Review for Rescue Team Destiny

Rescue Team Destiny

(#) facia 2007-04-02

This is a good start, but you have some grammar problems. You shouldn't usually capitalize after dialogue, and you should use commas. For example, it should be "I think they call this the Tiny Woods," he said."

You also change between capitalizing and not capitalizing pokemon species. You should pick one and stick with it. Personally I'd suggest not capitalizing. It's easier to avoid mistakes and it makes it easier for readers if you start using species as a pokemon's name, like when the treeko is calling your character just Eevee, but it's your choice.

You also have some other minor errors that could probably be caught if you made sure to proofread before uploading.

Your characterization is okay, pretty believable, although it might help to slow down and go into more why Amber is willing to rush off with Tree Leaf then start up a team rather than wondering what's going on.