clothes on the floor, and just pain. Lots of it. I remember crying out for help and no one hearing me. It was painful and no one was there for me."

Pete now had his arms wrapped around her tightly as her whole body shook with sobs. "I didn't want to do that to my sister. I love her to much. She's all I have Peter, and she would side with him over me I knew it. Just look what she did to you, you barely know me and yet you hate me because of what she thinks happen." She continued to cry into his shoulder, her voice now muffled by his hoodie. "I was alone when I took the test, and I remember crying on the bathroom floor. The only thing I could think of was what was I going to tell Peyton. She was my only concern, and she still is."

Pete ran his fingers through her hair to try and calm down the woman in his arms but nothing seemed to be working. "Its ok, maybe if you tell her what you just told me she will see things differently."

Gwen let out a small sarcastic laugh. "Oh please Pete. She's as hard headed as my father. She won't listen to anything I have to say now. She's cut the bond between us; she won't want to hear anything from me."

"It will work out Gwen. I'll talk to her and we can see what we can do ok? You don't have to go through this alone." A sudden vibration broke the sad aura that surrounded the young couple and Pete jumped to his feet quickly. "Did you hear that? Where did it come from?"

Gwen looked around on the floor for a moment and shifted a couple of Pete's boxers to the side to find the missing trinket. "Are you looking for this?"

Pete smiled at Gwen. "I guess your not that bad Gwen my dear."


A low strumming sound from the back of the bus had been what had woke Peyton up that night. She was lying comfortably warm in Patrick's bunk when she heard someone strumming away on a guitar and well, Peyton was known to be noisy, so of course she had to go and check out where the sound was coming from.

Peyton tip toed her way to the, what would be, living room door of the bus and peeked through the little slot in the door.

Patrick sat with his back towards her, his head bobbing slightly to the music that came from his guitar. He seemed to be in a trance when Peyton had opened the door and had walked up behind him.

"I like it." she stated as softly as possible, as if not to disturb him. It hadn't worked though. Patrick jumped and turned to her, eyes wide and his hand clamped over his chest.

"Peyton! Don't do that again! You can give someone a heart attack like that" Fear was evident on Patrick face.

It was also reflected in Peyton's now too. "I'm so sorry Patrick. I didn't mean to do it..I just..thought..and...yeah..well..I'm sooooo sorry."

Patrick raised a hand to silence her and smiled. "Its fine, don't worry about. It was just you, which isn't bad. As long as it wasn't any of them other guys I call friends."

Peyton broke out in a wide grin and sat down next to Patrick on the floor. "So, what are you doing?"

Patrick gave her a look, as if saying 'Are you serious?' and then smiled at her curiousity. "What does it look like Pey? I'm just practicing. I couldn't get much sleep."

"Is it because I took your bunk? I mean you can have it back if you can't sleep. I will do just fine out here."

"No, no, no, thats not it. I get insomnia sometimes and this helps me. So, don't worry about it. My bunk is your bunk." With that said, Patrick turned back to his guitar and began to strum again, but was interrupted by Peyton clearing her throat continously. "Yes Peyton?"

Peyton fiddled with her hands as she scooted a little closer to Patrick. "Um, can you show me a little bit of the guitar? I always wanted to learn but Oliver said it would be stupid for me to learn it because I would never do anything with it anyways. It just looks so...I don't know...erotic?"

Patrick gulped and gripped his guitar tighter. It was as if she was doing this to him on purpose. "Ahem, um..sure. Come here I'll show ya." Patrick opened his legs for Peyton to slide in between. She sat with her back pressed up against his chest and his head rested lightly on her shoulder. Yes this was going to be very difficult for Patrick to do. "Ok, so ahem, you just put these fingers here, and then you take these ones and you hold the pic like this. There you go. Ok, now..." Patrick trailed off as he guided her fingers gently over the strings.

Peyton closed her eyes as Patrick helped her strum away. She didn't know if it was because of how close they were at that moment or the idea of him teaching her how to play that really turned her on, but she liked it. She liked it alot.

She liked the fact that she could feel his hot breath on her neck as he rambled off instructions that she could no longer hear anymore on how to correctly play the guitar. She was to wrapped up in how he felt so warm and so...Patrick at the same time. Peyton could feel herself slowly melting into his body.

Patrick noticed that she was slowly distanting herself from the guitar practice when she closed her eyes and snuggled closer to his body. If she had gotten any closer to him, she would definetly feel how she was affecting him in the worse ways possible. He cleared his throat in an attempt to break her trance but it didn't seem to work. "Ahem, Peyton? Are you listening to me? Do you want to learn or what?"

A slight moan slipped past her lips and Patrick was sure he was going to lose it. Whether it be his clothes or his moral, he didn't care which one came first. "Peyton, don't.." He pleaded with her.

Peyton moaned again and opened her eyes, slowly turning her body around to face him. The guitar fell off to the side with a slight thump and was soon forgotten. "Don't what Patrick? I just wanted you to teach me a couple of things." Patrick had lost the air in his lungs now. He felt as if he were drowning in her voice.

"This is bad, very bad Peyton." Patrick managed to squeak out as her hands slowly traced his neck and face.

"So," she whispered against his ear. "maybe this bad thing can lead to a very good thing."

Patrick swallowed hard, "Um...Oh God Peyton. This isn't fair."


That was all it took for Patrick to pounce her.

It took a second to register with Peyton what was happening.

Before they both knew it, they were met in a heated kiss. Tongues exploring one anothers mouth in an attempt to discover each other on a different level. Patrick's hand roamed up and down her side, pausing every so often on the exposed skin between her shirt and her pajama bottoms. He flipped Peyton onto the floor and pressed himself on top of her, anything to deepen their already hot kiss.

"Peyton.." He mumbled against her lips as his hand slowly creeped up her shirt, sending shivers down her spine.

Peyton responded with lifting her body into his in an attempt to get as close as possible. She ran her fingers through is hair feverently and couldn't stop herself from wanting to mold him into her body. She had never once felt like this with Oliver, not once at all.

Patrick smiled against her lips when he was met with the outline of her bra, which caused Peyton to let out a soft moan. "Patrick, stay with me tonight."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~ and I will love you forever!
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