Review for Learning to Love Again

Learning to Love Again

(#) GwenMerlon 2007-03-29

Ok, so I'm still not happy with the Shay/Patrick/Pete... this is kind of like watching a train wreck (emotionally!!! NOT the writing!!!) because I know this is going to be bad (more sad, I think) but I keep coming back for more.


He really is going to be heart broken!! I don't know... I guess I just don't understand why anyone cheats, that's bad enough... but a baby too? Oh gosh. That really is one big mess... I kind of don't know what to say.

Well... I guess I am still able to say that I love your writing and how this story just flows together. It really is a work of art, my friend. even if this makes me very frustrated to read, you know I'll keep coming back for more! Points!!!