Review for ***I'd Do Anything For Love.

***I'd Do Anything For Love.

(#) DemolitionLuvars 2007-03-29

I saw him grin, "What happened Mikey?" He turned to me, seriously concerned and touched me gently on the shoulder. "What kind of noises." Frank asked confused. He looked to the ground, slightly embarrassed. "So, you, eh think you were raped?" he asked me. feeling like I was swallowing something; a pill. "Yeah, I suppose," he answered hesitantly

Frank had his way with him...didnt he ha ha ha that part was so funny reading! :X "I remember when I got to my room last night being exhausted, I just collapsed on the bed and fell asleep, fully clothed." I took a nervous drag on my smoke, "I woke up this morning stark fucking naked thats SO FREAKIN FUNNY!

Author's response

LMAO- damn, is it that obvious?-lol, no Frank didn't...but that would be well funny in a really really sick way :):):)