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Chapter 1: Caught! at the Disco

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It's all fun and concerts until three get caught...awkward moment ensues.

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It was a dark night in San Francisco and the fog was starting to roll over the hills so it would consume the streets in its mist. Three girls, all in their early twenties, were making their way through an alley way dimly lit by the lights attached to the side of the large building they were walking behind. All of girls were thin, not exceedingly short, none of them taller than 5'3".

One of the girls glanced behind them as they walked. She-otherwise known as Liz-- looked a bit worried, if not very cautious as well. Her long brown hair that usually cascaded down her back like a waterfall ending just a little below her bottom was pulled up into a bun with a few little short loose locks of hair framing her face. Brown eyes matched her hair, which she liked to call a 'golden liver' color because it matched the coat of her dog of the same color. Form fitting blue jeans hugged her hips and the red hoodie made her stand out all the more. But her face was creased with worry as she scanned the alley for other people and she tripped a little on her navy blue open toed heels.

"Uh...guys..." She hissed urgently, "I really don't think we're supposed to be back here."

"Oh come on Liz," Natalie, a cute Asian girl, said chirpily. The girl's shoulder length black hair with bangs was perfectly layered for tossing one's head wildly to music at a concert. She was dressed stylishly in white textured pants and teal jacket with deep red heeled shoes. She was while leading the trio with great enthusiasm. "If they didn't want us back here, they wouldn't have made it so easy to get here."

"If they wanted us back here they wouldn't have had the locked fence." Liz muttered in retort. Natalie seemed to just ignore Liz as she skipped along.

The last girl chimed, "Well, they would have had guards or something to prevent us from jumping the fence if they really wanted to keep us out." The third, very thin and attractive girl, had shoulder length dark brown hair and bangs. That night, it was pulled up into a twist by a hair clip, which made her facial features appear even more sophisticated than usual. Her dark hair was paired with glimmering eyes of a similar color and she wore deep maroon dress that feel to her knees over leggings and black and white converses.

"What about security cameras, oh smart one?" Liz snapped back nervously.

"Come on, Grace is right." Natalie said, "Besides, we've made it!"
The three had come to the end of the alleyway, which happened to lead to a large back parking lot filled with huge black buses.

Liz gave a loud dramatic sigh.
"Well if we get caught and in trouble-"

"-if we get in trouble, Liz, you know you were just as anxious to meet them as Natalie and I. Live a little!" Grace said with a laugh at the end.

"What bus are they in?" Liz asked, who had seemed to give in.

"Er..." Natalie looked around, unsure, "One of the buses."

"No shit, Sherlock." Grace rolled her eyes.

"Great!" Liz said in a high voice that was on the borderline of hysteria. "For all we know we could knock on the door of a bus brimming with body guards. Natalie, what exactly are you going to say to them when-if-- you find them anyways?"
Jesus Christ woman!" Natalie cried, stopping and turning. "you were just as excited as me and Grace when we decided to try to find them."

"I know!!! But it would help to have a plan on what to say, how to explain why we're stalking them."

"That's easy!" Natalie grinned wickedly, "I'll just go-" and she changed her voice to sound air-heady and fan-girly, " GOD!" she squealed, "Brendon I like, love you soooooo much!"

"He'd scream and run away Natalie, bad plan." Grace laughed, adjusting her red knee length dress carefully.

"Alright, well obviously we can't find them, so I say seeing them in concert was enough...let's go!" Liz said quickly in one breath.

"Liz!" Natalie said sharply, "If you take on step towards leaving I...I...I shall poke you."

Liz's brown eyes widened, "You wouldn't!"

"Guys shut up and let's find them already!" Grace interrupted.

Brendon stepped out of the small bathroom of the bus, wiping the remainders of his make up off and scrunching his nose at a faint sound from outside. Did he just hear....No, he was just being paranoid, he decided. There was no way someone could be outside the bus yelling "Brendon I like so love you!" He was just on edge after that one show where a kid declared that they would loose their virginity to each other and never ever touch anyone else in the whole world ever after, if it was the last thing she did. He was paranoid. That was it. For sure. Besides, the restraining order still had five more years before he had to renew it.

Walking down the hallway towards the main sitting area of the bus, near the front, Brendon paused in front of the scene that lay before him. His band mates lay in various arrays of relaxation. Ryan was eating and texting, Spencer and Jon were battling over some video game, Jon's mouth slightly opened in a blank stare.

"Dudes, did you like, hear something outside?" Brendon asked, sitting next to Ryan and trying to read over his shoulder.

Ryan nudged his friend without looking up and replied "nu-uh"

Jon and Spencer added "Nope" and "Uh...".

Brendon sighed. "I swear to god I heard something."
"Whatever," All three replied, still not looking up.

Ten minutes later or so a loud banging came from the door and Brendon jumped up to answer. Bill, the largest Panic! Body guard, and Eric, assistant to their manager were at the door, herding three scared looking girls in front of them up into the bus.

Liz was beyond pale. She had been pale when she was trying to get Grace and Natalie to turn back, now she was so pale, Ryan's spotlessly clean white shirt collar looked grey.

Natalie's face was frozen in worry and fright, she was unusually quiet, and she was chewing slightly on the nail of her index finger.

Jon, Spencer, Ryan and Brendon stared in shock.

"Errr..." Said Ryan awkwardly.

"Do you four," Bill huffed, "know these three? I caught them lurking around the guards' bus." He continued sarcastically, "Are they part of the tour? Are they your girlfriends? Do they have exclusive passes? Do they work here?" he growled.

Jon cracked up "Oh yeah, they work here, remember?"

Eric's face cleared from the deeply lined frown, apparently completely missing Jon's sarcasm, "Ohhhh! You three must be the new back stage workers. Excellent! I was told about your arrival, though I didn't expect it to be in the dead of night back here, but then I'm always on the loosing end of the communication line."

Ryan's jaw dropped, glaring at Jon, Spencer looked like he was about to break out into giggles, Jon look slightly bemused by Eric's reaction, and Brendon stared. Was Eric really this stupid?

"Well since you girls will be working so closely with the boys over the course of the tour, I'll leave you to get to know each other." Eric grinned cheerfully.

"No, see"
"That's not"
"Don't you..."
Chorused from the band and the girls, but Eric waved it all away good naturedly. "I know, I know you must be eager to find out your job details, but for now just settle in! We'll set up bunks right here for you and everything!" And he and Bill left. Left! Left three now-shy fan-girls with one very confused boy and three boys very angry with said confused boy.

"What just happened?" Jon asked, as innocently as he could.

"They," Ryan said a slight bit in his voice, pointing to the three, still, shell shocked girls, "are apparently working for us...with us...on tour with us."

"Actually..." Grace looked around. "Well I know we weren't supposed to be back here and everything but see..." Her voice trailed off.

"Well," Liz said, her voice half afraid, half shy, and half amused deeply, "this is awkward." She gave a half smile around the room as Natalie and Grace gave her a 'not now' look.

"Explanations. Now." Ryan commanded, motioning to the sofa's lining the bus.
The girls coughed nervously looking around.

A/N i am inspired by my dear friends (you know who you are loves) and i couldn't write this without them. And i promise them i SHALL finish this! I just need your help xD also they help me brainstorm and they tell me when it's crap so this is really just as much their work as mine.

Please comment as you see fit! they are loved and welcomed with huggles and cookies XD
much love
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