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Chapter 1

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What would you do if your best friend shows up at your workplace a.k.a the hospital after 10 years without a word? Well, it would've work out fine sans the fact that he arrived in an ambulance. A c...

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The air was thick with the summer heat, but the children that were playing in the playground didn't seem to care. The kindergarten was in a state, what with kids running here and there with toys strewn half across the playground. Far in the corner of the jungle gym, a little girl with blond hair and bright blue eyes stood with her face contorted in confusion.

She shouldn't be here, she thought. But the thought was put aside when her wandering eyes fell onto two boys standing by the swings not far from where she stood. The older one was holding onto the smaller one's hand. Both boys had brownish looking hair and warm brown eyes to match.

The little girl tilted her head to the side, trying to figure where she seen them before. But her attention was shift to focusing on balancing herself when the ground seemed to shake and mists filled her surrounding. Now this wasn't suppose to happen. Grounds don't shake and mists don't just appear from thin air in the middle of summer.

When the mists lifted, the little girl wasn't a little girl anymore. Instead, she have had a growth spurt and was in her teenage years, turning her once chubby face into a classic all American girl's look. The playground was also missing, and in its place is a stadium of some sort. Like the stadiums that schools have. To complete the scene, everyone she sees including herself was wearing the infamous dark blue graduation robe.

Once again, her eyes were caught by the brown hair youth. But this time, the boy had dyed his hair jet black, not to mention grown into a fairly good looking teen. He was also dressed in a graduation robe and was talking to some of his friends as they pat him on the back, offering congratulations. For a moment, their eyes met and the girl found that she couldn't breathe.

This boy means something to her.. she just couldn't remember what. Something nice.. something warm.. something that she can't afford to forget..

'Doctor Willows..'

And she means something to him, she knew. The way he looked at her tells all she needed to know. The boy gave her a smile, so small that it was barely there at all.

'Doctor Willows..'

He began to push against the crowd of cheering students and his smile got wider as the gap between them lessened.

'Doctor Willows..!'

Isobel Willows jerked awake. The first thing that came into her mind was the dream she had. The same one that came to her for the past couple of days. She only recognized the boy in her wake for some reason and it frustrated her. It would've been easier if she recognized him in both worlds, or else she'll never figure out what the dream meant. Looking to her right, she saw a young woman in a nurse's attire peering at her with concern in her eyes.

Shaking her head a little, Isobel cleared her throat and smiled. "How long was I out?"

"About ten minutes or so." The nurse answered.

"Well," Isobel started as she walked over to the lounge's counter to get herself a cup of coffee. "What's wrong? I mean, you didn't wake me up for no reason, did you?"

"Of course not, Dr. Willows." She said gently. "I just wanted to tell you that patient in room five needs an overall evaluation."

"Oh?" the 29 year old doctor sipped her freshly brewed coffee. "What's wrong with the patient?"

"He's complaining of about migraines again."

"Again?" she said in an incredulous tone. "You mean he have had others?"

"She." The nurse curtly said. "And yes, there have been others. Dr. Matthews gave her a prescription, but she's not reacting to it." The young intern handed Isobel the clipboard she was carrying as the doctor drained the last drop from the paper cup.

Taking the clipboard, Isobel set out into the fiasco that is the hallways of the Seattle hospital. "Dr. Matthews?" she snorted. "I'm not surprised. The only thing that man care about is being head of the neurology department." Smiling at the giggling nurse that was struggling to catch up, Isobel ran through the charts and diagrams as she burst through the doors of level four. "Give him two extra micrograms of the prescribed meds and keep me posted."

Putting her messy blond hair into a bun, Isobel grabbed the nearest clipboard from the assignments shelves in the doctors' office and set to work. And as she walked to her assigned patient's room, she allowed herself to think about the dream. It was odd.. she haven't think about her best friend since she started college. Not surprisingly. Medical school just don't understand the meaning of 'me time'.

Wonder what he's been up to these past years? The last she heard, he wanted to be an artist of some sort. Isobel unconsciously smiled. How can she ever forget that? His artwork was absolutely phenomenal! She remembered him telling her that she only said that because she was his best friend. But the fact is, the boy had more talent than he knows. Besides, everyone thought so. Even when they say that it looked like crap.

Finally entering room number fifteen, Isobel talked to the patient a little before washing her hands and began to patch up the bleeding cut on her patient's temple.

He was so unpopular, always being pushed around by jocks whose brains weren't even half the size of Gerard's brains. She misses him a lot. He was always so kind and maybe a little klutzy. Can't even climb the bleachers without tripping over his own foot. They were an odd couple, the both of them. A cheerleader and a goth kid. Who ever heard of that?

"I have. My daughter's best friend is a goth."

"Excuse me?" Isobel looked down, catching her patient's eyes laughing eyes.

"You asked whether anyone ever heard of a cheerleader and a goth kid together. So I said I have." The elderly man smiled.

"Well, it's good to know that not all kids are prejudices these days." Isobel laughed. "You're all done. I'll have a nurse give you your painkillers and then you're free to go."

"Thank you doctor."

"My pleasure."

Isobel stuffed her hands into the white doctor's jacket and walked out of the room with a radiant smile on her face. There was only one thought on her mind that night at the hospital. And that thought was about her best friend, Gerard Way.
Downstairs in the docking bay, an ambulance was dispatch to an address that was half across Seattle. Apparently, they had a man down at the city's hottest spot that night; the My Chemical Romance's concert.

Is this fate or what?

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