Review for Forbidden


(#) zaberdeenz 2007-04-07

mhiiii,that's so great you got Franks autograph. well, you got to MCR gig, so that's greast by it self..grinnnn
okay, G and Chey are hot together. but maan, i was already picturing in my head what would happen if Donna and Pat would've walked in. anyrays, i laugheg a loot when G was pretending to look out the window to ...put himself to his pants. glares the sentence it was funny. i also alrays find those little comments they throw at eachother, veery amusing.nodity-nod i really like Bob in this story, (not that i dont love Bob in rl too) he and Amber go nicely together.
but theeeeeeeeeen. takes deep breaths couldnt that dirty, sneaky, lame, stupid, throwing-herself-at-other-peoples-men, bitchy T-R-A-S-H-I-E just crawl back to the hole she came and live there with other bugs? No? damn.
le sigh
well, im really impatient to SEE THE DRA-MAH! ^_______^ so you know what you gotta do? keeeeeeep it coming. i love it.

Author's response

Hey you, how I've missed you this past week lol. You know I was going to let them get caught but then I thought that's just plain awkward not to mention disturbing and wrong. I love Bob too but he won't be loveable for too long so get your fill while you can. I said it before and I'll say it agin you have a truely unique way of describing people, 7 burns in one sentence that's amazing you have gift lol. Well gotta go the next chapter beckons so I need to go get creative. waves bye