Review for It Was Just for the Experience

It Was Just for the Experience

(#) meeniemoe 2007-03-22

ooh ryan's gonna get it from grace xDD ahahahaha....god i love this story. put me in heaven with this fic and i'm good to go 8D hehe. i can totally see brendon eating peanut butter and then slipping some into everyone's foods, (just for the hell of it...) and i'd get an allergic reaction. xD
or i shall kill.
xD the you was on the second line cuz i forgot to add it with the kill. xD
xoxo nat

Author's response

Hehehehehehehehe! runs and hides but you know if you KILL me then i won't be able to update. OOO catch it B! Hehehe peanut butter...oh the possibilities!