Review for Resurrection III: Stolen Fayth

Resurrection III: Stolen Fayth

(#) storyless 2006-06-03

If you get two of the same review, it's because the first one seems as though it didn't appear. So this is my second try.


I really like the idea of Anima as a final makes so much sense, I wonder if Square meant to write into the plot or if I just missed it.

You describe the Ronso village so vividly that I wish it was included in the game.

Even the graffiti is telling, eh?

Poignant indeed.

I am wondering if you are setting something up, putting Lulu in the hot-spring.

Author's response

I think I'll respond to the Seymour question on LJ. And yep, Lulu's been due for a good hot soak in this pool since... oh, before I decided for certain I was going to do the mind control sequence. I had this in mind before I ever bought X-2. :)