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Twelve - Pure Unadulterated 'Loathing.'

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it's a what? - it's a chick fight! haha so yeah sorry for the long wait. this chapter was hell for me to write, but now it's done and hopefully you don't think it sucks - i would also like to ad...

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Patrick walked into his dressing room holding his breath when a cardboard box on the table immediately caught his eye.
"How the hell?" He let his voice trail off as soon as the bathroom door opened. Meg dried her hands on a paper towel before acknowledging his presence.
"Hey fiancé, I found something interesting today." She didn't hide the bitterness in her tone.
"What are you doing here?" He spat a tad more annoyed then he probably should have been.
"I came to discuss this." She gestured to the box on the table that had scribbled across the side /K.A.W. - High School Shit./
"Imagine my surprise when I looked through a box labeled 'High School Shit' to find pictures of her."
"Megan." Patrick warned.
"Don't Megan me, I have every right to be upset with you." She retorted before picking up a stack of colorful notes that were most definitely written by a female high school senior.
"What the fuck kind of relationship are you trying to hold on to?" she laughed angrily -
"I saw a man in an orange hat today it was awkward" . . . "wouldn't it be cool if a penguin could ride shotgun" . . . "so yeah, totally didn't know how much I kicked ass at hopscotch until I beat these 10 year olds today." Meg read off little tidbits off of the stack of notes in her hand.
"Why were you looking through that, you have no right to touch the box." Patrick raised his voice as he ripped the notes out of her grasp. Meg ignored his rising temper as she kept rummaging though the box.
"Oh look, pictures of you and Kate at prom, a picture of Kate covered in paint," She laughed sarcastically while flipping through the pictures and tossing the ones she passed onto the floor.
"Oh this is a good one of you guys sleeping with profanities markered across your foreheads." She proceeded to drop the rest of the pictures onto the floor with a huff.
Patrick was immediately on his knees picking up the pictures -
"What the fuck is your point Megan?" He growled. She said nothing but threw a stack of Broadway programs in his face.
"Every fucking program from that goddamned play. I know all the God damned words to Wicked, I saw it ten times with you Patrick, ten fucking times!"

"Hey, I know all the words to Wicked too!" Kate stopped in the hallway overhearing the conversation. She then however noticed who the conversation was between and inhaled sharply.
"So yeah, cool, I'm going to go now." She tried to walk away quickly but Meg grabbed her arm firmly.
"No no, you come here." Kate allowed Meg to drag her into the dressing room.

"You see Patrick this is the reason." She shoved Kate in Patrick's direction.
"This is the reason I saw that play so many fucking times, and damn me for not realizing she was in it because she was painted fucking green." She yelled furiously.
"Yeah that wasn't so much fun, it was kind of itchy -" Kate started but was cut off by Meg.
"I don't give a damn!" Meg practically screamed.
"Hey, HEY! I didn't make you come with me Megan, so don't even play the victim." Patrick pointed furiously in her direction.

Kate was confused over what this fight was about, she was going to ask but the cardboard box caught her attention instead.
"Is that for me?" Kate cut in, stepping in between the couple to get to the box on the table.
"No." Patrick stated almost too quickly.
"It has my initials on it - hey!" Kate immediately grew excited as she pulled out a teddy bear that she had won during the water pistol race against Sara, ok so it wasn't really a fair competition -
"Mr. Squiggles!"
Patrick groaned.
"That's not his name." He replied while snatching him away from Kate.
"I won him I get to name him!" She whined while tossing him a glance over her shoulder.
"You gave him to me, therefore terminating all your naming rights."

Meg's blood was boiling, Kate had stolen the show yet again.

"Nuh uh, you totally named that one turtle thing you won me." She defended.
"Yeah but I won you like ten things that night!" Patrick's mood was slowly shifting from livid to happy as he stood next to Kate remembering the good parts of the past. They weren't fighting right now, and he imagined that this is what it would have been like if they had never separated, then again, if they had still been together every aspect of their relationship wouldn't be packed away in a box and hidden in his closet, and he probably wouldn't have had to hold his breath to get rid of the erection that she gave him on the video shoot that only existed because they had broken up - but that wasn't really important right now.

"You've never won me anything." Meg replied while bawling up her fists in anger causing Patrick to snap out of his thoughts.
"I'm, ugh, sorry." He replied while placing Mr. Squiggles back in the box.
"It looks like you want to hit me right now." Kate laughed, mildly amused as she gestured to Meg's clenched fists. Meg huffed a little bit and Kate smiled.
"Yeah, you do. Well go ahead." She showed her the side of her face as she tapped her cheek lightly with her index finger.
"You have one shot. Do it, I dare you."
"Kate don't encourage her." Patrick scolded as Kate continued to laugh at Meg's growing annoyance.
"I'm not going to hit you." Meg rolled her eyes as she put her hands on her hips.
"Aww c'mon, you know you want to - do it!" Kate laughed as Meg's face grew redder as her anger escaladed.
"Meg calm down!" Patrick got in between the two girls. "Kate, c'mon just drop it." His eyes were pleading her to stop, Kate shook her head before Meg shoved him out of the way.
"No! - Kate Wentz, what's so fucking great about you? - nothing that's what! You're only famous because you have a famous last name. You think you're so cool cause you've been on Oprah - well fuck you!" Meg screamed as she got in Kate's face. Kate pushed her back slightly.
"Well, at least I'm not a pretentious bitch!"
Meg balled up her fists and swung but Patrick caught her arm mid way.
"Are you fucking insane?!" He held her against him grasping her arm tightly. Meg furiously pushed him away from her.
"What the hell is wrong with you guys?" He yelled as he struggled to get in between them once more but was ignored.
"I'm the bitch?" Meg paused to point dramatically at herself while she laughed sarcastically, "I'm the bitch? I'm not the one who's a home wrecker!" She screamed as she shoved Kate backwards. Patrick gasped totally shocked, the realization of what Meg had just said hitting him full force. Kate also paused to register what Meg had just said before pushing back just as angrily. Meg laughed sarcastically,
"What did you think I didn't know? I'm not as much of an idiot as everyone thinks I am and . . ." She stopped yelling for a second when she finally processed that Kate was pregnant. Kate was one and a half months pregnant (give or take).
"You son of a bitch!" Meg pointed furiously in Patrick's direction.
"Huh?" Patrick asked completely confused, he really had no idea what was going on anymore.
"The time I spent with you was a waste of my life, I will never forgive you." Meg responded letting tears fall from her eyes. Patrick looked at her funny before hugging her awkwardly - nine months and he had never seen her cry over anything.
Kate placed a hand on her hip and rolled her eyes, there was no way in hell that those tears were real, props to Meg though, she was putting on one hell of a show.
"Haven't you heard Meg? Patrick is a life ruiner, it's a hobby of his." Kate's bitter tone was almost as shocking as what she actually just said.
Meg narrowed her eyes, obviously waiting to hear what was coming.
"But then again, it's not really my fault that you can't keep your man satisfied." Kate shrugged.
Patrick tried his best to hold back very inappropriate laughter but was doing a poor job, which caused Meg to screech in anger before slapping Kate across the face, scratching her in the process. Patrick's laughter immediately stopped when he noticed Kate was bleeding. Humor got replaced with anger - panic - nausea. Ever since the accident his tolerance for blood, especially hers, has basically diminished and he was half way to hyperventilating when Kate started laughing.
"What the fuck is so funny, I just kicked your ass!" Meg yelled annoyed, which continued to fuel Kate's laughter.
"What's so fucking funny?" Meg questioned again as her annoyance grew.
"Well just the fact that it's my turn now." Kate smiled nicely before balling up her fist and hitting her, not as hard as she could that would have been too dramatic and she didn't really want to break her hand again, but hard enough to land Meg on the floor with blood almost pouring out of her nose. Kate contemplated kicking her a few times just for her own personal enjoyment, but before she got the chance she was picked up from behind and dragged out of the room kicking and screaming out of reflex.

"Let me go!" Kate shouted to whoever was pinning her.
"You need to calm down." Joe's voice instructed her as he shoved open the door to what he thought was a vacant room and dumped her unceremoniously onto the table.
"Kate, calm the fuck down." He almost shouted before taking her face in his hand to get a good look at her cheek.
"It's not bad." He sighed while wiping the little blood droplets away with his thumb. Kate winced but nodded.
"I know, but it stings like a bitch."
"Kate, you can't do shit like this anymore - you're pregnant - I don't want anything happening to little Princess Leia or Hans Solo the Second." Joe smiled as Kate began to laugh,
"You are the biggest dork in the world Joey."

A cough coming from the corner interrupted their conversation. Both of them looked in the direction of the noise only to be faced with Andy in his boxers and a shirtless 5 months pregnant Rose, half way to relieving her 2nd trimester hormones.
"You know Kate, fighting is never the answer, make love not war, remember?" Rose stated robotically just as her hippie teachings had instructed before she processed that someone had hit Kate . . . in the face.
"Wait, what bitch hit you in the face?" Rose grew angry as she struggled to get off the arm of the couch still shirtless. Andy groaned annoyed, leave it to Kate and Joe to ruin his chances of getting laid.
"Kate can defend herself sweetie." Andy tried to sound sincere instead of sexually frustrated but it was no use.
"No, no I took care of it no worries." Kate smiled before hopping off of the table and pulling at Joe's shirt to get him to follow her out the door - there was no need to frustrate Andy anymore then he already was.
Kate closed the door behind them and sighed heavily before remembering that she was still in a robe. She just kicked someone's ass in a robe, nice. It was then that Kate declared herself the winner of the day.

Pete's obnoxious laughter radiated down the hall.
"Who decked Mel?" He questioned in between giggles as he gestured with his head into Patrick's dressing room and shifted his son's weight on his hip. Joe pointed at Kate, all the while trying to hold back a smile as Pete's eyes grew wide.
"You know you're going to get sued." Pete sighed attempting to look disappointed to hide his obvious amusement.
"No, she hit me first." Kate responded while taking Petey from his father's grip.
"What!?" Pete's amusement was quickly replaced with anger.
"No, Pete it was kind of my fault - I was a tad not nice." She laughed as she flipped her nephew upside down hearing his squeal in delight when she did.
"Why is my favorite nephew home from school so early?" She attempted to change the subject and was relieved when her brother allowed it.
"Because he's a PIMP!" Pete beamed proudly, "Even if Mommy dressed him like a dork." He gestured to his son's khaki pants and his once tucked in button up shirt.
"Dare I ask?" Kate looked hesitantly at Joe who nodded eagerly.
"Well Peter here," Pete paused to take his son away from Kate only to throw him up in the air, "got sent home today because he likes to kiss the girls on the playground."
"Gross, girls have cooties!" Joe teased the child who just shrugged,
"Girls are for kissing." Petey laughed.
"Oh my, that is going to be a little more interesting when he gets older." Kate laughed before ruffling her nephew's hair,
"Just keep it in your pants buddy."
Petey screamed in response before running down the hall with his father chasing him,
"Just don't tell Sara, or I'll kill you." Pete yelled over his shoulder as he ran after his son.
Both Kate and Joe laughed before exiting to their designated dressing rooms.

Patrick sighed as he pulled Meg off of the floor.
"You are so stupid. What the fuck were you thinking?" He replied while pulling a shirt over his head. She shrugged before grabbing the bottom of his shirt and wiping her bloody nose on it. Patrick backed up suddenly tearing the shirt off his body and throwing it across the room.
"What the fuck? I don't like blood, you know that. You know I don't like blood." He rambled on while searching for another shirt to put on.
"Ugh what's the big deal Patrick? Its just blood." She huffed as she picked up the shirt he had tossed onto the floor and wiped her nose on it.
"I just don't like it, drop it." He spat while pulling his arms through the arm holes in another shirt.
"Mmhmm that means it has to do with Kate." She rolled her eyes in annoyance as she saw him stiffen visibly upset.
"I don't love you." Patrick spat out of nowhere, desperately trying to change the subject, "I don't love you and I never have - I can't even learn to love you, you are a bitch. You don't have any respect for me or my friends, you were nasty to my mom - actually I'm pretty sure I can't stand you." He breathed heavily after spitting all of that out in one breath.
"Oh no you don't." Meg screamed, "I did not just get punched in the nose by your skank ex-girlfriend to have you leave me, oh no, I'm leaving you!" She pointed furiously at him expecting a fight, Patrick shrugged instead.
"Whatever, as long as you're gone."
Meg slapped him across the face before dramatically attempting to overturn the table - when she couldn't manage to flip the table she settled with knocking the card board box onto the floor before storming out of the dressing room, ignoring the fact that she ran straight into Gwen. She huffed past the fashion stylist without apologizing.
"Well, isn't she lovely?" Gwen smiled sarcastically as she walked into Patrick's dressing room. She delicately laid out the clothes in her hands on the couch, only to have Patrick not pay attention and sit on them. She flailed her hands around all the while making little squeaking noises, Patrick looked at her as if she was possessed.
"Off the clothes, off the clothes - I put them out all nicely only to have your dumb ass sit on them!"
"Oh, I'm sorry." He apologized while getting up quickly glancing at the clothes on the couch.
"You know what you're an idiot." She crossed her arms over her chest as he looked at her confused.
She groaned before forcefully grabbing his shoulders and shaking him senseless.
"I can't believe that you are so pig headed and stubborn that you can't allow yourself to be with the one person you truly love."
Patrick stared blankly at the person who just called him out while shaking him like a child that had just scared his mother. Gwen composed herself and smoothed out her skirt before gesturing to the clothes she had laid out.
"Now that's what you'll be wearing for your next shot." She smiled politely before exiting, leaving him standing alone in his room.
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