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Chapter 6 - They're Always Fighting With Aching Joints

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Let's get it on.....The therapy that is.

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"Rory - quit that now!" Patrick scolded his son as he nipped Aimee's legs under the table.

"She's bugging me!" He whined back.


"-Daddy, what's piss?" she asked, banging her fork on the table (with outstanding rhythm he'd like to add).

"What? No - I don't wanna hear you saying that word."

"What - Piss?" Rory asked,

"Rory Stump!" he pointed his finger at the dark haired boy.

"I don't wanna hear any of you saying that word!!" he said firmly,

"Including you!!" He said, pointing at Natalie, who in turn, pointed back and giggled at her Dad's gesture.

"Dad-Dad!" She spluttered out.

Shay absently twisted the pasta around her fork, it never actually reaching her mouth. She put it down and gently wiped her mouth with the napkin.

"You kids are giving me a headache..." she said softly and walked away from the table.

Patrick's mouth hung open slightly as his quiet wife sauntered out the room.

"She's on her period." Rory said, Patrick's wide eyes diverted to his son.

"What?" Rory said, shrugging.

"How old are you?" He asked with raised eyebrows.

"8 in ...." He stopped and tried to count.

"You're too young to be saying stuff like that-"

"-But she is!" Rory said,

"Finish your food , you little monster!" he said, Rory laughed and shoved his fork into he plate, shovelling more food into his mouth.

Shay leaned back against the tiles of her shower cubicle and the steaming hot water tingled her pores as they opened and left her skin with a tint of pink.

With the children, it had been her only form of a hiding place when her nerves became restless.

She stepped out and could hear Patrick in the bedroom with Aimee, twisting her long dark hair round her shoulder and wringing it she listened.

"Did we make Mommy mad?" Aimee asked.

"No bunny."

"Dad?" She squeaked, his eyes looked again and she thoughtfully petitioned him with her eyes, he undid her hair band, her hair escaping gently.

"Sorry for saying piss..." she said, he looked at her beautiful green eyes, her quiffy locks of hair kinked out and her pouty lips where stationed gently together just as Shay's would.

"That's alright baby." He said, gently kissing her head.

Shay came out and they both turned to look at the distant version of the woman who held such import to both of them.

"Hey..." she said gently, clutching the towel at her chest.

"Go give Mommy as kiss goodnight, I'll be in to read your elected reading material in a moment..." he said, gently touching her back as she drifted over to Shay, who knelt down and embraced her 1st daughter.

"Mommy loves you!" she whispered with closed eyes, Patrick watched awkwardly, like it was something he wasn't invited to share in on, the intimate moments of children with their mothers.

She changed into some underwear and stood combing the knots out of her hair. The bedroom door closed gently and she looked in the mirror to see Patrick had come in.

Standing behind her, his warm hands touched the deep curves of her waist and hip and he let his head rest on her shoulder gently.

"Are you OK?" he asked, looking at her eyes in the mirror before him.

"I think so!" she said honestly. It was the most honest she'd been in days.

Patrick took the comb from her hand and gently took her fistful of hair from her and pulled it over her shoulder, stroking her locks with the comb softly. The gesture was more than she could take and tears brimmed her eyes.

His eyes followed the work of his fingers and brushed against the skin of shoulder blades as he combed her hair out.

Shay knew he'd want to talk about everything, do his part in restoring the lost charisma of their romance. She decided to put up the only barrier that he wouldn't question.

Turning around, she slipped the comb out of his hands and squeezed the back of his neck, pulling him close to her and kissed him solidly, with the conviction of exactly how she wanted this to go. He physically gasped as she roughly undid his jeans and prepared him for the bodily altercation.


Her lips quietened his weak objections and she forcefully used all her body members to get him over to their bed and literally pinned him on his back.

Patrick was horrifyingly turned on by her shift in mood, especially as her moist lips left tender kisses on his neck, he wasn't sure whether he could actually make it through whatever she had in mind for them both.

His hands selfishly went for what he wanted and squeezed her breasts firmly in the ivory bra she had on. Shay's hands leant gently on the flesh of his torso as he gratified his sense of touch.

"Mommy I'm thirsty!" the small voice whined and she leapt off her husband quickly in fright.

Aimee's eyes stared at her flustered parents.

"Alrighty Aimee, give Mommy I moment, I'll fix you a drink!" she panted, catching her breath.

"Go back to your bed sweetheart, Mommy will bring your drink in a minute." Patrick said gently, she took awkward steps backwards, pulling the door knob in her small hand as she did, the door clicked closed.

Patrick sat up and gripped Shay's neck, kissing her throat hurriedly.

"Patrick." Shay said.

"No, don't stop!" he whispered firmly. Her hands resisted him and he stared at her.


"Sorry - I can't." She moaned and clambered off him, pulling on her jogging pants and T-shirt. She slipped out quietly, leaving a highly strung Patrick sat on the bed in disbelief.

Sue could feel the tension in the air as the three sat in her office. The clock ticking in the distance seemed to grow louder with each passing second. The couple just looked over at her. She knew where this session was going to go, and she was hoping that they were ready for it.

"I know I've asked this question before, but how much time would you say you get alone with one another?" Sue asked breaking the silence.

"Not enough," Patrick stated quickly. There was no thinking about that question. He sounded frustrated.

"Would you agree, Shay?" Sue asked.

Shay looked over at her. The poor thing looked exhausted and irritated. It was very strange how things have turned out with this couple. It went from Patrick thinking everything was ok and being resistant to Shay being the resistant one. It was a new development that challenged Sue and her training, but she accepted the challenge fully. No two clients were the same.

"I guess," she said simply.

"How often are you two intimate with each other?" Sue asked.

"Not enough," Patrick said again. Sue bit the inside of her lip.

"Is this necessary? Do we have to talk about that?" Shay asked putting her head in her hand.

"Well, I think it's important," Patrick said looking over at his wife in shock.

"Of course you would. You think about it all the time," Shay snapped.

"What? Shay, did I ever give you reason to believe that I think about it all the time?" Patrick asked now getting irritated.

"If I may?" Sue interrupted the couple's banter. It was not the goal to have the two fight about sex.

"Shay, intimacy is a very important part of a relationship between partners. I agree with Patrick. It is something that needs to be discussed, especially if needs are not being met because that is the leading cause to infidelity," Sue informed Shay.

Shay's head popped up and her eyes bored into Sue's. Sue felt slightly uncomfortable with the stare and she shifted in her chair.

"So tell me about it. What are some of the problems that you two face with intimacy?" Sue asked. She was not about to back down. This session was a critical one.

Sense of risk... she wrote down after Shay's comment.

"What makes you think there are problems?" Shay asked. She was starting to be difficult again. Sue didn't say anything; she just gave Shay a look that stated 'Really? You want to challenge this?'

"It's hard to get time with the children around. You never know when one of them will come into the room or call for you," Shay said sighing deeply. She was backing down slightly.

"Believe it or not, that is one of the biggest complaints of couples when they are having intimacy issues. Children do change that part of the relationship too," Sue said in a soothing manner.

"It sometimes feels rushed to me," Patrick spoke up.

"Meaning?" Sue asked.

"Well, I guess when we do get intimate with each other we rush through it, so we don't get interrupted. There doesn't seem to be any passion," he said.

Sue was shocked by Patrick's disclosure. She wasn't expecting him to be so compliant with the topic. This was a sure sign that he really wanted this relationship to work. He was in love with his wife and he wanted to do what ever he needed to do in order to make things work.

"What do you think about what Patrick just said?" Sue asked looking over at Shay.

"I guess he's right," she mumbled.

"Well, what do you think about your intimacy encounters with your husband?" Sue asked. She really wanted to hear something from Shay.

Shay sat there and took a deep breath. She started to stare at her hands again and Sue knew she was going to try to be avoidant. Patrick just looked over at Shay with pleading in his eyes. He really wanted to hear what Shay had to say about this.

"It feels mechanical to me. It's not like it was when we were younger," Shay shrugged.

Patrick nodded and looked over at Sue who was nodding as well.

"Couples get stuck, especially when children are involved. Sometimes sex turns into something that you both want, but you rush through it and forget to pay attention to the details of it all. It's nothing to feel ashamed about. It is actually quite common," Sue said to the couple.

Patrick nodded and looked interested in what Sue was saying. Shay on the other hand continued to stare down at her hands avoiding all eye contact what so ever.

"I want to give you two an assignment," Sue said shifting in her chair again.

Shay and Patrick both looked at her with questions in their eyes.

"Assignment?" Patrick asked.

"Yes. At the most convenient date, I want you two to take some time for each other. Make sure that you pay attention to each other and make sure that your partner is getting their needs met. Now, this means that there needs to be no children around. Is there any way that you can get away from the children for a weekend?" Sue asked.

Patrick looked over at Shay rubbing his hands up and down his thighs. He suddenly seemed nervous. Shay started to pick at her nails now. She was trying to seem as uninterested as possible.

"I suppose they can go stay at my mom's," Patrick shrugged.

"Great, now this is what I want you two to do," Sue said pausing and waiting for Shay to look at her.

Shay noticed the break in Sue's instructions and she looked up to see Sue staring at her leaning forward slightly in her chair.

"The most important thing is for you two to communicate to each other. Talk to one another. Tell the other what you want and be willing to give your partner what they want. Take your time. Sex isn't supposed to be rushed all the time. There is a time for quick, get your kicks sex and there is a time for passion. Now is your time for passion. Try to revisit the days when you two were just starting out. Pay attention to the details. Have a nice dinner, really work on your time together," Sue said with passion in her voice.

Both Patrick and Shay looked at her with slight shock. They weren't expecting that type of homework assignment at all.

"I think this is a critical point in your relationship where you need to have some Shay and Patrick time. I really think that this has been something that has been lacking in your relationship and it's no wonder with three children running around the house. Does this sound like something that you two would be willing to do?" Sue asked.

"Yes, of course," Patrick said nodding. In all honestly he couldn't wait to be able to do this with Shay.

"Shay?" Sue asked directing her attention towards the quiet woman.

"Yeah," she smiled and looked over at Patrick.

I can't help but see that Shay is, at times rehearsed and forced with her reactions towards Patrick....

I'm hoping that a little one on one time with each other would rekindle some of the feelings of loss that they had with in their sex life. I may require a single session with Shay on her own...

Shay stroked his hair softly, the strands moving between her finger tips, his steady breaths made moisture gather on her chest where he exhaled rhythmically.

She kissed his head softly and stroked the rougher skin of his face and cheek, he slept so peacefully.

This was passion. This had been what she'd craved for so long. That dampness on your legs as you lay entwined, where you both worked so hard to bring each other to that important place.

She finally had it back and it made her the happiest she'd been for years.

As she tried to close her eyes and rest, the plagued steps that brought her here resurfaced...

"This is crazy!" he whispered, his lips robbing kisses from the genetic pout that she had passed on to her children.

"It's long overdue!" she gasped back, nipping at the buttons on jeans and ruffling them down his hips.

It seems the therapy really had released something. A profound boldness to take whatever they wanted from each other.

It had been too long, too long since they'd ravaged each other this way and selfishly pursued their desires.

Pressing her against the dressing table, her legs slipped around his waist and clawed his T-Shirt up his back. His palms pressed over the contours of the curves and dips in the most wonderful places on her body.

"Look at you - you're so beautiful!" he gasped, snatching another kiss from her.

"Go on...." She whispered, running her hands up his torso and over his shoulders as she perched on the dresser.

"You're the only woman I can have this with!" he whispered, she smiled gently and he squeezed the flesh at her hips in-between his hands.

"Do I turn you on?" She asked softly, clutching his hair in her hands softly.

"Yes!" he gasped, his lips just skimming over the scented skin of her collar bone.

"Am I who you see every time you close your eyes?" she asked, tossing her head back slightly and allowing him access to her neck and throat.

"Yes!" he replied, his mouth burned passion onto her skin for the first time in a long time and she pulled her legs tighter around him.

The sex was outstanding.

"Why have you waited so long to touch me like this?!" she gasped as he made love to her.

"All that matters is-" he gasped and put his hand on the dresser suddenly, balancing himself.

"-I'm doing it now!" he finished.

Having the house to themselves was enough sanction for them to make as much noise as possible and Shay let him know how much she was enjoying this.

Tossing her onto the bed effortlessly, she unrigged her bra and threw it across the bed and attacked him passionately. Shay allowed the man with her heart to continue what he'd started only minutes before.

Shay had never, never experienced love making on this level and she whimpered as exhaustion set in. The tone changed as he worked hard to give her everything she'd ever not received from him over the years.

She felt it brimming up in her chest, yes, the emotion that she'd lacked in sex for some time. It crept up on her like a stranger and it stroked every sensation in her spine.

Their eyes locked and then their mouths in a bid to end this war of passion here and now, as he gave up his white flag, Shay let out the softest, highest sound he'd heard from any woman in his life and he kissed her quickly, sealing that feeling in her memory for the rest of her life.

The panting set in quick in her chest and she felt the swell of emotion swamp her chest, suffocating her. He looked at her suddenly.

"Shay?" he gasped, breathing nearly as hard as her.

With that, she cried.

Sex isn't something you cry over, unless you have such a valued connectivity with the person involved and it moves you in such a way, that words and physical contact cannot be used to express it.

And here she was, crying steadily as he hovered over her.

Her hands ran smoothly over his skin as he continued to sleep in the silence of the house. The kids were away at their grandparents and the peace had been a welcome guest.

Shay glanced to her small bed side cabinet and stared at the small object on it, it cursed her thoughts, she looked away quickly and back to the man in her arms.

His thick dark hair was still as distinctive in the dark as it was the day, her fingers laced around the characters mapped out on his forearms.

He stirred and his brown eyes sleepily met hers in the darkness of the bedroom.

"Shay?" he whispered, dragging his body up over hers. He kissed her succulently and she moaned gently.

"Make love to me again Pete...." She asked, his eyes stared at hers hard and he kissed her again, pulling one of her legs up around his hip, she carelessly glanced to the bed side cabinet to her side and the small gold ring that symbolized her marriage screamed at her again, she closed her eyes tightly and squeezed his hair firmly in-between her fingers.

In her mindless thoughts, she was apologising, over and over, repetitively, with every kiss made on her skin.

With being without it for so long, Shay was unsure if she really did feel the regret that would have stopped her enticing this third party man into her marriage...
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