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Amber and Tree Leaf

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Someone's calling me. Who is it? Who are you?

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the idea for this story has been floating around in my head for DAYS since i played pokemon Red rescue team. basically it's my journy, but with a few twists. I havent beat the game yet, so I'm not going to follow the games storyline. It will for a bit, but after that, it is going to be my own story. some things will be the same though. It's going to be in my POV. Or First person if you rather say that. I did the quiz and got an eevee.
Sorry about the summery but i couldnt come up with anything so i quoted the story.
"Talk" - talking
'talk' - thinking
Disclaimer: me no own, so you no sue
Someone's calling me. Who is it? Who are you?
Who are you?
Yes? are you calling me?
"..hey. Hey are you ok?"
I opened my eyes groggly. I looked up and saw a pokemon. It was a treeko.
'Huh? What's a Treeko doing here? Where is 'here' anyway' I looked around and noticed something. I was as tall as the Treeko.
"Hey, Eevee, you sure are acting funny." the Treeko said. I turned to it in shock.
"Y-you just said something other than treeko! H-how can a pokemon talk?!? W-what do you mean 'Eevee'?" I said, startled.
"Huh? Of course I can talk. Sorry, would you rather me call you something else? You look like a normal Eevee to me." The treeko said, thoroughly confuse. 'Huh?' I looked down at my body. He was right. I was an Eevee!
"W-what? B-but I'm a human! How did I becoume an Eevee?" I said. I was confused and scared. I had no idea what was going on. The treeko laughed.
"Haha. A human? Hey, your pretty funny. What's your name?" He asked.
"I thought you were supposed to say your name before asking for someone else's. Anyway, my name's Amber." I said. He started to laugh even harder. This got me mad.
"What did I say something funny?"
"No. Amber is just an unusual name. My name is Tree Leaf." The treeko, Tree Leaf, said.
"H-help. Someone please help me!" A pleasant voice came from behind us. We tutned to see a Butterfree fly up to us.
"Please. My child fell into a fissure after that last earthquake. Pokemon keep attacking me so I cant help my child. Please I need help." The butterfree said, crying. I felt sorry for it.
"Amber, we should help this Butterfree." Tree Leaf said. Wait, 'we'? Nice.
"Alright." I said. In truth, I really didnt want to, becouse I was scared of getting hurt. Well, I better toughen up I guess. Tree Leaf smiled
"Great lets go!

Not that long. but i have to get off soon. I like it so far anyway.
Amber - once a human, but for some reason, cant remember her human life that clearly. For some reason she has a fear of Psycic type pokemon, but cant truely recall why.

Tree Leaf - in my game, i chose Treeko as my partner and named him tree leaf. There may be some romance between Tree Leaf and Amber. You'll just have to wait and see.
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