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Chapter 11

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Peyton Clarkson's boyfriend had just signed with one of the biggest recording companies around, and now hes heading out to tour with another major band, Fall Out Boy. What happens when he can't alw...

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So, I've become a huge procrastinator...and well that mixed with writers block is not a good combination just so you know lol.
Ps. I also have my own personal Patrick I like to play with...true story hehe


She realized at this moment that it was very dark inside the tiny bunk they were sharing. Very dark. Dark to the point she could not see her own hand in front of her face. She shifted slightly and turned to face the man that layed next to her. She tried her best to search for his face in the dark, but all she saw was black. "No, I guess I can never really see myself marrying him. He just doesn't seem like the marrying type."

A soft cough and a shift in the sheets let her know that he had turned towards her now. She just wished she could see his eyes. "You have a marrying type?"

Peyton smile, even though Patrick couldn't see it, he felt it. "Yes, I have a marrying type. Every girl has a marrying type I think."

Patrick chuckled slightly and reached out into the dark abyss for her hand. "Well, I hope you find that marrying type of guy."

Peyton sighed as she felt Patrick's hand grip hers lightly and give it a quick squeeze. "Yeah, me too." She paused slightly, trying to think of the best way to bring up the topic without being blantantly obvious. "So, you know...umm..were going to have to talk about tonight at some point Patrick." Apparently to Peyton, jumping right into it was the only idea she could come up with.

"Yeah about that..."

Peyton laughed slightly, "Patrick, your acting like we did something horribly wrong."

Patrick shifted, moving a little more closer to Peyton's body. "Well, we kind of did..didn't we?"

She was really wishing he could see her face right about now, a huge smile had spread across her lips and she couldn't seem to stop herself. "NO!" Peyton shoved him playfully and laughed. "Patrick we didn't have sex or anything geez."

Peyton could hear the shyness in his voice when he spoke. "No, but it was pretty close." Patrick reached for her hand again and played with it silently. "So, how many guys have you been with Peyton?"

"Are you serious?"

"I didn't mean it to sound so cliched...I was just..ya know...wondering. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, I will understand." Patrick rushed as he stumbled over his own words.

"You know if I answer, you will have to too."


"Ok," Peyton paused for dramatics before continuing. "One."

"Really, just one?" Patrick inquired.

"Yes 'just one'. I'm not a whore Patrick!" Peyton huffed, sliding away from him a little.

"I didn't mean it that way Peyton, its just I'm not doing really well tonight am I?" Patrick searched the dark for some kind of response from her, but recieved nothing. "I just meant that your beautiful and for you to only of been with one guy, well, I find that quite impossible."

Peyton sighed, "Its the truth though. Whether its a good thing or a bad thing, well thats for you to decide."

"It definetly not a bad thing."

"Ok then, so...your turn Mr. Stumph. How many for you?"

Patrick smiled at her attempt to be cute was going. ""

Peyton's mouth dropped. "OH and you harped on me for saying one and you go and do that to me. Are you lying to me?"

Patrick stiffeled a laugh and smiled, he only wished she could see it though. "No, I'm not lying and yes only one. Her name was Anna, she was my ex that I was with for like...oh man...four years."

"Wow." Peyton squeezed Patrick's hand in a comforting way. "I'm sorry..I didn't mean to badger you like that."

Patrick shushed her by placing a finger, over what he presumed was her mouth. "No need to apologize. Thats done and over with and I'm very happy with where I am at right now. Even if you are still with Oliver. I'm just happy to have met you to begin with."

Peyton smiled and reached out towards his face. "Thank you Patrick. I think that the sweetest thing someone has said to me in a really long time." After finding his face in the dark, Peyton leaned over and placed a small kiss on his lips.

"Oh you can't do that!" Patrick exclaimed, wrapping his arms tightly around her waist.

"Do what?" Peyton replied, completely dumbfounded.

"You can't just give me a little peck like that and expect me to be happy about it." With that said, Patrick flipped Peyton on to her back and adjusted himself on top of her.

"My my my Patrick, what kind of position have you got yourself into this time? You do know we both need sleep for tomorrow?" Peyton mumbled as Patrick placed gentle kisses along her collar bone.

Patrick's reply was muffled by her hair as he kissed up along her neck slowly making his way to her lips. Upon reaching them he hovered above her lips and whispered in a low voice. "Who needs sleep when you have what we have." His lips crashed suddenly into hers, causing Peyton to jump a little before relaxing into his kiss.

Tonight, neither one would see any sleep.


"Your amazing Gwen! Why didn't tell me you were this good?"

"Well never asked about this." Gwen grinned over the game pieces in front of her. Battleship was the name of the game.

"I just don't get it though, its Battleship, how could ANYONE be good at this game?" Pete sighed and ran a hand through his messy hair. "E 3."

"Its a game of chance, meaning there is no strategy to it. You just have to, I don't know...guess really good?" Gwen placed her game piece in the appropriate place and glanced over at her oppenent. He looked miserable and sweaty. But then again, they were sitting outside in the back of the stage in very warm weather playing Battleship. Gwen had suggested sitting outside, she didn't like the idea of being stuck in a bus all afternoon. "G 7." She was originally sitting oustide the merch bus reading some novel when Pete had walked up with game in hand and asked if she would like to 'duel' him in a game that only he could win.

Funny, she didn't think this was going all to well. "What the fu....You sank my battleship Gwen! How the hell did you do that for the third time in a row? I swear you have this rigged or something." Pete exclaimed running his hands over his game pieces.

"Its your game Peter not mine. So there is no way that I would have it rigged. I'm sorry to disappoint you." Gwen stood up slowly, feeling the pains in her legs from when they fell asleep a half hour ago. "I must be off Pete. I have to prep and what not for tonight, you know the usual."

Pete stood up after her and winced as he to realized that they had been playing the game way to long. "It was fun Gwen, we should do this again sometime. Just make sure you don't cheat again ok?"

She laughed lightly and patted Pete on the shoulder. "Whatever you say Pete, I will see you later."

He gave her a warm smile as he watched her walk off towards her bus to change, and then turned back to his game. She was starting to warm up nicely to him, and this was something he had not expected in the least.

"Hello Peter. May I have a word with you?"

Pete haulted all actions in cleaning up the board game and turned towards where the voice was coming from. "Oliver?"

Oliver stood behind him, a cocky smile laced his lips and the way he was leaning against the wall you would of thought he owned the place. "What do you want?"

Oliver bounced off the wall and shuffled his way over to Pete, his hands deep in his pockets and the same cocky grin on his face. "Nothing really. Just wondering if you have seen my lovely girlfriend as of late. Oh wait, do I have the wrong guy here." He raised his fist to his hand and bit on it lightly, sarcasm was evident in this man's posture. "Yeah thats right! For once your not the one getting the girl. Huh? How silly of me."

Pete's anger rose quickly. "Like I asked before Oliver, what the HELL do you want?"

Oliver chuckled at how fast Pete had become enraged with him. "I just want you to give a little message to my dear sweet girlfriend and her fuck buddy. Could you do that for me?" He waited for Pete's response, but never received one. "I want you to let them know, I know whats going on. I'm not blind to this facade they are putting on. Believe me." He leaned closer to Pete, whispering angrily. "And if I see him lay one finger on her again...I swear Peter, that will be the last thing that HE will ever do. Do I make myself clear?"

"Fuck off Oliver!" Pete shouted, pushing Oliver away from him.

Oliver brushed himself off and smiled at Pete. "Oh, someone is touchy touchy aren't they? Just give them the message for me ok." He began to walk away when a thought occured to him, causing him to spin on heel and call out to Pete once again. "Oh and Peter?" Pete raised his head from the board game long enough to hear what Oliver had to say next. "So, how does it feel to have my sloppy seconds, and pregnant nonetheless?"

Pete threw the game board and pieces, anger coarsing through his viens. "How dare you!" He shouted after Oliver's retreating figure.

If Oliver wanted a war, then it was just declared.


Patrick stared at the angry man pacing in front of him. His eyes following the path his friend was wearing into the cement. "So.." He finally responded.

Pete stopped abruptly and turned towards Patrick. 'Thats his big answer?' "So...He threatened you and Peyton and all you can say is 'so'? What the hell Patrick!"

Patrick shrugged and played with a stray string on the bottom of his pants. "What do you want me to say Pete?"

"I want you to say lets get this fucker off our damn tour! He's threatening you and everyone else around here." Pete sighed and sat down next to him, making it very evident that he was angry in the process. "Why keep him here if all he is going to do is make us all miserable."

Patrick turned and looked at his best friend. He looked much older now in the light, the wrinkles and the wear and tear of everyday tour life was exhausting for him, but he did it anyways. "Because we shouldn't have to punish Lucid Eye's for something their bassist is doing. You don't see us getting kicked off any tour for you exposing your genitalia to everyone and their damn mother do you? No, so why should we punish the group for what one person is doing. I can deal with it, so you can too Peter."

Pete smiled at his younger friend. "Its because you would lose Peyton isn't it?"

"Its part of it," Patrick moped as he stood up and walked over to his laptop. "I mean, if he leaves, she leaves. They are a package deal when you think about it. So, if putting up with him means I get to keep Peyton around...then so be it. I can handle the little threats."

Music began to fill the air around them as Patrick began his warm up routine. "Whose to say their little threats?" Pete questioned, but was drowned out by the noise that had engulfed him. 'I'll just talk to him later then,' he thought as he made his way out the door and down the hallway passing Peyton in the process. "Peyton!"

Peyton stopped and turned towards the voice that had summoned her. "Hey Petey! Whats up?"

"Petey?" Pete raised and eyebrow at her as she shrugged waiting for him to answer her question. "No one calls me that."

Peyton blinked, not really caring whether or not Pete had like the nickname she had just dubbed him. Her mind was in the other room where a man stood waiting for her. "So..."

"I think you and Patrick are on some kind of wave length or something." Pete shook his head and laughed. "Its scary to think about too."

Peyton smiled, "Is that all you wanted to tell me Peter, I'm kind of on a mission."

Pete raised an eyebrow at her again causing her to giggle. "Well, actually there is something I wanted to tell you. Its about Oliver." He watched as her face suddenly fell and her whole body tensed at just the mention of her 'boyfriends' name. Pete brushed off this notion and continued. "He came up to me and Gwen earlier and said something about knowing what was going on. He made some kind of stupid threat, but don't worry I think I took care of it."

"He threatened you? Why? What did he say? AND GWEN?!" Peyton was now in panic mode.

Pete grasped her shoulders to keep her from falling to the floor. "Calm down Peyton, its not that serious. Atleast Patrick isn't taking it that way, and when he does, thats when we should be worried. Not now, he seems to have things under control. So don't panic over something small, I just wanted to give you heads up on it. I didn't expect you to go ape shit." Pete laughed lightly at the scowling face she made at him. "Gwen and me are friends. She needed someone to talk to and well, I was being rather friendly that day so I talked to her and we seem to get along well. So that solves your Gwen question ok?"

Peyton half smiled and pushed herself away from him. She began to walk slowly backwards to the door Patrick was hiding behind while still talking to Pete. "Your so naive Peter when it comes to her. Just don't get sucked in just yet. Ok? Promise me that." Pete nodded and Peyton smiled as she turned and entered the room she had been longing to be in all day.

She closed the door as quietly as possible upon entering the room. Music filled her ears as she sauntered her way over to the man hunched in front of his laptop, head bopping in time with the rhythm and his mouth moving ever so slightly in sync with the words. She placed her hands gingerly over his eyes, blocking his view of the screen and whispered sweetly into his ear. "So a little birdie told me your birthday is coming up here really soon."

Patrick jumped and threw his headphones off. "PEYTON! Oh scared the shit out of me!" he laughed it off and turned down the sound that came from the speakers around him. "Yes, it is. Is that why your here?" He swiveled his chair around to face her and she smiled as she went ahead and straddled his lap.

He gasped at the sudden content causing Peyton to giggle. "No thats not the only reason why I'm here, but it is part of it." She place her hands on his shoulders and played with the hair poking out of the bottom of his hat as she stared into his eyes. "Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that today is the day."

A look of confusion flashed over his face as he questioned her with his eyes. "Today is the day for what?"

"Today's the day I am going to break it off with Oliver. I just can't be in a relationship like that with anyone anymore. I feel like I'm suffocating...and I don't need that Patrick. I mean you've seen what I deal with day in and day out lately. I mean between the fight and my sister. Its just to much for one girl to take. Plus, he's not the same guy I met two years ago."

Patrick couldn't believe the words coming from Peyton's mouth. He was very tempted to pinch himself at that moment to check and see if he was dreaming. "It's not because of me is it?"

Peyton laughed lightly. "No, not entirely. You just helped me see what I had been blinding myself from. So for that I thank you Patrick Stumph."

He smiled as his hands roamed up and down her arms. "Well your quite welcome Ms. Clarkson. Anytime you need assistance in anything I will be glad to help."

Peyton leaned forward and kissed him gently. "Well thats good to know then."

"Does this mean your single then?" Patrick inquired.

She smiled and leaned back away from him. "Yes, but I don't want to jump right into another relationship. I don't do rebounds."

Patrick threw his hands up in defense. "Did I ask you out? I think we have a strictly platonic friendship nothing more."

Peyton punched him in the arm and watched him wince. A very bad 'fake' wince. "Oh of course, stricly platonic friendship with nothing else going on right?"


"Right!" Peyton laughed as she watched Patrick screw up his face to make him look serious. "So anyways, like I was saying. Your birthday is next week, do you have any plans?"

"Are you asking me out on my birthday?" Patrick encircled his arms around her waist, holding her still in his lap.

"No, I was just wondering if there was going to be a party or anything. Ya know, in case you want to invite me or something. I promise I will bring a birthday present." Peyton winked playfully at him.

"Really? Well then.." Patrick trailed off as he picked her up and threw her on the couch. "Can I have a sneak peak then?"


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