Review for Falter


(#) GwenMerlon 2007-04-02

AH! Rindi, my dear, you've done it again... Filled this chapter so full of EXCITMENT that I can hardly contain myself...

Sooo... I can't help but feel sorry for every singly one of the characters except Oliver who is a total jerk. Well, and there is no need to feel bad for Andy and Joe who don't have a lot of drama, but the rest of them (namely Patrick, Peyton, and Gwen) I kind of want to hug. Well, and there is Pete who is actually trying to help... I just want to hug him because he's being so damn adorable.

But where are you going with all this??? Surely, eventually there will be a happy moment... and surely we'll discover what Oliver is taking to make him such a jackass... I mean, come on!!! Give me something!!!!

Other than all the frustration I am currently feeling, I think this chapter was written quite well and you have no reason to fret over this posting. You are amazing my dear!!! I kinda love you for this story!!!

Anywho, now that you discovered writing on the computer, I think you need to update ASAP!!!!

Author's response

LOLOLOLOLOLOL Gwen you seriously make my day with your odd ball comments. lol I'm pretty sure I let you preview this whole chapter and yet your still excited about it haha I must have accomplished something I guess.

Don't worry about the happy moments...I do have one planned for maybe the next chapter. I needed the gloom lol I need you feel what is coming...even though they don't.

and I kinda love ya for reviewing too LOL and I'm so happy to type it out now instead of the notebook, to bad I can't burn it for making me have carapal tunnel LOL.