Review for Flirting PhD

Flirting PhD

(#) eile 2007-03-28

I REALLY like the idea you have for this :D The only thing that I would critique you on is grammar, for instance, "He's complaining of about migraines again." you could have either left out "of" or "about" which would give you, "He's complaining of migraines again." Also, it mentioned the patient as a "he" but then it turns into "she"? But other than that, it's a great storyline :D

Author's response

whoa.. this is awkward.. erm ok. i guess i really do need to work on my grammar. and about the patient, 'he' didnt turn into 'she'. Isobel thought that the patient was a male, thus calling the patient 'he'. the nurse corrected Izzy by calling the patient 'she' because.. well.. she's a female.