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Chapter 2: Explanations! at the Disco

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Panic and the girls discuss... it's fairly boring...but we'll get somewhere eventually

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Grace, Liz, and Natalie sat nervously on the couch opposite Ryan, Brendon, Jon, and Spencer.

"Well, let us start by explaining why we are...sneaking around back here." Liz started quietly, quivering under the stares of four famous musicians, "You see we are each 21, and seniors in college."

"U.C.L.A." Grace Stated

"USC Trojans beat Bruin ass." Natalie muttered at Grace with a friendly glare of inter-school rivalry.

"Chapman owns both your butts." Liz muttered. " Anyway, we've been friends since high school. Our schools are close to each other, yes, but since we don't really see each other often, what with studying and crap and...well I've never been to a concert before..." She paused to blush, "We decided to attend one of your concerts before...well we'll get to that part later." She said the last part hurriedly, "So we decided 'Hey! Our home town of San Francisco!' well close enough to it, 'let's drive up and see Panic!' So we came, and the concert was awesome by the way, and if that wasn't enough we decided that it would be a bit of an adventure to see if we could find you guys and meet you."

And seeing looks of apprehension creep onto the faces of Ryan and Brendon she added,

"That was their idea by the way." Liz pointed to her two friends who made faces back at her.

"Liz!" Grace huffed.

"Hey you wanted to just as much as us!" Natalie said in a hurt tone that her friend would say that. "You were just the most scared!"

"Well we were going to meet them anyway! But no! we had to go meet them tonight! Not two weeks later!" Liz snapped back.

"Oh great!" Ryan interrupted her story sardonically, "Rabid fan-girls are staying on our bus until we can explain this shit to Eric." it is lucky for Jon that glares cannot kill, for the look Ryan sent him certainly had the potential.

"What makes this even more awkward then it already is," Liz said even more loudly then Ryan's sardonic tone, "is that, as Seniors, the universities that we attend offer a program for people in our fields of study. It's an internship of sorts. Managerial internships for...well...basically...ummm we become assistant managers to Panic! At the Disco's current tour. We take our regular classes online, we tour with you. We live for months with people we were just caught stalking." Liz finished burying her face in her hands.

"Wait," Spencer interrupted, "You're saying you are not exactly stalker fan-girls, you're just...going to be working here?" He blinked, obviously as confused as his band-mates. "Eric knew you guys?"

"No we haven't met him yet, and we weren't supposed to be here until next week. In fact we don't even have our bags or anything." Grace began to look worried now.

"Well you aren't actually staying." Ryan said with a touch of mirth in is voice.

"I'm sorry?" Liz asked in a rather insolent tone. "We were hired to work for you. We are working for you, you don't like us? Tough. Shit. We are working here."

"er, Ryan," Jon said, seeing a dangerous look in the small brunette's eyes, "They were hired, and they are coming with us, right?"

"Jon," Ryan turned to his friend and spoke in a low voice, hoping that no one else would hear, "they blatantly disrespected our personal space, our rights as human beings! They showed an immaturity that could never handle the level of work needed in this job! We'll find other interns. Not annoying fan-girl wannabes."

"Yes, and we're sorry about that!" Liz started,

"We are?" Grace asked, "'Cause I had fun."

"Not...helping." Natalie hissed.

"Dude, Just. Calm. Down. They can hear every word you're saying." The bassist muttered.

"And amazingly we can STILL hear every word you're saying." Grace stated, staring at the two of them as if she questioned their sanity. "And besides, we signed contracts. There's nothing you can do about it. We are going to be joining you in a week after we pack our things." She stood sharply, "Deal with it. Let's go." She motioned to Natalie and Liz.

Natalie and Liz followed Grace's lead, standing slowly, looking both embarrassed and disappointed at having to leave so soon.

Natalie twirled a strand of hair around her finger and turned back towards the boys.
"" She mumbled, "Sorry about this." She looked down and turned again to follow, Liz putting and arm over her shoulder and half dragging her towards the door.

"Hey wait, dude Eric is expecting you guys to be here in the morning. Why don't you just stay? One week early isn't that big of a difference and we can get to know each other." Jon suggested, hopefully.

"No, we couldn't, really." Liz stuttered, blushing. "See we don't even have our clothes, and we couldn't impose upon you like this. It isn't right."

"No you have to stay! You can borrow our clothes for pajamas!!" Brendon cut in, "they're clean!" he added seeing the others' expressions, "And we're on our way to Southern California tomorrow so we can swing by and pick up your things. It's a day off for us and it's really no trouble. And we get tired of just the four of us. We'd love to have you ladies join us." He finished this mini monologue with what he obviously intended as a flirtatiously devilishly handsome smile, but in reality looked something akin to a goofy donkey with glasses trying to swallow an apple whole.

Introductions where given, the girls changed, sleeping arrangements made, and random conversation, but pleasant conversation was had.

And so, that is how the three girls came to be seated on the couches again, at 2:30 in the morning, this time wearing a curious array of 'pajamas'.

Natalie was squished between Grace and Brendon, wearing plaid boy's flannel bottoms, so loose around her thin waist that it continually required hitching up, and a baggy Fall Out Boy t-shirt, both Brendon's.

Grace, next to Natalie and across from Ryan, was wearing the only clothing small enough to fit her petite frame. She wore Ryan's sweatpants and one of his plain white t-shirts; Ryan being the only band member as equally skinny as Grace.

Liz was squished between Jon, who was sitting next to Ryan, and Spencer. She wore a pair of Spencer's sweat pants, and a t-shirt of Jon's that was five times too big for her.

"You're all," Grace yawned widely, "Completely wrong, the Older Malfoy dude's hair is way too white to be Paris Hilton like at all."

Liz's head snapped up from where it had been drooping, very nearly asleep. "But she used to have white blonde hair you know...I think....that might have been her dog though." She mumbled.

"I want peanut butter," Brendon stated, staring at Spencer who was now muttering in his sleep, his head tilted up and his mouth hanging open.

"Random, much?" Natalie laughed.

"No. I want peanut butter."

"Dude, it's in the morning. You don't eat at one in the morning. Stupid." Ryan snapped. Although he was much nicer now the girls had proven themselves un-fan-girly, he was still rather cold towards everyone.

"You can eat at any time you want!" Brendon cried, with more energy than should be allowed at the late/early hours of the night/morning.

Spencer jerked slightly and muttered almost incoherently in his sleep, "Drum....orgasms....vanilla was twice....annnnnn..." He resumed silence, save for loud snoring.
All eyes on him.
Blinking slowly.
"And..." Jon started slowly, breaking the awkward silence, "I don't think we want to know, and I think it's a sign that we should head to bed." He stood, grabbing Spencer's arm and giving it an almighty heave. It succeeded in pulling Spencer on the floor and awakening him.

"Um..." said Ryan, "where are we all sleeping?"

"The two extra bunks?" Spencer suggested.

"That only makes six beds, moron, we need seven." Jon responded.

"One of you girls can have the couch, this one turns into a pull out bed thing." Brendon said thoughtfully.

"I can take it, I don't mind the pull out bed." Grace offered.

"I'll take the pull out..." Ryan also offered and soon the whole room was loudly trying to create a sleeping plan for the night, no one heard anyone else and everyone thought they knew what was happening.

The lights were turned off; Natalie and Liz were falling asleep in spare bunk beds at the back of the bus, surrounded by the snores of the boys.

In the dark Grace nearly tripped over a video game controller as she made her way through the bus before climbing into bed and falling lightly and quickly to sleep.

Ryan sighed. He hated giving up his bunk. Not that he had ever had to before, but he just didn't like the idea of some other person sleeping in his bed. Oh well, she had a biting wit about her, that Grace girl did, and he didn't really want to be on the receiving end of it any more tonight.

He made his way to the pull out bed, climbed under the covers and in minutes was snoring softly.

All was peaceful and all was quiet as the seven young people dozed in comfort and relaxation.

All was calm. Well, until morning came and the entire bus was awakened by a glass shattering, earsplitting, migraine inducing scream.
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