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Thirteen - Bar-B-Que Sauce.

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ok this chapter goes by pretty fast, the whole thing takes place within a week - so cool. have fun with this.

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It was Monday morning again and Kate had just fallen back asleep after battling the toilet for most of the early morning when her phone began violently ringing.

"You. Death Wish - ugh." Was barely auditable as she mumbled into the receiver.

"Good morning Sunshine!" The voice on the other end of the line chirped excitedly into the phone.

Kate groaned as she pulled the phone away from her ear to glance at the caller ID, there was no name but it was an 872 Chicago area code - so the possibilities of her knowing who was on the other end of the line was high.

"Who is this?" Kate spat a little more forcefully then she meant it to be.

"It's Shana Walsh, silly." The voice sounded just as happy as ever.

"Who?" Kate groaned as she picked up the bedside clock to glance at the numbers that read 8:30 before lazily dropping it on the floor.

"Shana Walsh - New Trier High School's Class of 2002 Vice President."

"Oh yes, of course, Shana, sorry I had kind of a rough morning." Kate apologized as she rubbed her eyes.

"I can imagine long plane rides are usually tiresome." Shana sympathized, not knowing the true reason for Kate's sour mood.

"Oh, yeah yeah - I'm back in L.A. that plane ride is a bitch. So what's the occasion for the phone call this morning?" Kate tried to sound as polite as possible all the while cuddling into her comforter with every intention of going back to sleep after the call was through.

"Well as you know, the Class of 2002's 10 year High School Reunion is coming in August, and as the President of the senior class Kate you're expected to be there - I know you haven't forgotten but I'm just calling to remind you." Shana's condescending tone was irking Kate but she decided to let it pass.

"Right, yeah, reunion - cool." Kate sighed, "I'm going to be in the middle of a tour though, so I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it."

"Kate, you have to be there," The person on the other end of the line shrieked, "You were the homecoming and prom queen, as well as the class president."

"Yes, I realize." Kate started only to be cut off.

"Kate the reunion would be a disaster if you didn't show." Shana continued to shriek in a high pitched tone.

"I think you are being a little bit dramatic Shana, if you're planning it the reunion is going to rock just like . . . everything else you planned in high school." Kate rolled her eyes.

"Kate you have to be there." Shana's voice pleaded.

"Ok, ok. When is the reunion thing?" Kate sighed as she got up from her bed and shuffled out into the hallway.

"August 10 - it's a Friday - Are you checking your calendar? Can you make it?"

"Chill out, hold on, I'm checking." Kate mumbled while scanning the tour schedule in the kitchen. She tried to suppress a groan as she saw that on August 9 they were going to be in Indianapolis and on August 11 & 12 they would be in Chicago - fucking perfect, now she couldn't even lie.

"Oh great." She faked excitement, "Yeah, it looks like I will be able to make it."

"Oh my God really?" Shana shrieked in excitement.

"Yup - also Joe Trohman, Sara Wentz ugh I mean Walker, Sara Walker, Sam McDonald and Brian Donahue will all be attending." Kate huffed - if she was being forced to go to this thing she'd be damned if she was going alone.

"Uhm, are you sure?" Shana question apprehensively.

"Oh, I'm very very sure." Kate smiled.

"Oh great - you just saved me some phone calls."

"I do what I can."


It was Wednesday the next time the group got together to discuss tour plans. Kate of course had spaced out almost the second Pete began talking, but what she had heard had sounded interesting and amazing - both bands on stage at once, cover songs, song swaps and lots of fan interaction. Brian was looking at her disgustedly as she was minding her own business eating a bologna and pickle sandwich. She finally noticed the strange stares when another intense craving hit her.

"I want bar-b-que sauce!" She spat completely cutting Pete off mid sentence and causing Patrick to gag slightly.

"That's disgusting." Patrick mumbled as Pete looked at her funny.

"I'm sorry, what?" Pete questioned as Kate took another bite of her sandwich.

"Bar-b-que sauce, I want it so I can put it on my sandwich." She explained with her mouth full of bologna and pickles. The males groaned in disgust as they voted which one of them would be lucky enough to go get Kate bar-b-que sauce. The boys of Delilah and Andy thought the fairest way to decided who got to go was to rock, paper, scissor for it and were now involved in an intense game while Pete whined about getting interrupted. Patrick slouched in his chair as he glared at an oblivious Joe who was lost in his own world.

"Well Joe is her fiancé, he should go." Patrick yelled over all the commotion. Upon hearing his name Joe snapped out of his daze,

"Huh? What's going on?"

"Your fiancé wants bar-b-que sauce." Patrick didn't hide the bitterness in his tone.

"Uhm alright, where do I get bar-b-que sauce?" Joe scratched his head with a pencil.

"I don't know but can someone please just go get some, I don't care which kind." Kate paused for a second, "Ok that's a lie, I want the kind from that place - you know the sweet kind bar-b-que?"

Joe looked at her confused and shook his head that he had no idea what she was talking about.

"I know what you're talking about - I'll go." Matt stood, "I want ribs anyways."

"There, problem solved." Joe smiled.

"Oo, oo - I want sour cream and onion chips too, and that cheese that comes covered in that red case stuff!" Kate yelled after him with her mouth once again full. Matt nodded in response as he rolled his eyes and exited the room.

"So I guess that you really are pregnant." Patrick mumbled under his breath.

"Speaking of Kate's growing womb, how did the doctor's appointment go?" Pete sighed finally getting over the fact that no one cared about what he was previously talking about.

"Oh my God it was so cool! We heard its heartbeat and it's like the size of bean, it looks like a monster but it was amazing!" Joe yelled overly enthusiastic as he put his hand over Kate's stomach, "And we can't feel it but its jumping all around in there, the doctor said so."

Kate nodded as she swatted Joe's hand away while taking another bite of her sandwich.

"Where is the damn bar-b-que sauce?"

"Excuse me." Patrick spat as he shoved himself away from the table before proceeding to exit the room.

Pete gazed at him with worry written all over his face before continuing the playful banter that was occurring at the table.

A few more minutes passed before Joe groaned.

"I have to pee." He yelped before running out of the room.

Patrick leaned on the bathroom counter staring at his reflection when Joe goofily ran into the bathroom, sliding slightly on the slippery floor in a very Tom Cruise Risky Business manner.

"Hey . . . you." Joe smiled as he awkwardly walked in the direction of the urinals.

"Hi." Patrick responded while turning on the sink trying to make it look like he had actually used the restroom.

"You know, I never told you this but congratulations on the baby and everything." He replied, trying his best to sound sincere as he glanced in Joe's direction.

"Uhm, thanks a lot." Joe's voice was laced with apprehension.

"Kate is going to be a great mom, and you know, you'll grow into fatherhood." Patrick attempted a joke that would have probably been funny under any other circumstance.

"Do you really want to get into this right now?" Joe replied while zipping up his fly.

"I don't want to get into anything right now." Patrick sighed obviously defeated.

"I don't know what the fuck your problem is and therefore cannot help you get over it." Joe responded while leaning his back against the counter next to Patrick.

"I don't even get the chance to be a dad!" He yelled almost violently which startled Joe.

"That's not my fault Patrick." Joe whispered all the while remaining surprisingly calm.

"I know! I know it's not!" Patrick continued to yell before shoving himself away from the counter. He mumbled something about having to go before exiting the bathroom leaving Joe standing there alone.

"This is going to end badly." Joe responded to himself in the mirror before leaving to inform everyone that the tour meeting was apparently now over.


It was Friday when Pete let himself into Patrick's house. No one had heard or seen him since the bathroom incident on Wednesday, and Pete had a funny feeling that if not forced, Patrick would be a no show at tonight's tour party. Upon entering however he was faced with a dark empty house, nothing seemed touched or out of place, the place look completely not lived in. The only noise in the house was coming from the stereo in the family room that was blasting Sister Hazel's 'All For You.' Pete's heartbeat rose slightly as he began to panic - what if Patrick was dead?

"Patrick!" Pete's voice was overshadowed by the song that was apparently on repeat.

"Patrick?!" He yelled more frantically as he switched off the stereo.

"Did I tell you to touch that?" Patrick stated calmly. Pete turned around quickly to see Patrick sitting on the couch wearing sweat pants and a beat up old t-shirt.

"Don't ever fucking do that again, you scared the shit out of me." Pete yelled angrily.

"I didn't say you could touch that." Patrick stated again before using the remote control to turn back on the stereo.

"Do you not answer your phone anymore?" Pete continued yelling over the music, "Get up and get dressed I had to be home like 15 minutes ago. Sara is going to fucking kill me if me, you and Kate do not walk through my front door like NOW." He walked into Patrick's bedroom attempting to get clothes for him, but clothes for this evening were already laid out on the bed waiting to be worn.

"Well this is appropriate." Pete mumbled as he grabbed Patrick's black shirt and black slacks.

"I'm not going." Patrick replied using the same monotone voice he had been using since Pete had arrived.

"Like hell you aren't. You have to go - it's a tour party for us asshole." Pete was now severely annoyed as he shoved the clothes in Patrick's direction.

"No one is going to notice if I'm not there." Patrick responded while turning up the stereo in attempt to block out Pete's nagging.

"What is taking so long? We are late as fuck and Sara has been calling like every two seconds." Kate yelled from the front door.

"What is she doing here?" Patrick responded while immediately turning off the stereo.

"God damn, now I can hear myself think - that song is old as fuck and so random." Pete shook his head in confusion as Patrick glared between him and Kate.

"I had to pick her up 'cause she wasn't feeling well enough to drive, and your house is on the way to mine and why the hell am I explaining anything to you - get your ass up and get dressed!" Pete spat.

"Fuck you!" Patrick raised his voice for the first time all evening.

Pete backed up slightly surprised at Patrick's sudden outburst.

"Fine you know what, forget it, I'm done trying to help you." He shook his head in disappointment before leaving the house calling for Kate to follow.

Kate stood there awkwardly, she knew that she should have just followed her brother outside but it bothered her to see Patrick like this, so she put on her big girl pants and walked over to the couch.

"Why are you still here?" He responded not taking his eyes off of the blank T.V. screen in front of him.

"I'm worried about you." She replied while taking a seat on the coffee table directly in his line of vision.

Patrick huffed in response, and Kate sighed.

"Seriously Patrick, I'm worried about you, what's the matter?"

Patrick said nothing but leaned forward until his lips collided with hers. Kate inhaled sharply in surprise before deepening the kiss ever so slightly; she then immediately realized what she was doing and pushed him away.

"Stop trying to hold on to something that doesn't exist anymore." She whispered while touching her lips.

"You're such a fucking liar." Patrick started laughing, though he knew very well that this situation was nowhere near funny. Kate looked at him confused which somehow fueled his laughter, and no matter how much he tried he couldn't stop himself from saying what came out of his mouth.

"You know, sometimes I think it would have been easier for me if you would have died."

Not even the intense sting from Kate's hand connecting with his face fazed him and the tears now steaming down her face didn't seem to bother him as much as they previously had.

"Fuck you Patrick." She choked out while standing violently, he shook his head as though someone had just said something that wasn't funny at all and stood to mirror her actions. He grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him, making sure that she was looking directly in his eyes and nowhere else.

"Because then I would have just killed myself and wouldn't be going through this right now."

Kate stared at him blankly, she even blinked a few times but even then her mind couldn't even begin to wrap around what he just said, and though he had let her go she didn't move.

"Tell Pete I'm not going." He replied before once again taking a seat on the couch and turning on 'All For You.'

It was then that Kate snapped, she grabbed the remote from his hand and violently turned off the stereo - she would pretend that he didn't just confess his potential suicide.

"Oh no, you're going."

"No, I'm not." He replied while standing up and walking over to the stereo system and turning it on again. Ken Block's voice almost immediately flooded back into the room picking up exactly where it left off.

"What are you trying to prove by playing our song over and over?" Kate sighed as she rubbed her temples.

"I'm not trying to prove anything to you people any more." Patrick stated as he slouched back into the couch.

"You people? What the fuck does 'you people' even mean?" Kate paused to wait for an answer but then decided that she didn't care that much anymore, "You know what, just get dressed, I'm giving you five minutes and if you're not dressed by then I'm going to dress you myself." She threatened, he laughed slightly before getting up and grabbing the clothes Pete had left on the arm of the couch.
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