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Chapter 7 - It's Doing Nothing But Tire Us Out

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An Offer of Explanation...

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Chapter 7 - It's Doing Nothing But Tire Us Out.

Sue's suggestion that Patrick and Shay have a weekend on their own to re-establish the roots that led them to marriage, was without question, the turning point in Shay's positioning of thoughts....

She poured the red wine into the glass and he shuffled in from his home studio.

"It smells amazing Shay..." he said, taking a seat at the table. She sat down too and smiled at him, he looked handsome in his black slacks and black shirt.

It felt so awkward at first, there was always 3 other small humans at the table with them, the noise levels were also usually much much higher.

As they learned to love again at the dinner table, their words fell out clumsily and her body language couldn't relax.

"Muffin..." he said, using her vintage nickname.

"Uhm?" she asked, looking up from her dish.

"This is delicious!" he said with a huge smile, she blushed a little and shrugged her shoulders slightly.

She placed his plate of dessert on the table and he chuckled, the same desert they'd had all those years ago when they spent their first night together.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" he asked with a quirky smile. She laughed gently and pushed her spoon into his plate of dessert and put it to his mouth.

"Do you want me to seduce you?" she asked, he opened his mouth and she fed him the spoonful of soft cheesecake.

As he went to offer her the same gesture, his hand clipped her glass of wine and it splashed over her dress. She gasped quickly and stood up, rushing to the kitchen to try and get some of it off.

"I'm so sorry!" he said, rushing after her.

"It's fine!" She gasped, dabbing her dress quickly.

"I'm such an idiot!!" he scolded himself.

"Baby, it's OK, it's just wine!" she said, with a brief smile to reassure him.

"Get the white wine from the fridge!" she instructed him, dabbing her green dress slightly. He took out the bottle and opened it. He looked at her as she continued the dabbing mission on her dress.

She looked up at him as he stood helplessly.

"Pour the white over it..." she said, moving towards him and he frowned slightly.

"It gets the stain out, pour some on!!" She reassured him, holding out the stained part of her dress. He tilted the bottle and wine flowed over the fabric.

"It's cold!!" she giggled as she grabbed the towel and kept pressing it against the dress.

"A little more..." she said, looking down at her dress, Patrick's eyes were all over her, feeling his skin hot under the collar as his alcohol covered wife fussed before him.

"Patrick?" She said quickly, then she looked up at him, it had been a long time, but she knew exactly what those eyes wanted. Within a second, his lips were on hers, kissing her like they were teenagers, her hands fumbling with whatever they could hold on to.

"Here's an idea..." he said in a low voice and skilfully unzipped the dress and it shot to the floor quickly. Shay stared at him in disbelief.

"You're hands are always clumsy - you're not supposed to be able to do that!" she whispered, stood in her underwear.

"I've been secretly practicing late at night while you sleep!" he said proudly, she laughed hard and allowed him to lift her slightly, walking to their room, just as they settled on to their bed, his cell rang loudly, he stopped kissing her and reached up for it.

"Oh - I don't think so!" Shay said with a little frown, stopping his hand.


"-NO! Patrick, you're with me now, forget about your damn cell!!" she said angrily. He hesitated for a moment as he looked at her face beneath him but he reached for it again, grabbing it and answering quickly.

The call was over quickly and Patrick turned to look at Shay as he sat on the edge of his bed.

"I had to take it!" he insisted.

"You always do Patrick." She said, laced with ice.

"Don't do this Shay!" he whined, crawling back over to her, she knocked his hand away from her.

He leaned down to kiss her but she turned away.

"Not even time to love your wife..." she said sadly. He frowned hard.

"Isn't that a little dramatic?" he asked, sitting up.

"If that's what I need to be in order for you to justify your god damn negligence to just the smallest things in this marriage - then fine - I'm dramatic!" She hissed, getting up quickly.

"Shaylese!!" He growled angrily, storming after her, she'd rattled his cage.

"Oh what?" She asked, noting his use of her full name, grabbing her dress off the kitchen floor and wriggling back into it.

"Don't be a bitch - it doesn't suit you!" he huffed. She turned slowly and looked at him, Patrick felt a small shudder ripple up his neck, he'd never seen a look like that from her in all the time they'd been together.

She moved up to him quickly and whacked his chest hard and he quickly put his hands up to fight her off.

"Shay!!" He growled, grabbing her hands as she continued to hit him angrily.

"You don't even care! You don't even care about me!!" she shouted angrily, surrendering her lashing arms. Patrick had her pinned up against the table with her arms before her chest, holding his breath in case the anticipated words he had penned behind his tongue, ended their marriage right there and then.

"Get off me!" She moaned and pushed him off her hard, hurrying away from him.

Shay cried silently, knowing she had overreacted slightly from Patrick's point of view but he had no idea what she was fighting with inside.

"Can we talk about this??" he asked, re-entering the room.

"No, No we can't." she said coldly.

"Why are you being like this, we're supposed to be working things out and all you wanna do is fight!"

"All I wanted to do was have a quiet evening with my husband but he's too preoccupied with arranging his business than taking care of his Wife!!" she snapped back quickly.

"I can't just drop it all!"

"Yes you can, for me, you can! Can't you?!" She asked.

Patrick looked at her in the ruined dress, her loose hair was no longer fixed neatly in her deep side parting, her eyes were tired and infuriated and he knew he was the cause of all her undoing's.

"Shay, listen-"

"-No!!" She shouted angrily.

"I'm not listening to your excuses any more! I don't want them - I don't need them - you don't even have them!!" She shouted.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME SHAY??!" He yelled, she froze. His eyes were furious. She knew why too, there was nothing worse than a husband being given a tongue lashing by his wife.

She walked up to him slowly and he saw the tears seep shyly from her eyes.

Wriggling her wedding band off she pushed it into his hands.

"Nothing." She said coldly.

"I don't want anything from you anymore Patrick." She said stepping back and walked into their bathroom, closing and locking the door. Breaking down behind it.

He left.


She didn't know and she didn't even know if she cared anymore.

She dialled his number and without even saying hello, she heard him sigh on the other end.

"Shay....Why are you doing this?" he whispered.

"I need you..." she cried gently.

"No - I can't. This isn't right - you need to work this out with Patrick-"

"Pete please! I just need you here...." She sobbed gently into the phone.

His heart churned as he heard her weeping on the other end of the line. It was awful for him.

"I'll be over in 20..." he said gently.

"Thank you..." She croaked and hung up the phone.

She opened the door to him and he slipped in.

"Where's Patrick?" He asked immediately.

"I don't know....we had a massive fight...." She said, pushing her hair off her forehead.

Pete flipped open his cell and dialled Patrick's number, it went straight to voicemail. He didn't leave a message.

"What did you fight about?" He asked as he affectionately tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Us....Him...the love that he shows that he doesn'thave for me every time he chooses his work over me..." Shay said gently.

"Shay - He loves his job-"

"-One night! I just wanted one night!!" She snapped.

"Ok! Ok..." He said, cupping her face gently, kissing her head softly.

"I can't make this work with him Pete....I really can't..."

"Shhhh, you can, everything will work out-"

"-No it can't!" she said suddenly.

Pete's eyes frowned as he looked down at her.


"I can't love him like I want to love you Pete..." She said quickly.

"No.." he said shaking his head slightly.

"I'm sorry - I tried to fight it.....I've suppressed these feelings for so long and now they're destroying me!" She cried gently.

His hand wiped over his face, dismayed, even petrified. Petrified because he felt exactly the same, he'd felt it ever since that ill fated night over 2 years ago....

Let's take it back a little more...

Patrick had moved his family out to LA temporarily with him as he recorded his album with Fall Out Boy. Shay wished she'd stayed home, she never saw him, he worked the longest hours and their reduced time felt borrowed from his career.

Pete smiled as Patrick's family splashed in the pool, he couldn't with hold his Peter Pan side any more and he pulled off his T-Shirt bundling into the pool with them, much to their delight.

Shay laughed from the pool side, glancing over the top of her book at the kids.

"Ohh Shay?!...." Pete hummed her name, she glanced over the book again and gasped as she saw his mouthful of water advancing to her. Squealing in displeasure as the water soaked her on the sun lounger.

A battle commenced, a battle of the sexes as Shay used Aimee and Pete, Rory, a battle of wills, a battle of self control as Pete felt Shay's legs wrap around him from behind.

"You're going under sucker..." She said menacingly and pulled him under, they grappled dangerously under the water and finally, he yanked her up for air and she gasped hard.

Both of them stood facing each other gasping hard.

"You grabbed my ass!" he said.

"You copped a feel!" She insisted.

"Mom, Is Uncle Pete a cop?" Rory asked. Shay laughed and splashed Pete playfully.

It was at that moment a look was exchanged between them. Shay admired his physique, his time for her children, his cunningly genuine million dollar smile...most of all, she loved how he made her feel, though she was sure he didn't even know it.

That look meant that as the kids lay in slumber in their room that evening, she allowed her guard to be removed and when he backed out in loyalty to his best friend's marriage, he in turn, took down his defenses.

"We should stop..." he gasped into her lips.

"I can't...I need this." She instructed him, kneeling over him on the sofa, her fingers placed around his mouth as she kissed him deeply.

"No..." Pete said, pushing her away gently but her hands were persistent, pushing back against him.

"Don't do this Shay!" he said, pleading with his soft side. Shay looked into his eyes, they were so beguile, she felt she had already gone too far.

She sat back off him and looked down, hiding her shame of being rejected by him. His fingers softly entwined with hers and her eyes were drawn up over the lines, curls and details of his tattooed arm. Lifting his hand up with hers, she pressed gentle kisses on to his fingers and put his hand around her face.

Shay then got off him and stood up, pulling her cardigan over her and walked to her bedroom. As she got herself ready for bed, she let her consciousness linger on the moments of verging faithlessness. It was wrong of her, she wanted to question her actions, but her insides told her she had every right to seek out that seed of desire, no matter how small and treacherous it was.

She was stood in the middle of her room, staring at the door in her nightie. Her hands shook slightly as they rested at each side of her body.

The soft knock of his knuckles made contact with the door and she took in a deep low breath, he opened the door and his eyes instantly connected to hers and the nightie she was wearing. The contact stayed committed as he closed the door behind him and made his way over to her

The primary gratification was his lips that stole moments from her as he went for the soft skin of her neck.

With that kiss, he made his decision that he wanted this with her. It was a mutual fornication, an agreement to break Patrick's heart. To which, they both had a deep sense of guilt overshadowed by the need to materialise their long running attraction.

Pete's thoughts overran his hands as they carelessly encroached on their self destructive journey. He found the manner of Shay's hands on him almost desperate and he gripped them gently, calming her, wanting her hands on him badly, but not so needy. That way he made sure he wasn't on some rescue mission to save this woman from the constraints of her unsatisfactory marriage.

She was a passionate woman.

He was sure she didn't know quite how passionate she was, he summated that by the way she showed no shame. She didn't care and lucky for her, her kisses had exquisite accuracy.

It marked the milestone of release for Shay, passion on a level she thought didn't exist. Wonderful endearing kisses and fully intentional hands, hands that wanted solely to please her, words that he wanted only her to hear too.

It was also within the boundaries of that betraying, perfidious act, that a child was conceived. A child that would be placed as a reminder of their infidelity towards not only Patrick but themselves. Every time that child would speak, act or move, it would represent them and their lack of self control and demand for things from each other they couldn't find anywhere else.

That entangled love affair wasn't the beginning of anything for either of them. It was only the beginning of the end of something that was meant to be infinite until death.

Till Death Do Us Part.

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