Review for Broken Down On Memory Lane

Broken Down On Memory Lane

(#) GwenMerlon 2007-03-31

I think I'm review 100!!! I feel so special... you know, I think I'm going to pretend that was what I was going for all along instead of admiting to be really late in realizing you updated. Yes, lame excuse judging by the fact that you told me you'd have another chapter up by tonight.

So, while this last little bit wasn't earth shattering or anything like that, it really gave us a look into what these characters are thinking. You, of course have made me completely fall in love with Joe. I can't get enough of him in your story; "Kate blew him a kiss and waved goodbye as Joe caught the kiss and put in his pocket before getting into his car and driving away." Totally sweet and shows how close they really are.

There were a lot of things I really loved in this chapter: The string engagement ring (Yes, I know it was more in the last one but it was reintroduced here so I don't feel too late in commenting) reminded me so much of the Count of Monte Cristo. Though, in this case I tried to not get too attached and think it oh-so romantic because really, it's Joe and Kate... they should not be together in the grand scheme of things. Secondly, Pete running around, chasing his crazy children who love to sing random lyrics was too funny to picture. Those children really would be insane to handle. Thirdly, I really just liked the test Sara gave Kate to prove that she really was in love with Patrick instead of Joe. I think I'm going to use that on one particular friend of mine... I'll see if it really works. ;) And finally, She's friends with Sophia??? I love it!!!

Ok, so that was incredibly long and rediculous- I'm guessing... I never actually reread and see. Maybe that would be smart but it's like 5:30 in the morning here. My review is already most likely suffering from sleep deprivation. Lucky you. lol

Oooookkkk... I'm going to go now and attempt to give you points... I hope there are still some left after eight people have reviewed before me. Grr. Soo, I can't wait for more my dear! You are so fantastically amazing I doubt I can really put my thoughts into words!

Author's response

well my love you were busy cleaning and such and then entertaining guests so you were totally not expected to review right away, but i do love your essay, well in this case, novel reviews they always make my day times infinity, i do not know what i would do without your support.