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Eleven - Next on Making The Video . . .

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so music videos are cool - especially first scenes. Also thank you all for helping this story reach 100 fabulous reviews, i don't know what i would do without you.

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The next day Kate walked onto the set and straight up to her wardrobe rack which was empty. She turned around in circles while lazily pointing to the empty rack that was clearly labeled 'Kate.'
"Gwen!" She shrieked for her fashion stylist but didn't receive a response.
"Gwendolyn!" She called again and smiled when her friend appeared in her dressing room. The two exchanged hugs before Kate actually got down to business.
"Is this a 'what's my age again?' video knock off, or do you, you know, have clothes for me?" She laughed slightly while Gwen just looked at her like she was an idiot.
"Did you not read the treatment?" She paused before putting up her hand gesturing for Kate not to tell her, "No, of course you didn't." She laughed at Kate before continuing, "Well, this isn't a video knock off, and no you don't have clothes today - you have these!" Gwen exclaimed excitedly as she rummaged through a drawer before pulling out nude colored boy shorts and fleshy colored boob cover-uppers. Almost immediately Kate grabbed the video treatment and began scanning the sheet of paper. She gasped suddenly and briskly walked out of the room leaving her friend behind laughing. Kate peeked into Patrick's dressing room and also saw that his wardrobe rack was empty, she shook her head violently before storming into Pete's room, where he and the director were talking about something less important then the problem at hand.
"I am not doing this!" She screamed and threw the paper at her brother.
"You kind of have to." Pete sighed while rolling his eyes at the director.
"No, no, no, no, no, no!" Kate exclaimed still furious.
"Kate, sweetie, you had a chance to turn this idea down." Pete responded while placing his hands on his sister's shoulders.
"Uhm, no I didn't." She spat with a huff.
"Does no one read their email?" He questioned while glancing around the room awaiting a response from someone.
"Which one? I have like six accounts, either send it to them all or send it to the ones I'm reading. I check my email like every four seconds, Pete honestly!" She yelled while waving her Sidekick in the air. Pete shrugged and Kate sighed defeated before she stomped out of the dressing room. She glanced behind her to once more glare at her brother and ended up running into a very angry Patrick who was probably going to complain about the script. She groaned and stomped her foot as she tried to get him to move, but the two kept running into each other instead of actually passing each other.
"Honestly just move the fuck over!" She spat while shoving him out of her way before stomping back in the direction of the dressing room.

About an hour or so later Kate sat in her make up chair awaiting the rest of her posse which included a very flamboyant hairdresser named Christopher, and her make up artist Giselle.
"You know Gwen, I knew you loved me the minute you glued this plastic crap on to my boobs." She chuckled as Gwen rolled her eyes.
"You are a dork." Gwen laughed and slapped her playfully on the arm.
"Heyyyyy ladies." Christopher appeared in the doorway batting his eyelashes.
"I just saw Patrick Stump in his underwear - and you know he's not as fat as he used to be he has quite a nice ass. Kate, my darling, you are fabulous as always - Gwenny, lover, of course you are beautiful as well."
"And what the fuck is this about you being pregnant with Joe's baby, and corrupting my children and breaking up my band, Yoko Ono!" Pete randomly entered Kate's dressing room but stopped short when he saw Christopher who had this habit of grabbing his ass, and then stopped again when he mistakenly thought his sister was naked.
"Eww! What is wrong with you people?" Pete covered his eyes as he shrieked and backed out of the room suddenly running into Giselle knocking her over as well as all her makeup supplies.
"Kate, you are naked, you stay in the chair!" Pete exclaimed while still shielding his eyes and doing his best to help Giselle pick up her things.
Both Gwen and Christopher gasped.
"Ok, first of all she isn't naked brother dearest, and what you're pregnant?!" Gwen exclaimed excitedly.
"I knew there was something different about you!" Christopher gushed.
"I'm not even showing, you had no idea." Kate laughed while shaking her head disbelievingly.
"You glow baby, you glow." Christopher rolled his eyes.
"That is NOT Joe's baby by the way." Gwen replied while shaking her head in disbelief as she was walking over to help Giselle pick up her things because Pete was of no use to anyone.
"This doesn't really feel like make up." Pete exclaimed with his eyes still shut from the other side of the hallway as he relentlessly tugged on wires that were probably not supposed to be touched. Kate just laughed at her brother as the rest of her posse finished up on her face and hair.

30 minutes later Kate shuffled onto the set hugging the robe tightly to her body, she was severally confused when there was only the director and like two camera men.
"Where are all the people?" She practically shrieked.
"It's a closed set, we thought it would be easier for you if - " the director started but was cut off by Kate.
"No, no. Sophia said that it was way easier with people around, a closed set equals awkwardness and she would know, her ex was a douche bag too!"
"Hey I heard that!" Patrick whined as he appeared behind her.
"Yeah he cheated on her too but at least he had the balls to propose first." She spat over her shoulder and Patrick was a tad taken aback.
"A little bitter there Kate?" Christopher replied while making sure that her 'sex-hair' stayed sexed up.
"You know, that's not what it looks like." Patrick gestured to Kate's hair.
"This is what my hair looked like after Joe and I had sex." Kate fired back and Patrick tensed visibly upset.
The set stayed quiet as the director coughed nervously,
"Places." He called out. Kate and Patrick shuffled to the bed.
"Can I be on top?" Kate exclaimed excitedly.
"No Kate." The director sighed.
"But it's more believable that way." She placed her hands on her hips and pouted at the director.
"That is so much more than I needed to know about my baby sister!" Pete's voice called from another room down the hall.
The director sighed,
"Can you please just follow my instructions please?"
"Fine. At least he's not as fat as he used to be or else he'd crush me." She replied while jumping onto the bed.
"Hey! I never crushed you before." Patrick exclaimed trying to defend himself.
"That's 'cause I was always on top." Kate rolled his eyes as if Patrick was an idiot.
"What about that one time in the van, and on the bus, you couldn't be on top in those bunks -" Patrick started only to be cut off.
"Please, just for the love of God, stop talking!" Pete's voice boomed from down the hall.
"Alright!" The director yelled over all the commotion, "Since you two were obviously lovers, I'm sure you know how this works."
"Well not really 'cause I was usually on top and Patrick didn't know what he was doing." Kate mumbled.
"You done?" Patrick glared down at her, and Kate shrugged,
"I don't know, I might have a few left up my sleeve."
"Alright, get on top of her." The director pointed at Patrick.
"Awkward." Gwen's singsong voice could be heard from the same room Pete was in.
"Please don't squish my child." Kate replied as Patrick did as the director instructed.
"I don't think it's possible at this point in time for me to squish my own child Kate." He rolled his eyes at her.
"We've already discussed this Patrick, so unless there are two fetuses in my womb your chromosomes have not been shared with mine." She mirrored his eye rolling gesture. Before Patrick had a chance to reply the director asked them if they were finished, and if they could continue to make a music video.
"Ok, everyone settle, ready and -"
"EWW!" Kate shrieked and both the director and Patrick sighed.
"What Kate?" The director glared at her from behind his glasses.
"Look at his face!" She continued her yelling.
"What's wrong with my face?" Patrick questioned defensively.
"I can't kiss that." She gestured to his cut lip before adamantly poking it. He smacked her hand away.
"Well maybe I don't want to kiss you either!" Patrick retorted in a very childlike manner.
"Children," The director sighed, "Can we please just get this done? Just do it for me, just do it for me!"
Patrick sighed and waved the director over. He whispered something in his ear promptly ignoring Kate's singing 'Secrets secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone.'
Dave nodded and headed back to his post behind the camera,
"Alright everyone settle." He instructed the crew.

Kate opened her mouth to protest some more but was cut off by Patrick's lips silencing her. She felt the brief and entirely correct urge to fight him but that urge melted away as she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her mouth tightly against his. From the moment their lips touched, there was unimaginable electricity between them. He took quick advantage by pulling her closer, wrapping one arm around her waist and lifting the other to caress her face lightly with his hand. Shocked yet somehow unashamed she opened her mouth, running her tongue along the seam of his lips until he opened his in return. Their tongues slid against each other, hot and wet, frustrated and desperate. Patrick moved his mouth from hers, trailing his lips and tongue and teeth in a meandering path down, down, past the hollow of her neck to her collarbone. She continued writhing against him, feeling his muscles tighten, his fingers grasping at her hair, at her shoulders. Patrick then wrapped his arms around her waist, before moving them lower; she could feel his callused fingers on her bare thighs as he guided her legs to wrap around his waste. Without warning, Patrick thrust himself against her, turning his face away to pant her name.
"Patrick, please." she moaned without meaning to, not even realizing it.

Kate was confused, wasn't this whole process supposed to be awkward? She would have loved to have butterflies in her stomach or shaky hands something, anything, that showed that she was nervous and not turned on. She wasn't turned on, that was silly. There were too many emotions, too many things to feel - lust not being one of them, nope, not at all, though she had to admit that she was doing a poor job of ignoring her increased heart rate.
Oh fuck, did she just moan?

Patrick's head was spinning, how did they go from spitting insults at each other to having sex? Ok correction, they weren't having sex - they were still on set and all of their clothes were still on including those things on her chest that were apparently super glued to all hell - he reminded himself that he would have to talk to Gwen about that later. Patrick had given up instructing his 'little friend' to behave - all of his bribes weren't working anyway which would be unfortunate when the director called 'Cut.' He was never any good with awkward situations.
Speaking of, shouldn't the scene be wrapping soon?
He was sure that this video did not need a 10 minute sex dream sequence - he was sure he wouldn't be able to control himself if the scene lasted any longer.
Had it been 10 minutes?
Or was it just 5?

"Cut!" Dave yelled for the third time. The couple frantically separated after finally hearing the director. Patrick brought his knees to his chest in an awful attempt to hide his disobedient appendage; Kate on the other hand became immediately self conscious as she pulled the sheets up around to cover her body.
"Can I," He gestured offstage, "go, go? Can I go?"
Dave waved his hand obviously signaling for Patrick to go ahead. Almost immediately Patrick was gone.
Kate watched him leave expecting to feel relief but all she felt was -
Frustration? Desperation? Both?
She wasn't sure.
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