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Oh, hell no.

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Hey.. thanks to all of you for your reviews. And a special thank
you for a reviewer who nagged me into updating this thing here
(you know who you are.. ;D) Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERARD!!! He
looks good for a 30 year old.

Isobel rushed pass the crowd as she frantically prayed that she would be able to reach the hospital in time. It was times like these that she despised living in a city. Too many people, too little space and way too much pressure. She couldn't wait to get to the hospital, the one place that she's comfortable. Sounds odd, but when you've worked in a hospital for as long as she has, then you'll agree with her.

Her ambition of spending a nice day of work was thrown off an imaginary cliff once she set foot on the steps of the Kindred Hospital. The front door was crowded with people, each one holding either a camera, a recorder or a microphone. If that wasn't bad enough, Isobel could see a throng teenager trying to get pass the security. Not that the reporters were getting better luck.

Confused, Isobel herself tried to cut through the thickened mass of bodies. She was always such a delicate thing, so Isobel didn't even last a minute in a situation like that. But unlike the others, she has backup. And backup came in the form of Danny, her co-worker.

"Need a little help?" the dirty blond smirked.

"Like you can do any better." Isobel scoffed, arms crossed.

"Indeed I can, fair lady." Danny then grabbed Isobel's hand and easily pushed the both of them to the front of the crowd where they were let in thanks to their ID tags.

"What was that all about?" Isobel asked as she and Danny waited for the elevator to arrive. "I haven't sent that much reporter since.. ever."

Stepping into the opened elevator, Danny chuckled at his friend's annoyed expression. "Didn't you hear? We have a celebrity in our hands. And a seriously famous one judging from the crowd."

"Great." Isobel rolled her eyes as the elevator came to a stop. "That's all we need; a celebrity to complicate the already complicated things."

"Hey, if we can pull two major surgeries in one day, then we can handle a single spoilt celeb." Danny shrugged, following Isobel into the doctors' locker room.

"Attending to a rock star is different from drilling someone's skull, Danny-boy." Said a brunette from the corner of the room.

"Rachel, did you say 'rock star'?" Isobel asked, weary and dread clearly audible in her voice.

"Yup." Dr. Rachel Dawson nodded, smiling at the look on Isobel's face. "Don't worry, he's pretty cute."

"You mean you've seen him?" asked a red head from Isobel's left hand side.

"Is he really all that?" Isobel sighed, putting on her lab coat.

"Why does it have to be a he?" Danny groaned.

"Are you guys kidding me?" Rachel, the only one amongst the staff that actually reads gossip magazines was scandalized. "The band that this guy is in must be the most talked about and you're telling me that you don't even know him?"

"Spare me, I've got testosterones." Danny snickered, earning a round of eye rolling from the females. "I'm one girl talk away from painting my toenails pink, so excuse me ladies." He bowed and left the room.

"Anyway, I've seen this guy in person during one of their concerts. Trust me, he is so worth the double shifts." Rachel grinned.

"Good." Isobel smiled. "That makes two of us."

"You mean you're gonna try begging Chief into letting you have this guy?"

"No." Isobel pulled the door open. "I mean that I'm pulling a double shift today." And she left.

Isobel has been working in Kindred Hospital all her career, but she has never seen the place as crowded as it is today. It annoyed her to no end, having to push and shove her way to the O.R and back again. Just as she started to get used to being elbowed in the gut, Isobel narrowly missed a wheelchair gone haywire thanks to some freakish chain reaction from the stalkerazzis. It's safe to say that it was Isobel's pleasure to curse the celebrity that invaded her sanctuary.

"Dr. Willows." Isobel looked over her shoulders and forced a smile upon seeing her Chief Doctor standing against the receptionist's desk.

"You called, sir?"

"Yes, yes I did." The Chief a.k.a Dr. Lee smiled. "I was wondering if you've heard of a band called My Chemical Romance."

"My Chemical.. what?" Isobel pulled a face.

"Well all right then!" The Chief grinned, beckoning Isobel to follow him up the short flight of stairs. "Then I suppose that you won't mind if I give you the patient in Suite Number 2?" The Chinese-American asked, waving a beige, colored folder in Isobel's face.

"What?" It didn't take long for Isobel to put two and two together, and the final result didn't rest well with the young doctor. "Wait.. I see what you're doing." Isobel narrowed her eyes at her boss. "With all due respect sir, I really have to decline the offer."

"Now hold up." The Chief made a 'stop' motion. "I have half a dozen of doctors your age and below, chasing me around this place just to get their hands on this folder here." He waved the folder in Isobel's face again, much to the latter's annoyance. "And you're telling me that you don't want it?"

"I'm sorry sir, but I don't do spoilt celebrity."

"Why not? I've been told that he's quite the eye candy." The older doctor wiggled his eyebrow.

"One woman's eye candy is another's eye sore, I suppose." Isobel shrugged.

"Well that's too bad." The Chief smiled THE smile, making the young blond squirm a little. No one is safe when The Chief gives them THE smile. "Because I'm no longer asking you to take this patient, Dr. Willows. I am TELLING you." And he shoved the folder into Isobel's reluctantly opened hands.

Looking up from the cursed folder, Isobel groaned loud enough for a passing nurse to give her a look. Apparently, the ever famous Dr. Lee has tactfully stopped right out side Suite Number 2; a place for the wealthy patients of Kindred Hearts.

Its not that she hates celebrity in general, it's just that she's been eyeing a tumor patient for a while now, and nothing beats being the head of a tumor removal surgery, as sickening as that sounds. Isobel Willows has gone from being on top of her field to a babysitter. And the fact that she could hear laughter and swearing from the room didn't lift her mood very much.
Putting her hands on the cold metal handle, Isobel didn't even bother reading the nameplate beside the door. A gesture that she will later regret, for sure. Taking a deep, calming breath, she pushed the door opened and put on her best 'good-morning-I'll-be-your-doctor-for-today' smile.

But one look at the patient clad in what looked like black silk pajamas made her whole system freeze. He looked just as she remembered, sans the long ebony hair. In its place is a crop of short jet black hair, sticking out in just about everywhere, with brown eyes peering curiously from under it. His hands fiddled with the white sheets while four of his friends (Isobel nearly fainted when she saw another boy that looked more or less like him amongst the four) stopped what they were doing upon the interruption.

Brains frozen, body draped in cold sweat, Isobel wasted no time in turning around and slamming the door shut before sprinting across the hall in her Prada and calling out for The Chief.

Inside Suite Number 2, the shock was steadily setting into the men's brains. Being the first to recover, Gerard stopped fiddling with the sheets and asked:

"Was that--?"

"Oh yeah." Mikey breathed.

"No doubt bout' it." Frank agreed.

"Oh fuck." Gerard groaned, visibly sinking deeper into the cushiony bed.

I don't know about you ladies out there, but Gee in a black silk
PJ sounds pretty hott to me.
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