Review for Learning to Trust

Learning to Trust

(#) Popciclegirl 2006-06-04

The first ever story that I read on this website. But because Take Back this Goodbye was blocked I couldn't read it for 2 days. Those 2 days I was in tears and non-stop talk about it either! I even printed out the story so I could read it during class! During our read time anyway. I would just sit in my room crying. Then I read Take Back this Goodbye. Now I'm my own natural energetic Goth self again! ;-D
I'm gonna be up-to-date on this website now. I just read chapter 1 to perfect and I love it already! MCR ROX MY SOX!

Author's response

Wow, you're super awesome. Other people say they like it, but I can tell you really liked it. Thanks!