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Ten - Yoko Ono.

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best friends are there to yell at.

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Joe immediately embraced Kate as she cried.
"Everything is going to be fine Kate, everything is going to be - oh crap is that really the time?" He blinked at the time on the VCR which read 11:23.
"Yeah, why?" Kate sniffled while wiping her nose with the back of her hand and then looking down at it disgusted.
"Cause I have a lunch date in seven minutes." He confessed while shoving his hands in his pockets and rocking back and fourth.
"Oh my God, really? With who?" She replied as she shuffled into the kitchen to get a tissue, napkin, paper towel, dish rag - anything at this point was better then her hand.
"Well you know that girl I've been telling you about?" Joe called from his spot by the front door.
"Uhm, Maddie?" Kate reappeared from the kitchen wiping her nose with a paper towel.
"Yeah," He smiled, "You have a really good memory."
"I know." She smiled in return, "Well you better get going, call first, wouldn't want her to think you stood her up or anything."
"Aww my baby's mama is telling me not to keep the hos waiting." Joe laughed at himself while Kate slightly smiled.
"Too soon for jokes?" He replied while embracing her and she nodded in his chest, "Don't worry we'll figure all this out my excellent show of bravado wasn't all wasted, someone needed to call him out anyways and maybe us being engaged will actually put some fire under his ass or something." He shrugged and she shooed him out the door.
"Thank you for everything Joe - now go, you're going to be late." Kate blew him a kiss and waved goodbye as Joe caught the kiss and put in his pocket before getting into his car and driving away.

Kate shut the door and immediately was on the phone with Sara who was in the process of planning the 'Welcome to the Family' tour party. But in the case of such emergencies a lunch meeting was scheduled and a little less than 30 minutes later they were sitting in the patio of a corner restaurant as Kate recounted the excruciating details of the morning.
"And then I told him that it wasn't his." Kate replied while stirring around the food on her plate.
"Uhm, why?" Sara said slowly while making some obscene gesture with her fork.
"Because I'm terrified of him - why would I want to get attached when he's going to leave, he always fucking leaves, and with a baby there is no way I can't be attached to him alright - I mean honestly everyone expects me to be this perfect person and I've been fine, alright, one stupid mistake in five years and I'm automatically sucked back into my old life, and I don't want to be that Kate anymore, the one that sits at home crying because the love of her life can't seem to stick around." Kate exclaimed as if Sara was retarded not to know that already.
Sara nodded, Kate did have a point, but she was afraid that Kate already had fallen back into that 'old Kate' mentality she was trying so hard to avoid.
"So, continue." Sara replied as she poked at her salad.
"I told him it was Joe's." Kate sighed but was surprised when Sara started laughing as if Kate had said the most humorous thing on the planet.
"Shut up - it was the only name that came to mind." She rolled her eyes as Sara continued to laugh.
"That is the farthest thing from believable ever Kate, honestly. Ok, sorry to change the subject but this has been bothering me since we sat down, why the hell do you have a string tied around your finger?" Sara gestured with her fork to Kate's hand.
"It's my wedding ring." Kate mumbled.
"Kate, sweetie, that's a piece of string."
"Yes I know but it's the thought, it symbolizes our ughh, love?" She replied while shoving as much food in her mouth as possible in an awful attempt to prevent herself from speaking any more.
"Whose love?" Sara, however, kept interrogating.
"Me and my fiancé's love."
"What fiancé?" Sara exclaimed wide eyed.
Sara once again started laughing and Kate groaned.
"What?" Sara held her hands up in defense, "Don't even be mad at me, you are the one who just told me that you are engaged to Joe Trohman - ok, you gagged when you kissed him in seventh grade Kate, or have you forgotten?"
"I know Sara but but but, he pulled the phrase and we're not going to do that kind of stuff - actually I wonder how his date is going?" Kate rambled off into a tangent.
"Wait, you're fiancé can't go on dates with other people that's kind of like a rule." Sara shook her head in disappointment, "And I swear to God you better not be talking about that 'the car is in the garage' thing Kate."
"And if I am?" She avoided Sara's gaze 'cause being glared at right now was the last thing she needed on top of what just happened.
"Ok we'll forget about that for a second, let's play a game." Sara started. She smoothed the napkin over her lap a few times before actually looking at Kate who was awaiting the point of Sara's story, game or whatever.
"Ok, pretend you're kissing Patrick." Sara paused as she watched Kate involuntarily smile.
"Ok, now let's pretend you're kissing Joe." She watched again as Kate's face scrunched up in disgust.
"Right, ok, good luck with convincing everyone that you guys are in love and have conceived a child together."
"Sara, c'mon - I can act, I was totally on One Tree Hill that one time and stuff." Kate huffed as she crossed her arms over her chest.
"Yeah, you were on One Tree Hill that once and did slightly better than Pete, so congrats on that." Sara smirked as she showed her two thumbs up.
"Ugh whatever - he told you to say that didn't he? Pete told you to tell me that I only did a little bit better than him when we both knew that I did amazing - and if you don't believe me Sophia Bush said so, so there." Kate stuck her tongue out at Sara.
"That doesn't even count - she's like one of your best friends of course she's going to tell you that you didn't suck." Sara rolled her eyes as Kate immediately took out her phone and dialed Sophia's number.

Patrick got out of his car furious and bloody; he stomped up the steps to Pete's house and didn't even bother knocking before barging in. He was welcomed with a naked Petey screaming at the top of his lungs while running away from his father who was trying to dry him off. Patrick immediately grabbed the naked child and put him under his arm as a severely relieved Pete stopped running to rest his hands on his knees.
"Dude do you know how long I have been chasing that little fucker around the house? His sister wouldn't even help me, she just yelled 'run Daddy run,' I mean honestly!"
Patrick chuckled slightly as Petey fought against his strong hold all the while pretending to be a T-Rex.
"Whose idea was it to leave you at home alone with your children?" Patrick questioned while handing Petey over to his father to be dried.
"Sara had to go plan the tour party so I said I'd watch them, which was such a bad idea -they own me. I was going to drop them off at Kate's - why are you bloody?" Pete replied wide eyed as he finally noticed Patrick's blood stained shirt. He immediately put Petey down and pushed him in the direction of his room. The towel clad child ran off in the opposite direction with his new towel cape around his neck in search of his older sister.
Patrick opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by Pete changing the subject.
"First of all, where were you last night?"
Patrick sighed,
"I was at my parents."
Pete gasped.
"What about Mel? Are you guys even still together? Did you take her to meet the parents? I bet your mother looooved that." He smirked and Patrick nodded.
"Meg. Yeah, I don't know if we're still together, and Kate was there - Kate's pregnant by the way."
"What? Gross. Is it yours?" Pete scrunched up his face after thinking about his sister in a compromising position.
"She says it's Joe's." Patrick spat forcefully which caught Pete off guard.
"Joe? Joe Joe - My Joe - Joe the Troh with the Fro?"
"You done now?" Patrick glared at his friend before nodding that yes, he was talking about 'Joe the Troh with the Fro.' Pete gave him a confused look and Patrick sighed.
"Can I tell my story now or are you not done being annoying?"
"Tell away." Pete gestured for him to 'go on.'
"Ok so I was at Kate's and everyone thought she was pregnant and -"
"Molly, MOLLY - stop teasing you little sister just give her the remote, and make him put some clothes on!" Pete yelled cutting off Patrick's story.
"Sorry, continue."
Patrick rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to continue but was once again cut off, this time by Molly.
"Hey, hey look at Petey!" She squealed excitedly while gesturing to her brother who was very admirably 'walking it out.'
"What? Is that my child? Who teaches him these things?" Pete gestured to his son before glancing at Patrick who shrugged.
"I got a bill in my mouth like I'm Hilary Rodham." Molly sang while hopping around.
"What did you just say?" Pete looked shocked at his daughter and Patrick perked up,
"Hey, Hey! That's the song that's been stuck in my head!'
"Don't say that again Molly." Pete instructed his daughter before bringing his attention back to Patrick "- it's not Sara teaching them that, she doesn't listen to that music, and that's old - 'Grillz' is like what, 2004? At least you're not corrupted." Pete cooed as he picked up Olivia. Olivia smiled preciously before,
"Smile for me Daddy." She giggled and Pete just stared at his child while Patrick laughed.
"Who the crap can it be . . . Kate!" Pete groaned before thinking some more, "Or Joe . . ."
"Can we not talk about Joe? Thanks." Patrick spat while taking off his hat to scratch his head.
"What's wrong with your face?" Pete practically yelled though Patrick was no less than a foot away.
"Joe punched me." He huffed and Pete sat back on the couch.
"Well - did you do something to upset Joe, or did you hit him first?" Pete said very paternally.
"Well, you know I might have hit him first and stuff but -"
"You are an idiot, why would you hit Joe who is bigger than you and wait, are you and Joe fighting?" Pete stood almost violently.
"Uhm . . ." Patrick averted his gaze to Molly and Petey who were having an extensive discussion on why brown and red don't make orange.
"You cannot be fighting, you are not fighting! We're going on tour, and we have a video shoot tomorrow -"
"We have a video shoot tomorrow?" Patrick questioned which only caused Pete to go into more of a panic mode then he already was.
"Does no one read their email!?" He furiously screamed, "Yes we have a video shoot tomorrow! God Patrick!"
Patrick stayed silent as Pete breathed heavily,
"Why in the hell would you be fighting, you're not a fighter unless it's about music or you know, Kate and, wait, wait, you were not fighting about my sister! Ughh! Bands break up over this shit! I will not have her corrupting my children and breaking up my band!" He started off yelling at Patrick but ended up yelling at the ceiling.
"Does anybody remember Yoko Ono? Yoko Ono people, Yoko Ono - my sister is Yoko fucking Ono!"
"Kate isn't Asian." Patrick finally decided to speak up with his wonderful words of brilliance.
"Thank you Patrick." Pete spat while rubbing his eyes.
"So what's this about a video tomorrow?"
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