Review for Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

(#) pinkkissypetefreak 2007-03-27

aw, Bob! I luff him too! sigh
anyway, I agree, Mikey does look quite sad sometimes, but it could also be the meds he's on. I don't know much about being bi-polar, but I can imagine. Alicia seems to be really, really, sweet and I think that she's awesome. So I was completely happy that he married her. He seems to be happy when he's with her (from pics I've seen). So I hope that it lasts between them. The good thing is that they're rock famous, but not really hollywood paparazzi famous, so they can live their life together somewhat privately. You know what I mean? A lot of people give her a lot of shit for being so open. But I say if she wasn't open (blogging/posting pics,etc.) they would find fault in that, saying she was a snob chick or whatever. Oh well, sorry for rambling on your reviews!
I don't want to see this fic end!
Tell me that you'll write another. Don't make me beg... :)